Brandt Felman is the husband of Grey Bergman and the father of Sven, Dagny, and Kari Felman.

Appearance Edit

Brandt Felman is a human male Viking with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is tall and has a lean figure. He wears a green shirt and pants and has a brown vest.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

History Edit

Family Edit

Brandt is the son of Hoark and Brenda Felman. He eventually marries Grey Bergman and becomes the father of Sven, Dagny, and Kari Felman. He is also the son-in-law of Ingrid and Sven Bergman and the adoptive brother-in-law of Greg, Warren, and Asha by marriage to Grey. His adoptive nieces and nephews are Siri, Lila, Jari and Kettil. Brandt is the grandfather of Erik Felman, Gustav Felman (Sven's sons), Freja Havelocksdottir, Olga Havelocksdottir (Dagny's daughter), and Gunnar Balder (Kari's only son), and he also has eleven great-grandchildren.

Role in the Rebellion Edit

EU Edit

Brandt did not appear in the main storyline of Battle of the Grounded Dungeon. Instead, his first appearance was on October 29, 1050, five months after Grey Bergman became the new Chief of Haligan Island when he traveled with her uncle Einar to make trades with the villagers. When the ship docked, Chief Grey flew in on Shadow with Warren and Asha not too far behind on their dragons to greet her uncle, and it was then that the Chief and the apprentice were formally introduced.

Relationships Edit

Grey Bergman Edit

Relationship: Girlfriend, Fiancée, Wife

Sven Felman Edit

Relationship: Oldest Son

Dagny Felman Edit

Relationship: Middle Daughter

Kari Felman Edit

Relationship: Youngest Daughter

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