Greg Ericson is one of the rebels in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, led by King Haddock of the Wilderwest.

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Greg is a 17-year-old Male Viking with brown short messy hair and amber eyes. He is tall and has an athletic build. He wears a grey tunic with a dark grey hoodie with small plates of armor covering his chest and arms and a pair of black jeans. She also wears a pair of black sneakers. He often carries around a sword at his right side. Greg also has a blue Monstrous Nightmare named Berry Manilow.

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Greg is a very kind and caring person. He is frightened easily by dangerous situations but does not let that stop him from doing what needs to be done. He does not care what someone looks like, or where they come from and will treat all people equally. If a person has wronged him he is willing to give them another chance if they show that they are deserving of it. Greg is also very protective of those he considers friends. If one were to threaten one then he would do everything in his power to protect them.

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Sword fighting: Greg recently took up sword fighting before joining the rebellion. He had heard news of bandits near his home island and decided to take up sword fighting in case he needed to protect the island and his family. He took up the craft less than a year ago and while he is by no means a master, he can certainly hold his own in a fight.

Blacksmithing: As part of his sword training Greg's master forced him to forge his own sword. As a result he has a limited knowledge of smithing, allowing him to make basic weapons as well as other basic objects.

Fire Magic: As a result of Nalagurra's possession of Greg he has been granted the use of Fire magic, although he only has a very basic knowledge of it.

Illusion Magic: The God of tricks and mischief himself Loki granted Greg the power of illusion magic, allowing him to make illusions which can see or smell or taste like something when they're actually air. He can also change his appearance to an extent.

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