Dario is a Cervidae half-breed from High Central, prior to the Rebellion. He was best known for his sacrifice to save Vox, before he could be executed by the Mage's Guild. He was resurrected during Ragnarok on the side of Odin, and once the battle was over, he rejoined Vox and became part of the rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Dario, being a deerling half-breed, possessed an extensive set of antlers that doubled as a defense mechanism. He stood taller than most, at 6' 3" from his head down. He had an athletic build, constructed by an active lifestyle.

Personality Edit

Dario was an intrinsically compassionate being, being of assistance to anyone who may have needed it. He utilized his abilities to nourish and take care of fellow half-breeds and dissenters in High Central. He was open to most who showed him kindness, but chose to keep away from the higher classes of High Central, namely the Mage's Guild and the Council.

Abilities Edit

Dario was able to use magick, a skill passed down from his father. He was one of a very select few who possessed the ability to heal and revive, which remains a commodity to this day. He was also skilled in basic hand-to-hand combat.

History Edit

Family Edit

Dario's family has not been referenced, other than a mention that his father was also a magick user.

Death Edit

Upon discovering that many half-breeds were using magick while unauthorized by High Central, the Mage's Guild took matters into their own hands, calling for the exile of anybody who would admit to their transgressions. In an attempt to keep his friend from harm, Vox called himself out, claiming to be one of the magick users to draw attention away from Dario. Unfortunately, his plan was foiled when Dario came to his defense, admitting to using magick and confirming that Vox was covering up for him.

After Vox was brutally assaulted by the Head Mage, he and Dario were brought to the Centre of High Central to have the human boy executed. It wasn't until Dario used his magick to free himself from the ropes that bound his hands together to rush to his friend's aid. The axe swing meant to assassinate Vox was instead the cause of death for Dario, who used himself as a shield for the boy.