What should I do?

Seasick paced around her room. 

First the lockdown, and now the rumors of Stonegit planning something… Should I stay hidden in this room, or should I try to run away in the chaos?

It would be easy to escape if a giant battle happened… Furious was close by, and could make a quick getaway.

But what about the others? Surely there are others who are aware of what’s going on. Maybe they have their own plans to fight or escape. I should meet with one of them.

Quickly turn towards the door, Seasick grabbed her sword and her helmet, and her key that unlocks everything. It came in handy during the Rebellion, and could come in handy again.

Ill try to find someone… Grey might be a good start…

Opening the door, Seasick ran down the halls and past the guards and other members of the camp, searching for Grey.

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