After "One Above, One Below"

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Goddess Frigga: Frigga stepped out of the main building, carrying the mead horn and headed directly for her palace. She felt bitterly exhausted. She just came from sending off three heroes, all hopeful for victory and honour. As if that would matter with Ragnarok, she scoffed to herself. Flanked by the goddesses Fulla, Lofn and Hlin, she glided smoothly over the cracked stones in the courtyard, eager to get back to her quarters.

Suddenly, there was an odd whinny, like it was underwater, and the All Mother looked up to see a sea creature, a shimmering seahorse, flying towards them. Its wings shone with all the colours as the light hit them in several angles; on its back rode an elegant woman, her green hair flowing gently in the wind. She dismounted and knelt before Frigga, her head bowed.

The goddess of wisdom quickly adjusted her features, melting from her hidden sour look to a sweet smile, “Well met, Goddess Gna. What news?”

Gna rose to her feet, and replied in a rough voice that mismatched her petite figure, “The God Loki has been sticking his nose in the Rebellion again.”

She shook her head, making for Fensalir again. The other goddesses followed, “The poor dears. I do not understand his fascination with them… they’ve already been through enough.” The seahorse whinnied in agreement, and she laughed, “You think so, too, Hofvarpnir?’ It whinnied again.

They arrived at the palace, when the doors suddenly burst open and Eir fell out, landing painfully on her knees. There was a sickening crack, and she started bleeding.

“Oh, Goddess Eir. Are you alright?’ she fussed with the child, helping her stand and putting pressure on the wounds. She turned, addressing Fulla and the others, “I shall see to her, go up to your chambers and rest.” They curtsied and went away.

Frigga made sure they were alone and far away enough to not be eavesdropped on before she rudely dropped the child god, sniffing and wiping the blood on her skirt, “Do be more careful next time, darling. I don’t want to make another body for you.”

Eir stood, head down apologetically, “Yes, Mistress.”

“So? What was the rush for?” 

“He is awake, Mistress.”

She stopped in her tracks, a hand frozen above her head. An involuntary chill ran down her spine as the words rolled off her tongue, “He’s awake.”

She smiled so ferociously that even Eir flinched, “Well, I shall pay the little sweetheart a visit then.”

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