Fiendal Hrothgar Hookless is an ex-thief who is trying to make good of going into the rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Fiendal is a 16-year-old male, he is averagely built in most aspects and doesn't look like he can fight. he wears a white hoodie with a woolly trim and a pair of grey trousers, he wears his hair in a spiked bun and he has a small scar on his cheek where his dad hit him with a knife. He has a hook for his left hand from a recent injury involving a handshake and a whispering death.

Personality Edit

Fiendal acts generally brave, but deeper he is very soft and scared, he is constantly scared of messing up his talking, or if someone will start a fight and he is very scared of loud noises. He used to be very speechless around other people and go for the slightest hint of a challenge, but after meeting the king he has changed to be a very happy character and doesn't take on a challenge unless he is provoked.

History Edit

Up until Fiendal was twelve he lived with is dad, Asvard, when he was three a hooded stranger lived in his village for a couple of years. On the first night of the stranger being there the man and his dad got in a fight at the bar.

Role in the rebellion Edit

Season 1 Edit

fell out of a tree and went to camp

Season 2 Edit

for the spiking and the drinking, yep

Season 3 Edit

stabbed his hand, then it got taken away and replaced by his hook

Season 4 Edit

Spoke out for the king during the speech and met him afterwards, only to realise that they had a shared past.

Relations Edit

King haddock Edit

Haddock was a newcomer in Fiendals village when Fiendal was three years old, Haddock and Asvard were good friends but Haddock never really met Fiendal.

Svie∂ Edit

A close friend of Fiendals. She has used her healing powers on him twice now

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