"Among the Dead" is a Season 4 event written March 22, 2015.

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Ingrid: Ingrid had left the clusters of survivors and wandered among the ruins, searching for what she hoped wasn’t there.

He’s gone, a small voice told her. It’s been hours. If you can’t find him amidst the living, he can only be among the dead.

She refused to accept it.

Her hands, arms and shoulders throbbed with a series of shallow cuts a familiar had delivered, but she had stopped the bleeding on her own. The healers had far more urgent cases to deal with at the moment.

The pools of water made navigation difficult, but Ingrid managed to pick her way around the debris. Bodies were scattered everywhere and she could only get close to less than half.

He could be anywhere. Why are you still searching?

Then she looked up, directly into his eyes.

The half-breed dog had been thrown against a blood-splattered block of ice and was now lying on his side, facing her.


The next moment, she was kneeling in front of him. “Frodi, no! Not you too!” Her pleading was of no use. Her friend had died the moment he was stabbed clean through the chest - by a familiar, judging by the residue of magic.

"No… You said you were going to teach me so many things, remember? We could have done so much… Why did you have to…leave like this… You don’t deserve it…" She continued speaking as though Frodi could hear her, her phrases growing more broken as her vision blurred.

She had come close to joining him. When the fortress first began to fall apart, she had stayed behind to find the witch hunters and give them the locations of nearby familiars so that they could be dispatched, making the rebels’ escape slightly easier. Then one of the creatures had fallen through the ceiling and would have killed her if it hadn’t been dragged off.

I saved people. But I couldn’t save you.

Ingrid clumsily wiped away her tears, looking away from Frodi’s sightless eyes. Then it was as if she saw the corpse-strewn surroundings for the first time. That strange numbness from before was suddenly broken, and now she truly realised all these people were gone. Just like that, without warning.

The dismay slammed into her.

What kind of a cruel joke is this? Everyone is being taken away from me. First my family, then my dearest friend… Not even Elia is here anymore.

Grasping for Frodi’s cold, cold hands, Ingrid leaned against him and sobbed.

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