Seasick and Furious watched members of the rebellion go about their day, happy and at ease. Quite a drastic change for once.

"Something’s bothering you, human. You’re too quiet" Furious growled.

"Stonegit is himself again. He apologized for his actions and now everything is sugar and rainbows" Seasick said in annoyance.

"Well… that’s a good thing, right?. It’s peaceful here again" Furious replied.

"That doesn’t excuse what happened," Seasick snapped back. "You can’t just say "sorry" and move on. You just can’t forget or excuse what he did. The terror he inflicted on all of us. He put us on lockdown, threatened to kill us, attacked the alpha and controlled the dragons. And a simple "I’m sorry please forgive me" works for everyone?!? How many more chances are we going to give him and anyone else who’s done us wrong? Once again, we can’t trust him or anyone else to not get possessed or to threaten us or kill us. No one is safe here. Sure, you can say it won’t happen again, but that never works out anyways."

Furious thought in silence for a moment, “The why do you insist on staying here? Why not leave and never return?”

"We’ll leave once someone gets possessed again, because Odin knows it will happen any second now" Seasick angrily replied.

"You want to prove a point don’t you" Furious asked

"I want to punch everyone in the face is what i really want to do." she shot back. "Idiots. All of them." 

"You should go and talk to the other rebels about it. Maybe even the King. Address your issues. A King’s first duty is to his people" Furious growled. "I am sure there are numerous rebels who agree with you."

"Oh there are," Seasick answered, while heading towards the hall, "however they chose not to listen to me the last time I spoke up. I doubt much will change this time."

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