Summary Edit

"Departure from the Wilder West" is a Season 4, February 28, 2015 oneshot in which Kiri leaves the Wilder West for her home, the Hidden Sky Village.

Full Text Edit

Kiri glanced over everything to ensure that it was settled.

It’s time.

"Hold down the fort for me," she waved to the regiment leaders.  "And have as much tea as you’d like, really.  No slacking on your training!"


Kiri smiled, then to the witch hunters, she gave a deep respectful bow.  She lingered slightly as she did, her heart pounding with the knowledge of what this actually was.

"Take care, all of you," she spoke, and she nodded again. 

Then she hopped onto Dagger’s back, and the two took to the skies.

Kiri briefly wondered if she should circle the fortress - both of them - one last time… take a trip to the lake, visit all the sights, say goodbye -

No.  Their enemy is a witch.  To them, I’m simply visiting home.  Better to be thought of as missing or a deserter than…

The rage-filled thoughts rose through her swiftly, almost clouding her mind.  She had to press herself to Dagger’s neck in order to quell them.  She didn’t have the luxury of welcoming that kind of despair.  Not yet.

She had one great task she needed to finish.Don’t worry Lillith.  I’m coming home.

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