"Interesting News" is an Extended Universe thread written on July 8, 2015.

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Dagny Felman: Sixteen-year old Dagny Felman, daughter of Chief Grey, sat outside the Felman household with her little sister, Kari reading a book. Her mother, Grey, was taking her older brother, Sven, out chiefing for the day while her father, Brandt was helping Grandma Ingrid for the day.

“I’m bored,” Kari suddenly said. “I’m going to go see if Dad and Grandma need help.”

“Alright,” Dagny said not bothering to look up from her book. “Don’t let me stop you.”

Kari rolled her eyes and was just about to walk away when she saw someone approaching the island. “You know, Dags, you might want to look up from that book for once…” she said. “Someone’s coming.”

“Who is it?” Dagny asked still not looking up. “Aunt Nala? King Haddock? One of Mom’s rebellion friends?”

“Close,” Kari said. “Try one of Mom’s friends’ sons, who also happens to be your boyfriend.”

Dagny gasped and looked up.

Havelock: The travel to Haligan Island had gone by quite fast. 19 year old Havelock wasn’t sure if it was because he was such a good sailor, or if it was he was too busy thinking about his family issues to notice.

Although he had been extremely angry during his journey, the moment Havelock docked on the island, he was already feeling much happier. 

At least Dagny has a normal family.Havelock thought as he walked up the path to the Felman house. His heart began to pound as he saw Dagny on the front porch. It had been several months since they had last seen each other, yet she looked as radiant as ever.

“Long time, no see!” Havelock called out to her, a giant smile spread across his freckled face.

Dagny Felman: Dagny beamed from ear to ear seeing Havelock approaching. She quickly dropped her book and ran over to him giving him the biggest hug ever and a kiss on the lips.

“I’ve missed you so much!” she said pulling away and cupping his face in her hands.

Havelock: “I’ve missed ya a lot too,” Havelock smiled down at her. “I’m sorry for comin’ on such short notice. Just.. things happened at home…” Havelock looked away, rolling his eyes in frustration. “Mind if I stay for a week or two?”

Dagny Felman: Dagny’s smile faded into a frown at Havelock’s question. Things at home…? What could’ve happened?

“Oh yes, of course,” she quickly said. “You know Mom and Dad love having you here, but what happened? Are your parents okay? Or your brothers and sisters?”

Havelock: “Where do I even begin?” Havelock sighed. The couple sat down on the porch steps, and Havelock held his head in his hands in exasperation. “Well, remember how I told you that my older sister Eydis was constantly runnin’ away from home and gettin’ in to all kinds of trouble? Well, she finally came home…”

Dagny Felman: “Oh, no, what happened now?” she asked dreading the answer that Havelock had for her. What could Eydis have done this time to make Havelock want to leave home?

Havelock: “She showed up with her boyfriend… turns out, she’s pregnant.” Havelock spat. “ ‘Course, she announced it the day mom returned from King Haddock’s funeral too. Mom was hysterical. And Dad… I bet this island could hear him yellin’. He was furious.”

Havelock sighed, running his hands through his messy blond hair. “I’m sorry for unloadin’ this on you, Dags. It’s just hard tryin’ to be a good role model for my younger siblings, when Eydis is such a mess.” 

Dagny Felman: “Eydis is….pregnant?” she asked in complete shock. How could she possibly be pregnant…out of wedlock? Her mother and father made it very clear to her that making love to Havelock and getting pregnant out of wedlock was completely unheard of, which explained Aunt Seasick and Uncle Ellidi’s reactions. While they did say they would have her back and always love her no matter what she did, they always told her becoming pregnant was unheard of. 

Then again, this was Eydis they were talking about. She had changed since the day they first met when they were all kids. “Aw, Havie,” she said hugging him close and kissing him on the head. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay.”

Havelock: “I hope so,” The young man replied, blushing slightly at Dagny’s kiss. “I just needed to get away from home for a little bit. At least your family isn’t crazy. So tell me, how’s everyone?”

Dagny Felman: “Well, everyone’s good,” she said. “Kari was just here, but she saw you were coming and left us alone. Dad’s helping Grandma Ingrid for the day, and Sven is with Mom learning how to be chief. Mom’s still Chief, and she’s been doing better since you know…King Haddock…”

Havelock: “Yeah… Mom took it pretty hard. That was the first time I ever saw her cry. She and Uncle Furious took off the moment they heard the news.” Havelock said. “He meant a lot to our mothers, and to a lot of people. I just hope his heir is ready to take the throne. At least Sven is making an effort to learn how to become a Chief.” 

Dagny Felman: “Well, Mom’s sticking around to help Egil while he takes over,” she said. “I think Sven wanting to be chief is making this slightly easier for her. It gives her some distraction to focus on her duties here and her own heir.”

Havelock: “That’s good.” Havelock replied. Taking Dagny’s hand in his own, Havelock smiled at her. “I’m glad I got to see ya again. I wasn’t sure when I’d visit again, but I’m glad I’m here now. You make me feel so much happier”

Dagny Felman: Dagny blushed and smiled at her boyfriend. “I’m glad you came back today. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go without seeing you either. You make me feel happier too,” she said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Part 2: Edit

Havelock: The couple were silent for a few moments, enjoying the peace together. Slowly pulling away from Dagny, he turned and flashed that old, familiar mischievous smile at her. 

“Say, Dags, you up for some fun? Maybe go flyin’ around the island? Whataya say?” 

Dagny Felman: “I’d say I’d like that,” Dagny replied excitingly. “We have plenty of time before Mom and Dad want us home for supper.” 

Havelock: “I brought Skydancer with me. ’Course she wouldn’t let me go alone.” Havelock laughed. He stood up and whistled loudly, calling out to his Deadly Nadder. Within seconds, the dragon landed in front of both vikings with a loud thud. 

“Weather is good for flying, so we can spend most of the day up in the sky.” Havelock said.

Dagny Felman: “That’s good,” Dagny said petting Skydancer’s snout as the Nadder nuzzled her. “I could use a change of scenery.”

Havelock:“After you, my dear.” Havelock gestured towards Skydancer, who crouched down so that Dagny could mount on. Taking her hand, Havelock helped Dagny on, and soon they took off into the skies.

Lightly holding onto Dagny, Havelock placed his chin on her shoulder as she held onto the reins. “Lovely view from up here. I never get tired of it.” He said. 

Dagny Felman: “Yeah, it sure is,” Dagny said looking down over the island, that was getting smaller and smaller as Skydancer ascended into the sky. “Mom and I would fly up on Shadow when I was little, and I would—” 

She suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Havelock realizing what he was referring to as beautiful. She could only blush and smile at the compliment.

Havelock: Havelock smiled back at her and hugged her tightly. “I hate to ruin the moment…but I have a bit of an odd question to ask you.” He began.

Dagny Felman: She angled her head to look up at him. “Oh?” she asked. “What is it?”

Havelock: “Well, we’ve been courtin’ for a year now, but I’m a bit curious. Have there been any guys who try to ask you out? I’m only askin’ ‘cause a guy back home tried to ask out Hafdis, when she’s already courting the Chief’s nephew.” Havelock explained. 

“Not many people know about our relationship, since we don’t live on the same island…”

Dagny Felman: Dagny furrowed her eyebrows together as she was confused and thought about an answer for Havelock’s question. It would make sense that he would want to know if someone was trying to court with his girlfriend, especially when she was the daughter of the Chief, and not many people knew about their relationship. They didn’t live on the same island, so they would have to talk to Grey and Seasick about spreading the word on that. She thought back. Had there been any guys who tried to flirt with her? She sighed when she finally remembered.

“Well…there…was this one time a few months ago,” Dagny said. “Mom was to attend this gathering of chieftains on the main land, and we thought we could make a family trip out of it. Well, this Chief and his son came up to us. We introduced ourselves, but Sven and I both noticed how Mom and Dad were both uneasy and uncomfortable around these guys. Turns out it was the new Chief of the Barbaric Burglars, the tribe who attacked the island before Mom became Chief. Next thing I knew the son came up to me. He smiled at me and kissed my hand saying that I was beautiful…and that the daughter of the Chief of Haligan Island needed to be on the arm of the son of the Chief of the Barbaric Burglars, especially since I’m not Mom’s heir.”

She looked away from Havelock as tears rolled down her face. There was more, but she wasn’t sure if she could go on.

Havelock: “Hey, hey Dags, it’s okay!” Havelock blurt out, trying to comfort her. “Skydancer, take us down to land!”

As they landed, Havelock helped Dagny off of the dragon and they sat down in the forest clearing. Havelock pulled Dagny into an embrace and held her for a long time. “I’’m sorry Dagny, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Havelock said softly, stroking the girl’s hair.

Dagny Felman: Dagny closed her eyes at her boyfriend’s hand running through her hair as the tears flowed. She had been so worried about what Havelock was going to think if she ever told him about that day with that Chief’s son, but hearing him right now, she now knew that she had nothing to worry about.

“No, no, you didn’t upset me,” she finally said hugging him tightly. “It’s just…when he flirted with me, he immediately suggested that we get married to unite our tribes. I tried to tell him that I already had a suitor, who I love a lot, and Mom thankfully stepped in and settled things and told them to back off. I was really worried of what you would think of me if I told you about this, and it’s been eating me alive.”

Havelock: “What? Seriously?? You did nothing wrong, Dags!” Havelock said, wiping the tears off her cheeks. “It’s not a big issue anyways. I’m sorry for bringing it up.”

Havelock sighed and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of the ocean waves hitting the cliffs around the island. “Well, since we’ve landed here, why don’t we go explorin’? Like we did when we were kids? To get our minds off of things.” The young man suggested.

Dagny Felman: The daughter of the Chief chuckled at the memories of her and Havelock sneaking off to go exploring in the forest whenever he came to visit Haligan Island. It would be nice to clear their heads off all they had been going through lately.

“I think that’s a great idea, Havie,” she said giving him a peck on the cheek.

Havelock: “Well then, what’re we waitin’ for?” Havelock flashed a giant smile at Dagny. “Let’s go explorin’!!”

The young man excitedly took Dagny’s hand and they began to walk towards the giant forest on the island as Skydancer lazily flew above them.

Dagny Felman: As Havelock guided her through the forest with Skydancer flying above them, Dagny couldn’t help but think about what they have talked about so far. Eydis getting pregnant out of wedlock…her almost being forced into an arranged marriage…the fact that almost no one was aware of her relationship with Havelock. It only brought so many questions to her mind. 

Where were she and Havelock going with their relationship?

Would they get married someday?

What did they have in mind for the future?

“Havelock, can I ask you something?” Dagny said as they slowed to a stop. 

Havelock: “Of course!” Havelock beamed. “Anything, my dear!” 

Dagny Felman: “Well, all this talk of wedlock, your sister getting pregnant, and me almost being forced into an arranged marriage just had me thinking…” she began. “Since we have been courting for a year now, where exactly do you see this going? I mean…do you think that maybe you’ll want to get married?” 

Havelock: Havelock turned a bright red at her question. “I’d love to get married. Especially to you. But I’m in no rush. Unless of course, you are?” 

He turned and took both of Dagny’s hands in his own and looked at her in the eyes. “You make me so happy, and I love what we have. And if you want to get married today, tomorrow, a week from now, or several years down the road, I’m okay with that! we can and will make this work.” 

Dagny Felman: Dagny smiled at Havelock and kissed him on the cheek. “Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get married now,” she said, “but all I know is that when we do get married, I want to it to be special and to last forever.” 

Havelock: “Well, whenever you wanna get married, or whenever you think is the best time, lemme know.” Havelock smiled back at her. “And I don’t think ya have to worry! I’m sure we’ll last forever and ever!” 

Dagny Felman: “I’m not worried,” Dagny said hugging Havelock tightly. “I bet we’ll be the greatest couple ever.” 

Havelock: “No doubt about it!” Havelock laughed. “But how ‘bout we limit the number of kids we have to under 5… I don’t wanna be like my parents and end up with 10. That’s way too many to handle!” 

Part 3: Edit

Dagny Felman: Dagny laughed at her boyfriend’s comment trying to hide the fact that she was completely horrified by the mere thought of having 10 kids. She was never able to figure out how her aunt Seasick could manage 10 kids or even how her mother managed merely three. 

“I think that’s a great idea,” Dagny said. “Maybe 3 be the limit. I’m not sure how we could handle even 5. Besides, do you remember how when we were kids and said that we would have our own adventures?” 

Havelock: “Oh yeah, we had a whole buncha crazy plans, didn’t we?” Havelock said, thinking back to when they were younger. “We wanted to be like our mothers. Joinin’ a rebellion and get into crazy battles.” 

Havelock walked under the shade of a tree, taking a moment to think about the idea of going on a great adventure with Dagny.

“I don’t think we could now… not after what just happened to King Haddock…” Havelock’s face grew serious, and he avoided Dagny’s eyes. “I mean, we could go sailin’ and flyin’ to different islands, but in terms of real adventure… I think I’d pass. I don’t want to lose you, or cause my family or yours any pain.”

Dagny Felman: Dagny’s smile faded into a frown as she remembered what recently happened to their mothers’ friend…and how they wanted to have adventures like their mothers did. She realized that Havelock was right. She was never one for adventures like her brother was, especially now with King Haddock’s death and High Central slowly coming back into power on the mainland. 

“You’re right,” she said. “I don’t want to go on crazy adventures either, but I would like to see the world. I think it would be cool if we left Haligan Island after we’re married and have kids and see all of it, you know?”

Havelock: “That’s what my ‘rents did. They sailed around a bit and then finally settled down once they started a family.” Havelock said. “’Course, we won’t be havin’ as many kids, so we can travel around longer than they did.”

Havelock smiled again as he looked at Dagny. It was clear that both youths were unsure about their future. Havelock remained silent as he tried to think of something supportive to say.

“Well, we don’t have to worry about this right now. This is several years down the road, we still got plenty of time to have adventures here on this island.”

Dagny Felman: “Yeah, true,” she said blushing and giggling at her sudden urge to plan her life with Havelock. “Sorry, I tend to do that a lot, you know? Since I’m not Mom’s heir and all that, I guess I want to have a plan…something to live by.”

Havelock: “That’s nothin’ to be ashamed about. Ever since Eydis began actin’ out and runnin’ away, I had to be the older sibling and look out for everyone. At least when I’m with you, I feel free.” Havelock explained. He slowly sat down under the tree and gestured for Dagny to join him. 

“When I’m with you, everythin’ slows down and becomes peaceful. I love it.” He said quietly, turning red again.

Dagny Felman: Dagny chuckled and blushed. Then she leaned back and rested her head on Havelock’s chest listening to his heartbeat. “Me too,” she said. “I know you have responsibilities at home, but I wish we could always be together.”

Havelock: “Well, hopefully once the whole thing with Eydis clears up, Mom and Dad’ll let me visit you more. They can’t hold on to me forever.” Havelock said. “Actually… I may have a plan…”

Dagny Felman: “Ooooh, do tell,” Dagny said looking up at Havelock.

Havelock: “Well, if we wanna be together more often, but not far from home… why don’t we find an island that’s between both Haligan Island and Peaceable Country… and live there?” Havelock suggested. “That way, we won’t have to travel as far to see our families. Of course, this is a suggestion for something down the road…”

Dagny Felman: Dagny thought about it for a moment. If they found an island to live on between Haligan Island and Peaceable Country, it would make things easier. They would be able to visit their families and won’t have to worry about any family drama. “I think that would be a great idea,” she said. “For now at least, we can make it a meeting spot whenever we want to be alone?”

Havelock: “Yeah, that sounds like a god idea!” Havelock laughed. “I’ve got a map of the islands on my ship, so we can go have a look at it later, when we’re done explorin’ and adventurin’ for the day.”

Dagny Felman: “I’d really like that,” she said before pulling Havelock into a kiss.

Havelock: Havelock leaned his head on Dagny’s shoulder again, and closed his eyes for a few moments. “You know, I still can’t believe how lucky I am that I have you.” The young man said. “I didn’t think I’d eve meet someone as wonderful as you.”

Dagny Felman: Dagny giggled and leaned her head on Havelock’s head with her cheek resting in his hair. 

“I am pretty great, aren’t I?” she asked. “And just so you know, I’m lucky to have you too. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I think I’m starting to understand how my parents felt when they fell in love.”

Havelock: “I’m glad I don’t feel like my ‘rents. ‘Parently, they met when my dad crashed his ship into my mom’s, and she had to take his crew to the mainland. She’s still annoyed at him even after all these years.” Havelock chuckled. “Well, I can’t guarantee that we’ll always be happy together, but I promise to do my best!!”

Dagny Felman: Dagny giggled. “At least your parents’ story is interesting than mine. They just met when Dad became Great-Uncle Einar’s apprentice. I’m sure you will,” she said. “Because I promise to do my best as well.”

Havelock: “Well, now that we have that all cleared up,” Havelock turned and smiled at Dagny. “Why don’t we resume our lil exploration adventure? The day’s still young…”

Dagny Felman: “Sure!” Dagny said smiling as she pulled herself and Havelock up. With that, she grabbed her boyfriend’s hand, off they ran deeper into the forest. 

Part 4: Edit

Havelock: It was just like when they first met. Both Havelock and Dagny were alone together in a giant forest on Haligan Island, and they were free to be themselves. It made Havelock quite nostalgic, as he ducked under tree branches, and leaped over tree roots and rocks.

“I don’t remember if we ever found any other dragons in these woods, besides Shadow…” Havelock called out to Dagny, who was quite a distance ahead of him.

Dagny Felman: “I don’t think so,” Dagny shouted over her shoulder. “Remember when you told Shadow to wash us?”

Havelock: “Ah, yes, that…” Havelock turned a bright red. “Not one of my finest moments… However, my Dragonese is much better now. I could probably have a really good conversation with Shadow now!!” 

Leaping over a large tree root, Havelock made it to Dagny’s side. “So, you really think there aren’t any dragons in this forest? Whatta ‘bout the rest of the island?”

Dagny Felman: “I’m not entirely sure,” Dagny said. “I mean there are a few Terrible Terrors running around. There was Shadow and her family, but Mom said her parents were killed by humans. I don’t know about the rest of the island.”

Havelock: “I see…” Havelock replied. He was silent for a moment, thinking about what he knew about dragons. “It’s possible… that there were dragons living here once… but if Shadow’s parents were killed by humans here, the rest of the pack may have left.”

Dagny Felman: “I suppose,” Dagny said thoughtfully. “Still it would be nice if there were some roaming around. It would be amazing to find another Night Fury…maybe a Whispering Death…”

Havelock: “Well, this is a huge forest.” Havelock replied. “It’s possible that there’s a small group still livin’ here, just very hidden away. The day is young, we’ve got lots of time to look for ‘em!!”

Dagny Felman: “That’s true,” she said. “Mom only saw this whole island from above, but she only explored parts of it. Just think of what we could find…things that Chief Lady Grey couldn’t find. Come on!” 

Havelock: Following Dagny’s lead, Havelock continued to make his way through the dense forest. After an hour or so of walking, tripping, and climbing through the forest, the young vikings found a large clearing. It was the perfect spot to pause for a break.

“Well, ain’t this interestin’” Havelock said, while trying to catch his breath. “This area looks like it may have been home to a dragon or too. Notice the scorch marks in the grass?” 

Dagny Felman: Dagny crouched down and touched the scorch marks with her fingers examining the marks. “Oh yeah, a dragon was definitely here,” she said thoughtfully. “Maybe it was marking its territory.” 

Havelock: “That is a possibility…” Havelock replied, walking around the scorch mark. “But it could also mean that there was a fight here. It’s possible that there was a fight between two or more dragons for this spot… Say, does Shadow ever fly off on her own? Without your mother?” 

Dagny Felman: Dagny stopped and thought about the question thinking back on all her memories of Shadow. For some reason, whenever she remembered Shadow, she was almost always alongside her mother. She had rarely seen her mother without her dragon unless she was sleeping with her father.  

“Not that I know of,” Dagny said. “For as long as I can remember, Shadow’s always been with Mom. Well, except for when Shadow caught us sneaking away that day, but that’s it really. I’ve never heard Mom mention it either, why?”

Havelock: “I was just thinkin’… that maybe it was Shadow who got into a fight with a dragon here.” Havelock explained. “Maybe she thought it was going to attack or steal territory, and was just defending her home…”

Dagny Felman: “Perhaps,” she said looking around. Now that she scoured the area closely, there did seem to be more scorch marks on the trees. Branches seemed to have fallen. No doubt about it…there was definitely a fight. Between who? Who knows? “Maybe she snuck out one night and sensed something.”

Havelock: “There’s no harm in askin’, I suppose.” Havelock said. “These are definitely fresh though. Our dragons back home get into scuffles with each other all the time. Island’s full of these marks. So I guess it’s safe to assume some form of a fight happened here…”

Dagny Felman: “Definitely,” she replied. “Still, if there was a fight, wouldn’t someone have seen something? Then again if this happened late at night in a far deserted part of the island, perhaps, no one would be around to report it to Mom.”

Havelock: “That, and it’s possible that Shadow may not have been proud of fightin’ a fellow dragon, and would’ve tried to hide it from Grey and everyone else.” Havelock explained. “Has Shadow been actin’ differently recently?”

Dagny Felman: Dagny pursed her lips in thought for a moment thinking back on her encounters with her mother’s Night Fury. “Now that I think about it,” she said, “Mom did say she seemed a little on edge…a little irritated, I guess. It’s almost as if she was trying to see if something or someone was going to attack the village.”

Havelock: “Hmm, that’s interestin’.” Havelock said. Havelock sighed and then extended his hand out to Dagny. “Well, there’s only one way to find out what’s goin’ on and that’s by askin’ Shadow about it. So whataya say, Dags?”

Dagny Felman: “Hmm, well, she’s with Mom and Sven right now,” she said. “So, we can wait till they get back and talk to Shadow then. Then…” she hugged Havelock close to her, “maybe we can have more…alone time.” She smiled up at him batting her eyelashes. 

Part 5: Edit

Havelock: Havelock turned a bright red at Dagny’s suggestion. Although they had been together for around a year and were quite comfortable around each other, Havelock couldn’t stop himself from feeling embarrassed.

“Um…ah yeah, w-we could… we could go… do that…s-sure…” The young man managed to spit out. Nearby, Sky Dancer rolled her eyes at the two lovebirds. 

Dagny Felman: Dagny giggled blushing herself. There were times when she surprised herself at how she was able to make Havelock blush whenever she flirted with him. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed him on the lips.  

“Good, we should start heading back now,” she said. “Mom is probably on her way home by now. And I’m sure they’re going to want to know you’re here.”

Havelock: “Oh yeah, I completely forgot about announcing my arrival. I hope your parents won’t mind that we were alone together without them knowing…” Havelock replied.

Together, they mounted Sky Dancer and flew towards the Felman household.

Dagny Felman: The daughter of the Chief leaned back against her boyfriend as they flew back to her house. The flight was short and quiet, and it was just what Dagny needed. Soon enough, the forest terrain slowly turned into a village, and the Felman household wasn’t too far away. SkyDancer landed on the ground allowing Dagny and Havelock to descend. 

“Come on, Havie,” she said taking his hand and guiding him into the house. She opened the door, and sure enough, there were her parents and siblings. Her mother was cooking dinner. Brandt and Sven were drinking some mead while Kari was reading a book. “Hey, guys, look who’s visiting!”

Havelock: Havelock bowed deeply to Dagny’s parents, and tried to hide his slang as best he could.

“Hello Chief Grey, Brandt, I apologize for showing up on so little notice. If you allow it, I’d like to stay here for a week or two. My family is… goin’ through a rough patch right now, and I need a break from it all.”

Grey Bergman: The Chief and her husband looked at each other and then back at their daughter and her boyfriend smiling. 

“Of course,” Grey said walking over to the boy placing a hand on his cheek. “You know you’re always welcomed here.”

“But…just out of curiosity, did something happen at home?” Brandt asked from his seat at the chair. 

“And do your parents know you’re here?” the Chief asked. “I can easily send word to them if they don’t.”

Havelock: “I told my father that I was leavin’, and he was okay with that.” Havelock replied. “And as for what happened at home.. well… my older sister Eydis… she’s quite a rebel as you’ve must have heard… um, well she’s pregnant and my parents aren’t happy. I needed to just get away from it all.”

Grey Bergman: “Pregnant?” Grey and Brandt asked in unison.

“Whoa…talk about family drama,” Sven said to Kari.

“Sven, shush,” Grey said to her eldest son before turning back Havelock and Dagny. “Oh gods, Havelock, I can’t believe it. I’m…sorry. Please, stay as long as you need to. Sometimes, even those who act as role models to others need a break.” She placed a hand on his cheek again. “Believe me, I know.”

Havelock: Havelock blushed slightly as Grey held her hand to his cheek. “Thank you, Chief Grey, I appreciate it. I’ll try not to be too much of a burden for you and your family. Since I’m here, I can be of any assistance if you or Brandt need it. I’m pretty good with dragons too, so if Shadow needs anythin’ I’m sure I can help her out as well.”

Grey Bergman: “We appreciate that, Havelock,” the Chief replied. “Thank you, but please don’t strain yourself. You’re here as a guest. Take a break from it all. Spend time with Dagny. And please, Havelock, honey, you can still call us, Aunt Grey and Uncle Brandt if you want. Age doesn’t change family.”

Havelock: Havelock smiled and hugged Grey. “Thanks Aunt Grey. I’m glad I have you guys as a second family. A less crazy and dysfunctional one.”

Grey Bergman: “You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Grey said hugging Havelock in return. “Though, I’m not sure about us being less…crazy and dysfunctional.”

“Aw come on, Mom,” Sven said as he balanced his mug on his head while standing on a chair. “We’re normal–WHOA!” He suddenly fell off the chair and onto the floor with his mead spilling all over his face only to have Shadow and Pyro try to lick it off his face.

“Shadow! Pyro! No!” Brandt said trying to pull the dragons away from his son as Grey, Dagny, and Havelock watched. 

“The future Chief, ladies and gentlemen,” said Kari. 

“See what I mean?” Grey said to Havelock.

Havelock: Havelock couldn’t help but laugh at the family. “Well, at least you guys are a good kind of crazy. And at least there aren’t 12 people in one house and 12 dragons screeching outside your bedroom window at all hours. Spilled mead is a refreshing change for me.”

The young man turned and took Dagny’s hand. “Well, the two of us came for lunch, but maybe we could turn it into a picnic?”

Dagny Felman: “That’s a good idea,” Dagny said. “Mom, Dad, can we?”

“Sure,” Grey said. “I’ll finish making dinner and we can bring it outside. How’s that?”

Havelock: “That sounds amazing!” Havelock replied flashing a wild smile. 

“Oh before I forget, Aunt Grey, my mom said she is willin’ to help out in any way she can regarding what happened in the Wilderwest… with King Haddock. If they need any help, just send her a messenger dragon. She and Uncle Furious will be there, regardless of what’s currently happenin’ at home.”

Grey Bergman: Grey sadly smiled at the mention of her deceased friend. It had been a couple months since the death of King Haddock, and the scars still hurt. The pain would never truly go away, but she had been moving on. It was nice to see that her old comrades were willing to help with ruling the kingdom, especially Seasick. 

“I appreciate that, Havelock,” Grey said trying to sound cheerful. “I’ll send word to your mother if I need anything.”

Brandt sighed sadly and walked up to his wife from behind and placed his hands on her shoulders as the kids stared at their mother sadly.

Havelock: “Mother distanced herself from her rebel past, and doesn’t talk about it. But from the little I’ve heard,  she was grateful to meet such great people like you and King Haddock, and she’d love to continue to help and support all the rebels the best she can.” Havelock explained. “Sorry for openin’ a fresh wound… it’s just… mother doesn’t want people to think that she doesn’t care about her friends… ”

Grey Bergman: “Believe me, sweetheart,” she said. “No one thinks that at all. Your mom was and still is a great friend to the Rebellion. Her support is already appreciated. Oh, there is so much to tell you guys about our adventures. I’ve only told Dagny, Sven, and Kari so much.”

“Oh yeah, like when you sang to Uncle King Haddock!” Sven said. 

“Sven, what have I told you about calling him that?” Grey asked her son. 

“You said, and I quote, ‘never call him that to his face,’” Sven replied. “And he’s…”

“Alright, Sven, we get it,” Brandt quickly said. “Though His Majesty may be gone, we must still be reverent and respectful.”

Sven sighed. “Yes, Dad,” he said.

Part 6: Edit

Havelock: Havelock silently stared at Sven. He had very little interactions with the boy, but from the few times together, Havelock realized that he saw his own younger brothers in Sven. He couldn’t help but smile at this realization.

Glancing back to Grey, Havelock let out a small laugh. “I look forward to hearing some of these stories. Maybe some of the happier ones, if there were any.”

Grey Bergman: “Oh, there are a few, I promise,” Grey said nodding. “We may have been a rebellion, but it wasn’t all dark and dreary all the time. We had plenty of laughs and smiles. There’s so much to tell about our adventures! Maybe now that you kids are old enough I can tell you a lot more, including how we fought for the goddess of Helheim in Ragnorak.”

Havelock: “You really did that?? And survived???” Havelock asked in amazement. “Someone should write your adventures down! So that the future generations and hear about it!”

Grey Bergman: “Well, the story has sort of a…strange…yet happy ending in how we managed to survive, but it is quite a tale,” Grey said remembering how it happened. “We really should write our adventures down somehow. I have been considering it.”

Havelock: “Well, if you do decide to write it, I’ll be the first to read it!” Havelock replied. “Anyways, d’ya wanna get goin’, Dags?”

Dagny Felman: “What?” Dagny asked jumping back into reality after the initial shock that her mother just told them all that she fought in Ragnorak. “Uhh…yeah…yeah! Uh…we can get the plates and stuff for the picnic and set it up outside.”

“Great,” said Grey. “I’ll finish cooking, so I’ll bring it outside when it’s ready. Sven, Kari, why don’t you help your sister? Dad and I will be right out.”

“Sure, come on, guys,” Sven said. All the kids ran to get the supplies for the picnic. 

“Uhh…you do realize you just told your kids that you fought in the war of the Gods, right?” Brandt whispered to his wife. 

“Yes, I am,” Grey replied. “And I think it’s time they hear more of those stories.”

“Did Mom really just say that she…fought in Ragnorak?” Dagny whispered to her boyfriend and siblings.

Havelock: Havelock put on a puzzled face. “Yeah, that’s wild.” He whispered back. “I guess that means mom did too… from what I’ve heard around the island, it was extremely violent and thousands died… I guess that’s why mom never talked about it…”

Dagny Felman: “I guess that’s why Mom only told us a few stories, like her singing to Haddock, the smuggled weapons mission,” she said. “She always did say she would tell us more when we were older. Still…if she fought in Ragnorak, what else didn’t she tell us about that Rebellion?”

Havelock: “I’m not really sure. Uncle Furious told us once that somethin’ serious happened to the dragons in the rebellion and it helped deepen their friendship.” Havelock said. “It’s a wonder they made it out okay, mentally and physically. ”

Dagny Felman: “Yeah,” Dagny replied. “Although, there was one night where I overheard Mom screaming in her sleep. Dad thankfully woke her up, but Mom sounded really upset about something. What if it was something that happened in the Rebellion or Ragnorak?”

Havelock: “It must have been somethin’ really terrible if she still has nightmares…” Havelock said. “I guess it makes sense that our parents wouldn’t want to talk about it. But still, they should at least tell us the gist of what happened… especially now that we’re older and leavin’ home.”

Kari Felman: “I’m sure they’re only trying to protect us,” Kari finally said. “And maybe they…just don’t want to talk about it.”

Before anyone else could answer…

“Hey, slow-pokes!” Grey finally said. “You coming or what?”

Havelock: “Ah yeah, we’re comin’!” Havelock called back. Turning back to Dagny, he said quietly, “If we do ever decide to ask your mother about it, we should step carefully. Don’t want to upset her more, ya know?”

Dagny Felman: “You’re right,” Dagny whispered back. “Come on, let’s go.”

Havelock: The afternoon sun was warm on Havelock’s freckled face. The young couple waited outside the Chief’s house for their lunch and watched the people of the island go about their day. 

“It’s a really peaceful island, isn’t it?” Havelock commented. “It’s weird to think that something as violent as a rebellion could happen in a world as peaceful as this.”

Dagny Felman: “Yeah,” Dagny said leaning against Havelock. “Mom never even really told us about what caused the Rebellion in the first place. She just always called it the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, and that was it.”

“I’m sure she has her reasons for leaving out that part,” said Sven. 

Havelock: “When I was younger, I wanted to be apart of a rebellion like mom, but not anymore. Sailing in violent seas and interacting with wild dragons is what I’ll stick to.” Havelock said, as he wrapped his arm around Dagny. “I’m sure she’ll tell us when she’s ready.” 

Dagny Felman: “I hope so,” Dagny simply said embracing the warmth of her boyfriend’s hold. “I really hope so.” 

Havelock: A few moments of peace and quiet, Chief Grey came out of the house with their lunch. When they were ready, the duo took to the skies and headed back for the dense forest.  

“Where you you like to eat, Dags?” Havelock asked her, leaning over her shoulder.

Dagny Felman: Dagny thought for a moment as they flew together on SkyDancer with Sven and Kari on Pyro behind them and Grey and Brandt on Shadow. 

“Oh! Let’s go to that river nearby!” Dagny said. “Can we, Mom?”

“Sure, sweetheart,” Grey replied. “Lead the way!”

“Come on, SkyDancer,” the daughter of the Chief said to the Nadder.

Part 7 Edit

Havelock: With a cheerful roar, SkyDancer descended and gently landed beside the river, as ordered by Dagny. The family and Havelock all worked together to unfold a blanket to sit on, and helped hand out lunch. 

“This is a lovely corner of the woods,” Havelock commented. “I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before, after visiting so many times.”

Grey Bergman: Chief Grey looked around the area. They placed the blanket near the river, and she took in the scene remembering that day she met a certain Night Fury so long ago in this very spot. Shadow, who was sitting next to her, nuzzled up to her clearly remembering the day as well. 

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve taken you to this place yet, Havie,” Dagny replied.

“Well, this place is very special,” she said. “It’s where I met Shadow for the first time.”

Havelock: “Really? Did you spot her first or did she?” Havelock asked curiously.

Grey Bergman: “Well,” she said petting Shadow on the head listening to her dragon crooning, “she actually snuck up on me. I was walking through the forest exploring much like you kids used to do, and I tripped on a tree root and scraped my knee. I came to this river to clean up and heard someone behind me. I turned around, and sure enough, there was Shadow in the bushes.”

Havelock: Havelock leaned in curiously as Grey told her story. “Then what happened? Weren’t you afraid? I know my mom said she was afraid the first time she stumbled upon a dragon…”

Grey Bergman: “Well, of course, I was,” she said. “I was only 10 years old, and it was the first time I had encountered a dragon by myself. I was so scared that I accidentally backed away from Shadow and fell into that river.”

Dagny and Kari both gasped as Sven felt his jaw dropped. The three of them might have heard this story plenty times before, but it was still exciting to hear their mother tell them how she met her dragon.

Havelock: “I assume Shadow saved you?” Havelock asked. “It’s no wonder your friendship with Shadow is so strong!!”

Grey Bergman: “That’s right, Havelock,” said the Chief, “and the rest was history.”

“I really love that story, Mom,” Kari said snuggling up to her mother.

“I do too, sweetheart,” Grey replied hugging Kari close and kissing her on the head. 

“Yeah, that is a great story, Mom,” said Dagny, “and I bet there are plenty more…like you said, right?”

Havelock: Havelock glanced between Dagny and Chief Grey. “You’ve known Shadow for so many years, you two must have lots of wild stories… When I was younger, I wanted to be a rebel like mom, but… things have changed.”

Grey Bergman: Grey furrowed her eyebrows together. “What kind of things, Havelock?” she asked.

Havelock: Havelock avoided Grey’s stare. “Well, I’m not much of a fighter, and I prefer lookin’ for new species of dragons rather than gettin’ into battles. That, and I’ve gotta look after my younger siblings. There’s no real time to do anything else.”

Havelock suddenly turned red and lowered his voice. “That, and I’m…in a relationship… that I don’t wanna lose…” 

Grey Bergman: Grey smiled as she placed her cheek in Kari’s hair and looked at Brandt. “That’s perfectly alright, too, Havelock,” she said. “You should never go out seeking for trouble when there is no reason to.” She thought for a moment. “You kids have to understand that there…there was a reason why the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion occurred. We didn’t just band together and decide to fight the Warden. There’s a lot to it.” 

“What is it, Mom?” Dagny asked carefully. 

Brandt saw his wife’s discomfort and wrapped his arm around her and their youngest daughter. The Chief smiled at her husband and kissed him on the cheek.

“See, it…it began a long time ago…when I was only 12 years old,” she began. “The government on the mainland, High Central, for some reason, began to have an intense hatred for half-breeds. Anyone who was a half-breed was suddenly uprooted from their homes and sent to the southern region of the mainland.”

Havelock: Havelock’s face grew serious. “I’ve heard a bit about that… or at least, about hatred for half-breeds. A few popped up around our island a few years ago, and we were told to not get involved with them, not out of hatred, but out of fear that we would get caught up in whatever they were or weren’t involved in.”

The boy thought for a moment, and then asked, “But what does that have to do with you? You’re not a half-breed, unless you got involved because you had half-breed friends?”

Grey Bergman: “I didn’t have half-breed friends at the time,” the Chief replied, “but given where I was growing up and how I was taught, I knew it wasn’t right for how they were being treated. And I wanted so badly to do something to help them. I did have one encounter with a half-breed a few years later when I was 14. Around that time, I learned that was when High Central started building dungeons for the half-breeds, one of those dungeons…was known as the Grounded Dungeon.”

Sven, Dagny, and Kari widened their eyes at the mention of the namesake of the Rebellion their mother was a part of. 

Havelock: “Dungeons? As in there were more than one?” Havelock asked, raising an eyebrow. “I always figured there was just the one…” 

Part 8: Edit

Brandt Felman: “Yeah, I didn’t think there were other dungeons on the continent,” Brandt said. “The only one people talked about was the Grounded Dungeon.”

“Well, there were plenty others,” Grey replied, “but the Grounded Dungeon was the most famous. It was a dungeon for prisoners between the ages of 14-21 years old. Not to mention that it was in the Wilderwest region, so we heard more about that one. High Central was ruthless in those dungeons. There were rumors that one of the members forced a demon to guard the Grounded Dungeon. Soon enough, it wasn’t just a prison for half-breeds but for criminals and blasphemers and plenty others.”

“Were you a prisoner there, Mom?” Sven asked nervously. 

“No, sweetheart,” Grey said smiling gently, “but it broke my heart hearing that this was all going on. High Central was turning into nothing but tyrants. And it seemed like no one was doing anything to stop them. That was when King Haddock finally came onto the scene.”

Havelock: “I’m assuming it wasn’t his plan to get captured and thrown into the dungeon?” Havelock asked. “From the little mom told us, she said that she had a plan to break everyone out, but got thrown in too. Tell us about the break out!! You must have seen it all!”

Sven Felman: “Oh yeah! Mom, tell us about the break out!” Sven shouted excitedly. 

“Yeah, did you see the prisoners break out?!” Kari shouted. 

“Tell us, Mom!” Dagny shouted. 

Grey could only laugh as she held her hands up. “One at time! One at time!” she said. “Settle down!” She sighed when the teens finally quieted down. “I’m going to go in order here. So, Havelock, to answer your first question, no, Haddock wasn’t intending to be thrown in as well, but he knew what he was risking. He began to shelter the half-breeds in Wilderwest and welcomed them into his army. Unfortunately, the soldiers finally caught up to him, and the fact that he was exiled a long time ago didn’t help much either. He was thrown in the dungeon, and about a year later was when the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion began and…where I came in.”

Havelock: Havelock leaned in, excited to here the next part of the story. “I bet you and Shadow started the rebellion, right?”

Dagny Felman: “Oh my gosh, did you?!” Dagny asked excitedly. 

Grey chuckled nervously scratching the back of her neck awkwardly as she and Shadow looked at each other. “Well…no, not exactly,” she said. “You could say that wealmostdid, but we didn’t get the chance.”

“What happened?” Sven asked. How could their mother say that she almost started the Rebellion? She wasn’t taken prisoner, and the Grounded Dungeon wasn’t too far from Haligan Island. 

“Well, on the day of my 21st birthday, I finally decided that since things were getting worse with High Central, it was time to end it,” she said, “to finally stand up to those lowlifes. I decided to go to the Grounded Dungeon and break out King Haddock and the prisoners, but I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. So, every day, when my parents were busy, Shadow and I would fly off and observe the dungeon. We always did that for the next few days.”

“And you never got caught?” Kari asked. 

“Well, not by the guards,” Grey said. “By something much worse.”

Havelock: “Something much worse?” Havelock asked, becoming increasingly interested in Grey’s past. “A demon? A dragon?”

Grey Bergman: “Close,” Grey said playfully. “My father.”

“Grandpa Sven?” Sven asked.

Havelock: Havelock chuckled at this reveal. “Yeah, an overprotective parent. I know all about that. So what happened? You get in big trouble?”

Grey Bergman: “Well, somehow, my father caught onto what I was doing and followed me to the dungeon on his dragon,” Grey explained. “The night the Rebellion began, on January 21, 1045, I was going to break out the prisoners, my father caught me and forced me to come home before anything happened.”

Havelock: “So you missed out on everything? That sucks.” Havelock said bluntly. “But… let me guess, you snuck away again and heading back to the dungeon to help out?”

Grey Bergman: “Unfortunately, yes, the Rebellion began at some point after my father took me home,” the Chief replied. “I’m not entirely sure what happened. But…I didn’t run away from home.”

“Then…” Dagny began to ask, “how did you end up in the Rebellion, Mom?”

“Grandma and Grandpa decided that this would be good for me to do. I was an adult and old enough to stand up for what I believed in,” Grey replied. “So, I stayed home to come up with the perfect escape plan thinking that the rebels were still locked up and spent a few more days with my parents. Then…after that, I set off with Shadow back to the Dungeon.”

Havelock: “So, even though you missed out on a lot of the action, you participated in some epic battles, right?” Havelock asked, while in the process of making a sandwich.

Grey Bergman: “Oh, yeah, Havelock,” Grey said reaching over to pour Havelock a cup of broth for his sandwich as well. “Life was never dull in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion.” 

“Tell us about them, Mom, please?” Sven asked. 

Grey chuckled. “Well, there’s so many, son,” she replied. “I don’t know where to start.”

Havelock: “Well, is there one battle in particular that will forever stay with you?” Havelock asked. 

Grey Bergman: “Hmm,” the Chief thought for a moment thinking back on her time in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion. “There is quite a lot that will always stay with me.” Then an idea came to her. “Oh, how about I tell you about the one battle your mother and I fought against Stonegit?”

Part 9: Edit

Havelock: Havelock’s eyes widened in excitement and shock. “My mom really did fight in battles? The only weapon I’ve ever seen her wield is a kitchen knife…”

Grey Bergman: “That she did,” the Chief replied, “but this battle was somewhat different. You see, kids, when the rebellion first began, the rebels learned that the Warden demon was possessing an old comrade of King Haddock’s, Treepelt Halfpaw, a half-breed.”

“Wait…Treepelt?” Sven asked. “Liam and Kendra’s mom?”

“That’s right,” Grey replied. “The Warden was possessing her at the time and forced her to do things that she later regretted, including killing her own lover, Vox.”

“WHAT?!” Sven, Dagny, and Kari asked in unison.

“But…I don’t understand…Vox…he…we’ve…” Dagny stammered.

“Hold your dragons,” Grey quickly said. “Yes, Vox is alive, but at the time, we thought he was gone for good. However, while Warren, Greg, Asha and I were on the smuggled weapons mission, King Haddock, Stonegit, and Chief Akkey went with the Warden to bring Vox back at a lake that led to Helheim. They brought him back but at a cost.

“Akkey lost her memories because of the lake and disappeared. While Stonegit disappeared into the lake for a short while. Akkey ran off with no clue who she was and ran into one of the rebels, Hemlock. Hemlock tricked Akkey into thinking that King Haddock was her enemy and sent her with a fallen Valkryie, named Svipul to kill the King once and for all.”

Kari gasped as Chief Grey hugged her tighter.

Havelock: Havelock stared at Chief Grey like she had three heads. He looked at Dagny, who also had a similar expression, and then looked back at Grey.

“Wow that’s… that’s quite a rebellion…” Havelock stammered. “So, then what happened?”

Grey Bergman: “Well, Svipul somehow possessed Akkey and came into the Rebellion camp,” Grey replied. “I wasn’t promoted yet, so I have no idea what happened. But somehow, Akkey challenged Stonegit, who was possessed by the Warden at the time to a dual. During the dual, the Valkyrie possessed Stonegit, and…” she sighed as the painful memory returned, “forced him to fire a fireball at King Haddock.”

Although she and the King weren’t as close as they were now at that time, after they became friends, whenever she thought back on that day…Haddock screaming…falling to the ground…her heart broke.

“The fireball seemed to have killed King Haddock,” she said, “and that broke Stonegit…to the point of insanity.”

Havelock: “I’m beginnin’ to understand why my mom never talks about this stuff…” Havelock said quietly.

He thought to when his mother received a letter from Grey explaining that King Haddock had been executed. How she became very quiet and quickly departed for the Wilderwest. It was clear to Havelock that Seasick, although she grew tired of fighting, cared deeply for her comrades.

“So, things got pretty crazy then, huh?”

Grey Bergman: “Unfortunately, yes, Havelock,” said Grey. “Stonegit took over the Rebellion along with Haddock’s wife, but while Mera ruled with a pure heart despite her husband’s supposed death, Stonegit slowly became a dictator…a tyrant.”

“But…he’s so nice,” Kari said. “What happened?”

“He became very sick in the head, sweetheart,” the Chief explained. “He was upset over what he did to the King and wanted anyone who had ever tried to harm Haddock in the Rebellion to pay. So, he turned the Alpha Emily against us and took control of the dragons. He trapped us in the camp and told us to find the people he was looking for and turn them over to him in two days. If we didn’t, then he would use the dragons to eliminate us.”

Havelock: “Wow… that’s wild. I never realized you guys were under so much pressure. Were Shadow and Furious affected by the alpha’s control?” Havelock asked. 

Grey Bergman: “Thankfully, no,” Grey replied. “Shadow was out of the Alpha’s range, so she wasn’t affected. Furious was too big of a dragon to be affected. That’s where your mother and I come in.”

Havelock: “You and Shadow, and my mom and Furious make quite a team, so I bet you guys kicked ass, right?” Havelock smirked.

Grey Bergman: “In a way,” Chief Grey said playfully. “We put our heads together and figured that we needed to fight back against Stonegit. He was too unstable and needed to be stopped. So, your mom and I started to come up with an evacuation plan. We were going to get those who were unable to fight away from camp while we would stay with the other rebels and fight him.”

Havelock: Havelock couldn’t help but smile at Grey’s words. “Yeah, that sounds a bit more like mom. Always tryin’ to keep everyone safe. So did your plan work?” 

Grey Bergman: “Well…it…it would’ve,” she said scratching the back of her neck, “except…the Warden had other plans.”

“What…kind of plans?” Sven asked.

“Well, let’s just say that…she figured it would be the perfect time to tell us that King Haddock wasn’t really dead,” Grey said.

Havelock: “How was he not really dead? Did ya guys not find his body?” Havelock asked. He felt a bit uncomfortable asking this, as King Haddock’s final death was still fresh in everyone’s minds, but Havelock couldn’t help it.

Grey Bergman: “Well, Havelock, when Stonegit fired at him, he fell to the ground unconscious,” the Chief replied. “Stonegit was released from the possession and realized what he did, so he turned around and attacked the Valkyrie who forced him to kill the King. When he killed the Valkyrie, a huge vortex formed and sucked the Warden and the Valkyrie into the portal, and unfortunately, the Warden grabbed King Haddock and took him away from us.”

“Why?” Dagny asked. “Why would the Warden do that?”

“Yeah, why not let King Haddock rest in peace?” Kari asked. 

“I’m not entirely sure,” the Chief replied, “but somehow the Warden managed to save King Haddock…by possessing him.”

Havelock: “So… King Haddock was possessed by a demon? That’s rough.” Havelock muttered. “Was the Warden intentionally trying to save him? Isn’t that a bit odd for a demon to do?”

Grey Bergman: “Yeah, the Warden hated the Rebellion,” Sven added, “so why bother save the King who screwed everything up for her?”

“I’m not entirely sure why the Warden had a sudden change of heart, boys,” said Grey. “She never really explained that part,” she muttered to herself.

“W-What was that, Mom?” Dagny asked.

Havelock: Havelock raised an eyebrow in confusion, “The Warden… spoke to you about the things she did? She explained herself to you?”

Grey Bergman: Grey and Shadow suddenly perked and stared at her three children and her daughter’s boyfriend realizing what she just said.

“W-What…uhh…I-I mean…I-uhh,” Grey said scratching the back of her neck as her mind wandered back to when she was caught in an all-too similar situation with her best friends after she slipped up with the secret.

“Mom…why would the Warden explain herself to you?” Sven asked suspiciously. “She’s a demon…she shouldn’t have to explain her motives unless she was being interrogated…right?”

“Uhh…well…” Grey tried to say. How could she get out of this one? No…she couldn’t just suddenly give up the one secret she had tried to keep from Sven, Dagny, and Kari.

Brandt stayed silent for long enough, but now was the time to intervene. “Grey…my love,” he said, “maybe…it’s time to tell them…the whole story. They are old enough.”

Part 10: Edit

Havelock: “I’d love to hear the whole story.” Havelock said. “We’ve got all the time in the world, and it’s not like my mom is gonna tell me anything anyways. So, Chief Grey, please tell us everything. We can handle it, right Dags?”

Dagny Felman: “I-I guess,” Dagny said. 

“Grey, please,” Brandt said. “Tell them the truth.”

Grey thought for a moment. Perhaps, this would help the kids understand, but at the same time, what would this do to the kids and their relationship with their beloved Aunt? There was only one way to find out. She took a deep breath.

“Before I go any further,” she said, “there’s something you need to know about the Warden…and…Aunt Nala.”

“Aunt Nala?” Sven, Dagny, and Kari asked in unison.

Havelock: Havelock glanced at Dagny, and took a deep breath. Their Aunt Nala… Havelock had met her once when he visited Haligan Island almost 10 years prior, yet he barely remembered her. All he remembered was that his mother, Seasick, was not fond of her…

Havelock looked at Grey, and slowly began putting the pieces together. 

“The Warden…and your Aunt Nala… they’re…” Havelock trailed off, unsure if he should continue.

Grey Bergman: “That’s right, Havelock,” Chief Grey finally said. “Aunt Nala and the Warden….are one and the same.”

Havelock: Havelock released the breath he was holding. “Well, that certainly explains why my mom was so upset over her presence when we visited all those years ago…”

Havelock leaned back and crossed his arms. “But still, callin’ a demon who tortured and imprisoned your friends and family your aunt… how the hell did that even happen?”

Grey Bergman: “Well, that’s where Greg comes in,” Grey said smiling at the thought of her little brother. “He took the risk to reach out to Nala while she was possessing King Haddock.” 

Havelock: “And… everyone was okay with that?” Havelock asked in disbelief. “I don’t… I don’t understand how you could just… become friends with a demon who was so cruel to you and your fellow rebels…”

Sven Felman: “Yeah…if…if Aunt Nala was so cruel,” Sven asked carefully, “w-why become friends with her? She could’ve hurt Uncle Greg.”

“Well, that’s just it, Sven,” Grey replied. “Aunt Nala didn’t hurt Greg. She could’ve, but she didn’t. Not only that, but when we spoke with her, she explained to us that becoming involved with High Central and the Grounded Dungeon wasn’t her intention. One of the mages summoned her and forced her to guard it.”

“Really?” Kari asked.

Grey nodded. “But you are right, Havelock,” she said. “It didn’t excuse her actions. Not everyone was okay with making friends with her, especially King Haddock. He grew angry at Uncle Greg, Aunt Warren, Aunt Asha, and me when I accidentally told him, but over time, people saw that she was trying to make amends and slowly began to accept her.”

Havelock: “I’m not sure I could ever become friends with someone who hurt my friends and family…” Havelock said. “But I guess, in this case, it worked out for everyone…So what happened next?” 

Dagny Felman: Dagny was about to yell at Havelock for changing the subject, but her mother continued anyway. Sven, Dagny, and Kari all looked at each other…silently agreeing to wait until their mother finished the story.

“Well, when Nala came back with Haddock, Akkey did not know that Haddock was possessed,” she continued. “She told Haddock what was going on, and Nala demanded to see Stonegit. We had no choice but to comply, but Akkey ran off and tried to warn Stonegit.” 

Havelock: “So you guys had to deal with a possessed King Haddock and a crazy Stonegit?” Havelock asked. “You rebels couldn’t catch a break, could ya?” 

Grey Bergman: “No, we couldn’t,” the Chief said. “And as soon as the Warden came back, the dragons under the control of the Alpha began to attack the camp looking for the people Stonegit wanted us to turn over. That’s when Seasick and I decided to put our plan into action. We were going to set up an evacuation while we fought Stonegit, but before we could…the attacking just stopped.” 

“What happened?” Kari asked.

“What made Stonegit stop?” Dagny asked.

“The goddess of Helheim arrived,” Grey replied.

Havelock: Havelock stared at Chief Grey, with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

“A goddess…. of Helmheim showed up? Are you serious?!?!” Havelock shook his head in confusion. “Possessed kings, demons, and now goddesses in the rebellion? Did witches on broomsticks show up too?”

Grey Bergman: Grey couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy as Dagny playfully elbowed him. He was so much like his mother sometimes.

“We didn’t know it at the time,” Grey explained, “but yes, THE goddess of Helheim came to the camp. She spoke with Nala saying that Stonegit was in a coma and that she was responsible to take care of him and to keep King Haddock physically and mentally strong. She had some big plans for the Rebellion.”

“What kind of plans?” Sven asked.

“Hel wanted us to fight for her in Ragnorak,” Grey replied.

Havelock: “To fight in Ragnarok? And you guys agreed? Really?” Havelock asked. “This story seems a little insane… you aren’t lyin’ or exaggeratin’ any of it, are you Chief Grey?”

Grey Bergman: “Yeah, Mom, this seems a little…far fetched,” Sven said raising an eyebrow.

“Says one of the children who call a demon ‘Aunt Nala,’” Chief Grey replied playfully. “And yes, Havelock, everything is true. We didn’t agree at the time. We didn’t even know why Hel was there at that time…not until a few days later.”

Havelock: “What happened a few days later?” Havelock asked, raising an eyebrow. “And how did you guys even survive Ragnarok? Wasn’t it some deadly war that lasted several years?”

Grey Bergman: “Well, after Haddock, Warren, Greg, and I had that argument about our friendship with Nala,” Grey began, “a man came to the camp. His name…was Orskaf Donz, and he was the leader of the army who would fight for the god, Odin in Ragnorak. He tried to convince Haddock to sign the Rebellion over to Odin’s army, but Haddock refused. When Orskaf attacked the King, Hel finally convinced him to sign our souls over to her.”

“WHAT?!” all the Chief’s children asked in unison.

Part 11: Edit

Havelock: “Hel…. owns your soul?” Havelock asked in disbelief. “Wait… what about us? The children of the rebels? Does the Goddess Hel own our souls as well? What if our other parent was on another God’s side? What happens there?”

Havelock flung himself backwards onto the cool grass, trying to take everything in. “So, if Hel owned your souls, then you had to fight in Ragnarok? No way out, huh?”

Grey Bergman: “Hold your dragons, Havelock,” the Chief said chuckling. “I’m getting to that part. Actually, it’s funny you should say that because…the Rebellion isn’t bound to Hel anymore, and that is part of how we managed to survive Ragnorak.”

“How so?” Dagny asked. 

“Well, before Ragnorak, Uncle Greg had tried to do something that would prevent us from fighting in the upcoming war,” Grey replied. “Hel had heard of it and punished him by forcing him to perform a few tasks in Helheim. However, that wasn’t enough for her. When Nala finally apologized to the Rebellion for everything she had done, the goddess showed up and claimed that we betrayed her and hurt her feelings because of what Greg did. So…she broke the contract and forced us to hide in a bunker underneath the Grounded Dungeon until Ragnorak was over.”

Havelock: “Really? So you guys didn’t fight in Ragnarok after all?” Havelock said in a confused tone. “Wait, you guys hide in the very same place you were imprisoned?? That’s wild.”

Grey Bergman: “Well, we did for a little while,” Grey explained, “but for some reason, Hel decided to take us out of the war. At first, it seemed strange, but in the end, it was probably the best option. We probably wouldn’t have survived the war, and we wouldn’t have been able to return home.”

Havelock: “I suppose you’re right…” Havelock said, sitting up again. “But did you guys fight at all in Ragnarok? Like one fight or two?”

Grey Bergman: “Oh yes, we did,” she said. “We’ve had our share in battles in Ragnorak.”

“Really?” Sven shouted excitedly completely about his aunt for a brief minute. “Like what?”

Havelock: “Yeah, tell us, what was the first battle you guys fight in? How’d it go?” Havelock asked, leaning in curiosity. 

Grey Bergman: “Please, Mom! Please!” Kari begged. 

“Please!” Sven and Dagny said in unison. 

Both Grey and Brandt laughed at the teens’ excitement.

“I think they want to hear the story,” Brandt said gently elbowing Grey. 

“Alright, I guess I can tell you,” she said. “Well, the day started out like any other normal day. We were all working to get settled into our new home…the Grounded Dungeon. Bu–”

“Wait, what?” Sven suddenly asked cutting his mother off.

“I thought you didn’t live there until Hel sent you there,” said Dagny.

“Well, that’s a story for another time,” Grey said. “Anyway, out of nowhere all the rebels and King Haddock began to assemble on the field…right across from Orskaf’s army. Orskaf and Haddock exchanged a few words, and then not a single second longer…Haddock yelled at the top of his lungs,” she took a deep breath and yelled with the same intensity and volume her old friend had all those years ago, ‘CHARGE!!’”

Havelock: Havelock reeled back at the chief’s yelling. “I’m sure this Orskaf guy was a formidable foe?” The young man asked. “Well after everything you and the rebels went through, were any of you really all that nervous?”

Grey Bergman: “Of course, we were,” the Chief replied. “We were fighting a ruthless man and his army for the gods no less, but we didn’t back down. We were willing to fight to the death. Swords clashed. Men fell. People shouted. It was utter chaos. We may have been fighting Odin’s army, but the other gods and goddesses sought to destroy us as well.”

“The other gods?” Sven asked.

“Yes, son, Loki, the God of Mischief was more than thrilled to take this opportunity to get rid of his daughter’s army,” Grey began. “He created illusions amongst the fighting to confuse us and to frighten us. Frigga sent her armies to kill us as well, including her eirs. But Loki had managed to find a way to take us down from the inside…” Grey stopped and went quiet as the old memories came back…memories of a certain madwoman.

Kari looked up. “Mom…?” she asked.

“Grey,” Brandt said moving closer to his wife. “It’s okay. She can’t hurt you anymore. You can tell them.”

Havelock: “Ah, um, y-you know, you don’t have to tell us everythin’.” Havelock stuttered, clearly noticing that Grey was uncomfortable. “You’ve told us way more than we needed to know, so, um yeah….”

Grey Bergman: Grey thought back for a moment over the memories…closing her eyes as it all rushed back. Next thing she knew she felt like she couldn’t breathe as her hand went to her neck. The scar was no longer there, but she could still feel that wire around her neck. She began to gasp as she bent over.

“MOM!” Sven, Dagny, and Kari shouted in unison as they gathered around the Chief. 

“Kids, stand back,” Brandt said grabbing his wife and rubbing her on the back to soothe her. “Don’t crowd her.”

But Grey couldn’t hear. All she could hear was the memories of what happened 25 years ago.


“You’re going to die alone!”

“Get away from her!”

“No…no…n-not again…” Grey said as she tried to breathe.

Havelock: Havelock joined the other three teenagers as they stood near Grey. He had paled at the chief;’s reaction, feeling guilty for pushing her for answers.

“Can we do anything for her?” Havelock asked Brandt. “Perhaps getting her some water?”

Brandt Felman: “Get some from the river!” Brandt said sternly as he continued to rub her back. Thankfully, unlike the last time, Brandt knew exactly what to do. “Grey, my love, listen to me. It’s alright. What happened happened. She can’t hurt you anymore. It’s over. Your family is right here.”

“Please, Mom, it’s okay,” Dagny pleaded as she grabbed onto her two siblings hoping that Havelock would hurry up with the river. “We’re right here.”

“Mommy…please…” Kari said.

“Mom…come on,” said Sven.

Havelock: Havelock stumbled over his feet towards the river and quickly filled a glass with water. Rushing towards the Chief, Havelock handed the cup to Brandt.

“I’m so sorry.” Havelock said quietly. “I’m really, really, truly sorry.”

Grey Bergman: As Havelock apologized, Grey finally managed to catch her breath and come back to reality. Brandt noticed and quickly put the cup her lips silently telling her to drink the water. Thankfully, she did.

“N-No…Havelock…don’t be sorry…” she said in between breaths as Shadow crooned sadly and nuzzled her to comfort her rider. “It-It’s not…your fault, honey.”

“Then…what was that?” Dagny asked. “I’ve never seen you do that before.”

Havelock: “No, no it is my fault,” Havelock said, as he knelt down beside Grey. “I-We pressed you too hard. We should’ve been more sensitive to what you and the rebels went through.”

Havelock looked up at at Grey’s children and then back at her. “We really shouldn’t have pried so much. It’s clear that it still affects you, even now…”

Dagny Felman: “He’s right, Mom,” Dagny finally said. “We’re really sorry.”

“Yeah, we didn’t mean it,” Kari added snuggling up to her mother again.

“Yeah, we can talk about something else if you want,” Sven quickly chimed in.

“Guys, really,” Grey quickly replied. “I’m fine. It’s alright. I just…” she sighed, “…some things are not that easy to talk about, but that has nothing to do with any of you. I love telling you these stories, and I want to tell you this one.”

“Grey, are you sure?” Brandt asked.

“Yes, very,” she said kissing Brandt on the cheek.

Havelock: “Well, only if you want to…” Havelock said. “You don’t have to tell us everything, bits and pieces will do. And if you want to stop, do so. Some things are better left unsaid.”

Grey Bergman: Grey smiled and gently placed a hand on Havelock’s cheek. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she said before turning to her other children. “Anyway, during the first battle of Ragnorak, Loki at some point decided that he needed to take out the Rebellion, and the only way to do that was to do it from the inside and to aim for what he claimed, ‘the pillars of Hel.’”

“Pillars of Hel?” Sven asked.

Grey nodded. “He sent a madwoman to kill King Haddock, Stonegit, Vox, Akkey, and…myself.”

Havelock: “And this madwoman, she is the one who still gives you nightmares?” Havelock asked carefully.

Part 12: Edit

Grey Bergman: “Nightmares?” Grey asked raising an eyebrow at Havelock. 

“Well, yeah,” Dagny said. “Sometimes I hear you screaming at night. Is this madwoman the one giving you the nightmares? One night, you said you hadn’t dreamed something in a long time.”

Grey’s face fell. She and Brandt hadn’t realized that the kids were awaken in the middle of the night when she had those nightmares. She sighed. “Yes, guys, sometimes the madwoman still gives me nightmares,” she said. “During the first battle of Ragnorak, she actually tried to murder me…with a garrote. Thankfully, though, King Haddock saw what happened and saved me just in time.”

“Really? Someone actually…tried to…murder you?” Kari asked. 

Grey sighed. “Yes, honey,” she said, “but it’s alright. She’s long gone. Like your dad said,” she looked at Brandt and Shadow, “she can’t hurt me or any of you.”

Sven smiled and shifted uncomfortably. “Mom…that’s not the…only thing you dream about…is it?” he asked. 

Havelock: Havelock gave a warning glance at Sven, wondering if maybe they shouldn’t continue talking about it. He also wondered if his mother ever experienced nightmares without anyone knowing. 

“This madwoman is just a memory now… ” Havelock said absentmindedly. 

Brandt Felman: “She is, Havelock,” Brandt said. “You’re right. Nothing but a distant memory.” 

Havelock: “She can’t hurt you anymore, and you shouldn’t let her still cause you fear.” Havelock told Grey. “My mother once told my siblings and I that just because there are bad people in the world, that shouldn’t stop us from living our lives. You have a great family and great friends who love you, and so thinking more about them and less of the past should help you heal…” 

Grey Bergman: Grey smiled and pulled her husband, her dragon, her children, and her daughter’s boyfriend into a group hug. “You bet I do,” she said. “I love you all.” 

“We love you too, Mom,” said Dagny. 

Havelock: “Is there anything we can do to help you out?” Havelock asked. “I know mom is dealing with something back home right now, but maybe I could convince her to visit you more? She and Uncle Furious got along well with you, so maybe that’ll be of some help.” 

Grey Bergman: The Chief chuckled. “That’s really sweet, Havelock,” she said, “and I would love to see your mom more often. But you don’t have to. Really, I’m alright. I just…it’s been a long time since I’ve thought of that day. Sometimes, I get nightmares, but it’s nothing to worry about.” 

Havelock: “Well, just remember that you’re not alone. You’ve got your family and friends that will support you!” Havelock smiled up at her. 

Grey Bergman: Grey smiled and kissed Havelock on the top of his head remembering the day when Seasick told her the exact same thing. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she said. 

“But, Mom, not to change the subject,” Sven began, “but…why didn’t you ever tell us the truth about…Aunt Nala?”

“Yeah, why not?” Kari added. 

Grey’s face fell as she sighed. “I wanted to protect you kids,” she said. “You know, I thought that…since you were so young when I started telling you these stories, I didn’t want you three to turn against her and to love her very much. She…she has done a lot of horrible things in the past in the Grounded Dungeon, but that shouldn’t define her now. She loves you three, Siri, and Kettil so much. She was here for you on the days each of you were born and held you.”

Havelock: “It’s only natural that you wanted to protect your kids.” Havelock said. “Mom didn’t want to talk about the rebellion with us because she didn’t want us to go out and find trouble like she did. Of course, a parent can only protect their child for so long… one day, they will get out there and make their own choices and mistakes…”

Grey Bergman: “Exactly,” Grey added. “When you’re parents, you’ll understand that a mother and father will always want to protect their babies however they can, especially with what happened with King Haddock and what’s going on right now with High Central.”

“Dad, did you know all about Mom’s adventures in the Rebellion?” Kari asked. 

“Yes, I did,” Brandt replied. “Parents don’t keep secrets from each other. Besides, it showed me just brave, smart, and kind your mother was…and still is.”

Grey smiled and kissed her husband on the lips.

“Ugh, get a room!” Sven said out loud. 

Havelock: Havelock chuckled at Sven’s outburst. “You sound just like my younger siblings,” He said to Sven, flashing a mischievous smile.  

“I’m glad we finally got to hear what happened to you, Grey.” Havelock said, turning to Grey. “I’m not sure if my mother will ever want to talk about it, but I’m glad to learn a bit about my mother and the rest of the rebels went through.”

Grey Bergman: “Well, some people are a bit more comfortable talking about certain things,” Grey said, “but I am glad I finally got to tell how amazing of a rebel your mother was.”

Havelock: “It’s still a bit hard to imagine,” Havelock replied. “My mom being a rebel, seekin’ out danger… The most dangerous thing I think she’s experienced in recent years would be my father’s passing gas….”

Dagny Felman: Dagny gave Havelock a disgusted look at the rest of the family laughed. “Okay, I really didn’t need to hear that while eating,” she said.

“Oh come on, Dags, loosen up, would you?” Sven added. “It’s better than watching Mom and Dad making out.”

“Just wait till you meet that special lady, young man,” Grey said raising an eyebrow. “You won’t be so grossed out then.”

“That’s right,” Brandt said playfully.

Havelock: Havelock chuckled at the family. “A short kiss is ‘making out’ to you, Sven? Then you’d hate to be around my parents. Even after 10 kids, they’ve still got the bedroom eyes goin’ on…”

Sven Felman: “UGH!” Sven shouted as he laid back on the blanket covering his face.

“Well, Havelock,” Brandt said wrapping his arm around Grey’s waist, “let’s just say your old Uncle Brandt and Aunt Grey hadn’t fizzled either.”

“Who’re you calling old, you jerk?” Grey said lightly elbowing her husband in the stomach earning a chuckle from him causing Dagny and Kari to giggle.

Havelock: “Well, it’s good that you two still love each other, after everything you’ve been through!” Havelock said.

Part 13: Edit

Brandt Felman: “Of course, we do,” Brandt said.

“We made a promise long ago that we would always love each other…no matter what,” Grey said resting her head on Brandt’s shoulder.

Brandt briefly tensed as he thought back to the one time where he thought he was going to lose Grey forever because of the past.

Kari of course noticed. “Daddy…are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes, baby girl, I’m fine, why?” Brandt asked.

Havelock: Havelock looked at both Kari and Brandt, and then to Grey. “People aren’t perfect. It would be a miracle if everyone had a perfect relationship. I know my parents often snap at each other over little things, but in the end it works out, and they still love each other.”

Grey Bergman: “Well, of course, it would be,” Grey replied. “But…I don’t know…I think it would be boring if we had a perfect relationship. The arguments make making-up fun and special.”

“Huh, I’ve never thought of it that way,” Sven said thoughtfully.

Havelock: “Yeah, and it helps you grow as a person too, I think.” Havelock said. “But then again, I’m still learnin’ so I could be wrong!!”

Grey Bergman: Grey chuckled. “Well, from where I’m sitting, Havelock, you’re learning well,” she said. 

Havelock: Havelock blushed a bit at Grey’s comment. “I hope so. I don’t wanna make any big mistakes, sort of like what my sister Eydis got herself into. I want to make sure there’s room for talking and understandin’ and stuff like that.”

Brandt Felman: “Boy, let me tell you something,” Brandt said. “You’re going to make all sorts of mistakes…no matter how big or small. Sometimes you’ll hurt those you love,” he looked at Grey who gently placed her hand on her cheek, “but as long as you learn from them and move on, you can never go wrong. Eventually, your sister will learn from her mistakes. It will just take time.”

Havelock: “I just hope that whatever mistakes i make, that I’ll be forgiven for them. If they are forgivable of course.” Havelock replied. “That, and if I make mistakes, I hope I can learn to forgive myself too.”

Brandt Felman: “Believe me when I say that the forgiving yourself part will and can take some time,” said Brandt. “But I believe that with the right people, you will be able to move on.”

“You seem to know a lot about this stuff, Dad,” Dagny said raising an eyebrow at her father. 

“Well, let’s just say that I’ve had more experience than you,” said Brandt.

Havelock: “I guess, I’m just afraid of makin’ mistakes, that’s all. Since Eydis decided to go all rebellious, I’ve been in charge of lookin’ after the younger siblings, and they look up to me. So I’ve gotta be all perfect and mature, but really, I don’t know what I’m doin’.”

Havelock sighed and ran his fingers through his messy hair. “That and I’ve got Dagny. I mean, not that you’re a burden or anythin’, but I don’t wanna make a mistake and ruin what we’ve got, is all…”

Dagny Felman: “It’s okay, Havie,” she said scooting closer to her boyfriend and kissing him on the cheek. “You have nothing to be afraid of. I will always love you no matter what you do. You could commit a murder or be possessed by a demon, and I’ll always love you.”

Brandt couldn’t help but get teary-eyed as he remembered years ago when his wife told him the exact same thing. They had been married for so long, and it was still hard to believe that Grey managed to find it in his heart to forgive him. Now to see his daughter repeat that…it was a beautiful sight. 

Grey thankfully noticed and rested her head on his shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay,” she said. “You know I meant it when I said it.”

“What are you talking about, Mom?” Sven asked. 

Havelock: “That’s reassuring Dags,” Havelock said, glancing at her. “But I’ll definitely do my best not to commit murder or get possessed by a demon. Hopefully nothing worse, right?” 

He looked awkwardly back at Grey and Brandt, hoping they’d agree with him.

Brandt Felman: “Right,” Brandt said to himself. “Nothing…nothing worse…”

“Dad…what’s wrong?” Dagny asked.

Havelock: Havelock suddenly felt really uncomfortable. Although he had frequently visited the Felman family, he hated the feeling like he was intruding.

“Um, ah, I forgot to mention,” Havelock awkwardly spat out, “this was a wonderful lunch. Thanks again, Aunt Grey!” 

Grey Bergman: “Oh, uh, no problem, Havelock,” Grey said suddenly trying to sound cheerful in front of her kids. “Umm…what do you say we start cleaning up and heading back to the house?” 

“Well, what about–?” Sven tried to ask. 

Havelock: “Hey Sven, help me with the blanket yeah?” Havelock quickly said to him. It was clear to him that Grey and Brandt were holding back on something. Something that they didn’t want to share with their children right now. 

Havelock was used to his parents holding back things, and learned quickly not to press them for answers. As he was their guest, Havelock chose not to press on, and tried to get the Felman kids to back off as well. They had already learned quite a lot today anyways…

Sven Felman: “Uhhh…y-yeah…yeah, sure,” Sven said as he stood up. “You know, I have an information overload anyway from all these stories. I could use a break.”

Dagny laughed at her older brother. “Yeah, me too,” she said as she stood up. “Right, Kari?”

“Right,” she said looking suspiciously at her parents. “I guess we can just listen to more stories later.”

“Exactly, sweetheart,” said Grey. “I have plenty more where those stories came from.”

Havelock: Havelock quietly helped the family pack up and load everything onto their dragons, ready for the quick flight back to the house.

“Ah, actually, Dags and I were gonna go flying around some more…” Havelock said to Grey before they departed. “Is that all right? Or would you like us to come home and help you unpack?”

Grey Bergman: “Oh, yes, of course,” Grey replied. “Just be back by nightfall, okay?”

“Sure thing, Mom,” Dagny replied. “Thanks! See you guys later!”

Havelock: When they were high in the sky, Havelock let out a long sigh of relief.

“I hope you don’t mind me cutting the conversation short, Dags.” He said to her. “I mean, it was a great conversation and all, but… I think your parents had enough for one day…”

Dagny Felman: “Hmm?” Dagny asked jolting out of her thoughts. “Oh, no, no, not at all. I’m actually glad you did. I’m not sure how much more information I could take in one day. Believe it or not, finding out your Aunt was the Warden takes a lot out of you. Now it seems like my parents are hiding other things now.”

Part 14: Edit

Havelock: “Yeah, it does seem like that…” Havelock said. “But whatever it is that they’re holdin’ back, they must have a reason for it. I’m sure they’ll tell you three in time. And I think that’s a private family matter as well, so it’s best if I miss out on that one.”

Dagny Felman: “Maybe,” Dagny said thoughtfully. “I hope they do tell us…whatever this secret is.”

Havelock: “After the conversation we just had with them, I’m sure they will tell you.” Havelock answered. “Although, it’s clear that whatever they are hiding is something sensitive, so I think it’d be wise to wait for them to share it with you, rather than to press them for it…”

Dagny Felman: Dagny thought for a moment realizing that her boyfriend was right. Just from the way her father looked, she knew it was something very sensitive, specifically between her parents. There was no telling what would happen if they pressured them to talk about it.

“You’re right,” she said. She sighed as she leaned back against Havelock. “Still think our family is normal?”

Havelock: Havelock let out a small chuckle. “Yeah, I do. Sure your family has secrets, but every family does. At least they’re normal. Half of my siblings speak and act like dragons, while the other half thinks they’re pirates…”

Dagny Felman: Dagny laughed at the mention of Havelock’s family acting crazy trying to be dragons or pirates. “That’s true,” she said.

Havelock: “Oh and it gets even better,” Haveock said sarcastically. “Apparently, mom was originally cast out from Peaceable Country for bein’ a runt or something. Anyways, she never knew her parents, but she told us that it’s possible we could marry our own cousins, if her birth parents had other kids… Doesn’t that just warm your heart???”

Dagny Felman: “Oh yes, nothing says family love like marrying cousins,” Dagny said sarcastically. “Yeesh….that’s like Sven marrying Siri…or me marrying Kettil.” She shuddered.

Havelock: “Yup. That’s why I’m pretty happy that I’m with you.” Havelock said. “I mean, I’m not sure I’m gonna marry you, because we’re no where near that road yet, but I like that idea, rather than marrying my own cousin!!”

Dagny Felman: Dagny giggled. “Yeah, unless Mom and Aunt Seasick are actually sisters, I don’t think we have anything to worry about,” she said.

Havelock: “Who knows, maybe that’s the big secret your parents are hidin’ from you.” Havelock chuckled.

Dagny Felman: “No, I don’t think so,” Dagny said. “Because they started acting weird when you started talking about making mistakes and trying not to mess up our relationship.”

Havelock: “Ah, that’s true…” Havelock replied. “Well, goin’ off of that… geez their secret could be anythin’ really…”

Dagny Felman: “I know right?” she said. “Maybe Mom is secretly Hel in disguise, or maybe there’s something that happened while they were courting!”

Havelock: “That’s entirely plausible…” Havelock said. “I mean, if something happened when they were courtin’, that would match with what your mother said about makin’ mistakes and tryin’ to keep a relationship together…”

Dagny Felman: “Yeah…” Dagny said, “but what? What mistake could’ve made them question their relationship?”

Havelock: “I’m not sure, but there are lots of possibilities.” He answered. “I suppose the biggest one would be cheatin’, right? That’d be a big reason to question ones relationship.”

Dagny Felman: That alone made Dagny’s heart pound. Cheating…. Her own parents cheating on one another…? Sleeping with someone else…? That image was enough to make the teenaged girl’s skin crawl. She could hardly imagine either her mother or her father cheating on one another with someone else. They were not like that. Then again she had only seen them together when they were married. She hardly knew what happened when they courted.

“I guess it’s a possibility,” Dagny said aloud. “But it’s hard to imagine either of them ever doing something so horrible.”

Havelock: “It’s hard to imagine them cheating, but being a part of a rebellion seems normal?” Havelock asked. “Considering that both our mother’s kept their roles in the rebellion a secret from us, it’s possible that maybe they weren’t great people when they were younger. Maybe they were good people, but made mistakes. But that’s in the past, they’re different people now.”

Dagny Felman: “I-I guess…” Dagny said. She sighed as she leaned back against Havelock. “Still…even if this big secret isn’t them cheating…can you just promise me something?”

Havelock: “Of course, anythin’, Dags.” Havelock answered. “What is it?”

Dagny Felman: “I know you said you’re not sure about marrying me,” she said. “So, if you ever think about seeing other people, would you just tell me instead of seeing someone else behind my back?”

Havelock: “What?? Of course I would!” Havelock said in surprise. “Hel, I’d travel all the way here to tell you in person, rather than send a letter. But, you don’t have to worry about that anyways, Dags. I really like you, and besides, I’m not sure if any of the girls back home are my cousins, so I’m super glad I’m with you!!”

Dagny Felman: Dagny giggled. “Good,” she said. “Because I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never met you…or fell in love with you.”

Havelock: “I know mine would be either sailing or tamin’ dragons… which it already is… but it would be without you, so it’d be really dull.” Havelock said. “So, I’m really glad I’m with you. You make me so much more happy.”

Dagny Felman: Dagny blushed. “I’m glad to be with you too,” she said. “Please tell me you plan on staying for two weeks.”

Havelock: “I am definitely staying for two weeks.” Havelock said. “I am not about to go back to that mad house. Not with mother fumin’ like a wild dragon. Seriously, I think I saw smoke coming out of her nose.”

“So yeah, I’m definitely saying for two weeks. Maybe more, until your parents finally decide to kick me out.”

Dagny Felman: “Sounds good to me,” she said nuzzling into Havelock’s chest.

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