"A Broken Rebellion" is a Season 4 event written March 22, 2015. It leads directly into "Grave of Memories."

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Hunter Lindholm: Hunter sighed and closed his instrument bag with a snap. Maya rolled up to him, massaging his lower back, “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just really tired. Is this what Ragnarok is?”

“I don’t that was the actual thing, honey…”

He sighed again, clasping her hand briefly before letting go and wheeling her towards the crowd. Four hours had passed since the attack. They had lost around 150 in battle, and perhaps 30-40 more in the tents. The fortress was destroyed. A few groups had already made for the so called Dungeon for shelter, the King and Akkey included. All that were left were stragglers, and he made sure to stay behind and tend to anyone else wounded. There was apprehension and doubt in the air, and they heard whispers about the Dungeon. A majority didn’t want to go back… but they needed shelter.

He had told Maya about Akkey about an hour ago. He could never keep secrets from her for too long. Her face crumpled with worry; she wanted to see her at once. He reassured her that her sister was stable and in good hands with the king, leaving out the part about her almost dying. He could only hope that she had the strength and willpower to survive. 

People limped past them, and soon there was almost no one left in camp. The squeaking of Maya’s wheelchair was loud in the deserted place. With a grim air, the rebels left the destruction behind.

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