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Bree and Grey move the stolen weapons back to the arsenal while Warren and Kiri are still talking. While they are moving the weapons, Alpha comes onto the scene asking Grey, Warren and Bree how the mission went. Grey explains that the mission was a complete success and that they managed to find the weapons and captured the criminals, who Nate was transporting to the cells at that moment. Alpha offers to help put the weapons away, and Grey accepts. Alpha then asks Grey where the King and the others were saying that she woke up and couldn’t find them along with Jack and Hemlock. Grey is confused that Alpha hadn’t heard that Haddock and the others went on their mission, and Alpha explains that she was somehow knocked out after talking to Hemlock and Jack, which alarms both Warren and Grey. The two of them suggest getting Alpha to the healer to make sure she’s not sick, but Alpha assures them that she’s fine—probably just stressed from the battle. Warren then suggests that they rest and recuperate while they wait for Haddock and the others to return. Grey, Bree, Kiri, and Alpha all agree and go to grab something to eat.

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Warren: Grey and I have a suspicion… but we should ask around, get the facts. I’m sure there are some people around. The kitchens and the hospital are most likely to be busy.

Grey Bergman: That’s true. Come on, we can get someone to help us get the weapons back into the arsenal.

Warren: Good idea. We’ll take care of them first.

Grey Bergman: Let’s take a look around.

Warren: Gah, let’s hurry though, my feet are freezing!

Grey Bergman: *laughs* Relax, you’ll have your feet in front of a fire in no time.

Kiri: Kiri flies in on Dagger, shouting a greeting to them.

"Ahoy!" she calls.  "Welcome back!  You’ve missed quite a bit!" 

Grey Bergman: *turns and smiles at Kiri* Kiri! *runs over* Oh it’s so good to see you! What happened here? What’s with all the snow? And *looks around* where is everyone? 

Warren: Despite being painfully cold, Warren brightens at the voice. “Hello! It’s great to be back! But I must say, I…” she trails off, looking around, “have no idea what’s going on.” 

Bree: Bree turns to face the stranger and slowly walks towards her. She keeps her stance low, although the girl seems friendly enough. 

Kiri: Kiri sighs and rubs the back of her head.  “Where to start… well, the snow is the doing of Jack Frost… who is a… to put it simply, a reincarnation of Jokul Frosti, though without the memories.  He, um… wasn’t in a very good mental state at the time, and caused a bit of an insane blizzard.  Hence, the, uh, snow, and the ten-foot tall snowmen,” she motions to the white expanse.  “I’m not entirely sure where he is right now, though he seems mostly trustworthy.  As to where everyone else is… Haddock, Akkey, Stonegit, and Tree left on a mission of their own.  I’m not entirely sure as to where, they were very quiet about it.  And yes, before you ask,” she holds up a hand, “Tree was here.  With the Warden.  Somehow they’ve made peace… or some kind of truce… even I’m not entirely certain of the circumstances.  I’ve been a bit in and out of things myself.”  

Grey Bergman: Again?! *it sounds like the King is alright, but it’s still shocking that Frosti tried to kill him again* I just hope that whatever this mission is, she doesn’t try anything funny. It’s pretty big that Haddock would suddenly trust her again. 

Bree: Bree begins to put weapons and supplies back where they were supposed to go, while the others were all discussing Tree’s return. It was a bit strange, but there must have been a good reason for Haddock’s sudden trust in her. 

Emily: Emily woke up, barely able to remember what had happened. She had been talking with Jack about something, wandered off for a bit, and then there was a large blank spot in her memory. She couldn’t even remember what day it was. 

Getting up from where she was, she found that there was no sign of the King, Jack or anyone else near her position. Heading back to the main area of camp, she recognized Kiri, Bree and Warren.

"How did the mission go?" 

Grey Bergman: Alpha! It’s good to see you! Our mission was a success! We found the weapons and captured the criminals who stole them. 

Emily: That’s great news, some of the best we’ve had here in a while. 

What did you do with the criminals?  

Grey Bergman: Oh, Nate’s putting them in their cells as we speak. We’re putting the weapons away right now. 

Emily: Would you like my help? 

Grey Bergman: That’d be great! Come on! *they all go back to the crates to put them away* 

Emily: Say, do you have any idea what happened to Haddock? I passed out for a while, and when I woke up he was gone. So were Stonegit Akkey and the Warden. I can’t find Jack either, but I’m not sure if he’s with them. 

Grey Bergman: Wait, you mean didn’t know? Kiri said that they left on a mission while we were gone. She didn’t say where they were going though. 

Warren: *to Alpha, alarmed* You were unconscious? *she looks closer, frowning in concern.* How did this happen? Are you hurt at all? 

Grey Bergman: *equally alarmed* Maybe we should get you checked out by the healer and make sure you don’t have a concussion or aren’t sick. 

Emily: I feel fine now. Maybe all the stress of this battle just caught up to me. 

Warren: If that’s the case, then you should relax. …We all should relax, really. But the likelihood of that being possible is unfortunately low. 

Grey Bergman: Warren’s right. Everything seems to be fine for now, so we should try to rest up for a little bit. 

Warren: Have you eaten anything since you woke up? You should have a warm meal and then we’ll all rest, at least until the King gets back. How does that sound? 

Emily: That sounds…lovely. 

Grey Bergman: I’m with Alpha! We could all use a meal! 

Bree: "I guess I could do with something too." Bree had just walked up to where the others were moments ago. She felt as though she could use some food, even though she was used to getting it herself. 

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