"A Dragon Watches" is a Season 4 thread written March 22, 2015. It takes place after "The Night of Witches."

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Dagger: The ruins of the fortress stood still like some testament to a once great place.  Broken structures, piles of bewilderbeast ice, rock, all of it deposited in a muddy lake of groundwater.

A black nadder with silver spikes flew towards it, searching.  She was injured, but somehow able to continue on in her state.  She circled the ruins as, eyes wide, horrified at everything she saw.

She had witnessed Walpurgisnacht.  She had been unable to fight, fly, or help the rebels trying to escape; it had been all she could do to stay alive on the outskirts while watching the calamity.

The dragon continued her search, ducking low as she looked for one specific thing.  She found structures and pieces of what had been her home for some time - a structure that had been part of a stable, a metal piece of a perch, a burnt, ripped flag from the Great Hall…

She finally found it.

The nadder landed beside it, the grief seed with the emblems of a tea leaf and nadder spikes.  She sniffed it briefly, fearful, but somber.  Then with the tip of her snout, she touched the top emblem - the tea leaf.  

Then she let out a mournful roar, the single voice of one dragon amidst the ruins.  

Quietly, the dragon curled herself around the grief seed, settling herself amongst the rubble.  She did not touch it, but her head was close enough such that she could still see it; this was the last remnant of a dear friend, and she intended to guard it with everything she had.

The sun set upon the fortress ruins.  Dagger watched as she cradled the grief seed, curled up in the wreckage, alone.

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