Haligan Island is the homeland of Grey Bergman.

Location Edit

Haligan Island is located off the coast of the Wilderwest region on the continent of Aidorin.

Not only is it an island, but the terrain is mostly made up of taiga forest and rivers flowing throughout the island. There are several woodland animals that roam the forest, but a pack of Night Furies that live on the far side of the island. Unfortunately, Shadow and her parents were the only ones left by the time Grey found the orphaned Night Fury.

The island rests upon the Frelbjorn Sea and has one river known as the Frelbjorn River running through the entire island. The south side of the island is made up of very steep cliffs while the north side is mostly beach. There are also sea stacks that line along the east side of the island.

The Haligan Island Village is the only settlement on the east side and was founded by Chief Hroar, who led Grey's parents, Sven and Ingrid, Einar, and other villagers after they were forced to retreat from the village's original location in the Wilderwest region of the main land.

Role in the Rebellion Edit

The Haligan Tribe was originally located on the main land in the Wilderwest region of Aidorin until an enemy tribe attacked the village forcing the survivors to retreat the village. The survivors were Grey's parents, Sven Bergman and Ingrid Anderson, the village elder, Einar Bergman, Grey's uncle, and a few other villagers, and they were led by the newly coronated Chief Hroar.

The Haligan Tribe crossed the terrain of the main land until they made it to shore and sailed to the island right across the coast to find a new settlement. The journey took about two days by ship until they finally found an island not too far from the mainland, and the villagers managed to make their way up the cliffs. At that moment, the the Haligan Tribe claimed their new home naming it Haligan Island.

Not long after the tribe settled into their new home, Sven and Ingrid Bergman were married and gave birth to their daughter, Grey two years later. Grey continued to live there with her parents and their village for her entire childhood and early adulthood, specifically at the age 21 when she decided to leave the safety of her island to help King Haddock and the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion on the mainland. Haligan Island does not appear in the main storyline of Battle of the Grounded Dungeon as Grey and Shadow were seen aiding the rebellion.

Haligan Island was not seen again until Grey returned to the island with her new best friends Greg, Warren, Asha, and their respective dragons three years after the Rebellion began. Ever since then, Grey and her friends continued to make lives for themselves on this small island.

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