(Part 1)

Grey: Lady Grey was roaming around the bunker of the Grounded Dungeon with her Night Fury trailing behind her doing her rounds and making sure there was no trouble around. So far, after Tree and Vox’s wedding, things seemed quiet and peaceful…for once. While Ragnorak was continuing outside, they were safe and sound under the very dungeon the rebels escaped from. 

While Shadow was walking behind Grey, she noticed out of the corner of her eye Furious relaxing with his rider, Seasick. She perked when she saw them remembering what Furious suggested about talking to Grey about her coping with the trauma from the trial with the Father. She looked at her rider. Grey wasn’t hungover anymore. However…she was still plagued with the nightmares and lack of sleep. This needed to stop now. 

She suddenly reached foward grabbed Grey by the cape pulling her toward their comrades.

“AHH! Shadow! What are you doing?!” Grey shouted as the Night Fury dragged away from a group of rebels she was greeting. “Let me go! What? Did that Dragonsong mush that tiny brain of yours?”

Seasick: Seasick had spent the last few days recovering from the wedding. Everything was returning to normal, whatever that was, and the duo spent their days in peace. While laying in the field, Furious and Seasick saw Shadow pulling Grey towards them.

“Haha, what’s going on you two?” Seasick asked, sitting up. Furious tilted his head curiously, and realized what Shadow was up to.

“Shadow, is now the time to have the talk?” He asked her.

G: Shadow finally released her hold on Grey’s cape and nodded. “Yes, Furious, it is,” she said. 

Grey looked to Seasick clearly not understanding the dragons. “What are they talking about?” she asked. 

S: Seasick gave Furious a puzzled looked. “They want to have a talk,” she explained. “But about what?” 

“We want to talk to Grey about what happened at the Trial.” Furious said in Norse. Turning to Grey, he said “Shadow wants to tell you that you are not alone in your suffering. She is also having a hard time dealing with what happened, and wants you to know what you have friends to turn to.”

G: Shadow nodded and looked at the Lady. Grey stared at the Night Fury in complete shock completely ignoring the fact that she was able to understand a dragon speaking Norse. Did she really hear that right? Shadow was… Well, Grey had a feeling she would have trouble dealing with what happened at Midgardsormr, but she didn’t think that she herself would be so selfish in dealing with the aftermath. 

“Shadow…I…” she tried to say. 

S: Seasick was equally surprised at the dragons. She had no idea that they had spoken to each other, nor the fact that both Shadow and Grey were having a hard time dealing with the aftereffects of everything that happened. 

“Grey, is that true? You’re still shaken up over what happened? You shouldn’t have to keep that to yourself!! You don’t have to go through this alone!” Seasick told her.

Shadow spoke again in dragonese and Furious translated for her. “Shadow wants you to know that you are not alone and together, you both can heal. But it will take time.” He told the Lady.

G: The Lady ignored Seasick’s little outburst and stared at the Night Fury sadly. She had been so traumatized over what happened…that she didn’t realize that she had been pushing Shadow away. Her best friend was trying to reach out to her, and she had been ignoring it…ignoring her. She hugged the Night Fury. 

“I’m sorry, girl,” she said. “I didn’t mean to push you away. I was so focused on me that I didn’t realize you were having a hard time as well.”

“It’s alright, Grey,” Shadow crooned in dragonese. “I know you didn’t.”

S: “Although there is a language barrier, you two seem to understand each other, which shows just how strong your bond is.” Furious commented. “As long as you two remember that you have each other to depend on, you should be able to survive any hardships that come your way.”

Seasick smiled at Grey and Shadow. “Yeah, you have each other for support!! Along with your other friends! Never forget that you are never alone!” Seasick beamed.

G: Grey smiled and nodded at Seasick and Furious. “Thanks, guys,” she said. “I really appreciate it.” She sighed sadly. “To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over it…or when I’ll get over it…but it’s nice to know that I have you guys,” she looked at the Night Fury, “especially you, Shadow.”

Shadow crooned and nuzzled Grey’s cheek.

S: “Hey, don’t worry about it. We’ve all been through a lot. We’re here for each other!” Seasick smiled. Slowly she walked up to Grey and hugged her tightly. “Never forget that you have friends. You’re never alone!”

G: The Lady felt tears brim in her eyes as she hugged Seasick tightly in return never wanting to let go. “Thank you,” she said as she began to cry. “Thank you so much, Seasick.”

S: Seasick held onto Grey for a while. Although it was a bit awkward for her, Seasick did her best to comfort the Lady. 

“Um, hey Grey, you know…,” Seasick began, slowly pulling away from Grey. “Although we won’t see each other every day, we can still keep in touch. Whenever you want to talk about any of this, you can! And I can come visit you…”

G: Grey wiped the tears from her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion. “W-What are you talking about?” she asked. 

S: “Ahh, well you see…” Seasick mumbled awkwardly. Furious shifted uncomfortably, and avoided Shadow’s gaze. “After everything that has happened here in the rebellion… well, it’s been crazy. A little too crazy.”

Seasick took Grey’s hands in her own, and the two stared at each other. Seasick swallowed hard before continuing, feeling guilty about dropping this so suddenly on Grey.

“I’ve decided to return to my home. Back in the Barbaric Archipelago. I’m leaving the Wilderwest, and the Rebellion.” Seasick gave a small smile.

G: Grey stared in complete and utter disbelief. “What?” she asked feeling the tears brim yet again. “Wh-When? Please tell me it’s when Ragnorak ends.”

S: “Well, actually, I was planning on leaving in a few days.” Seasick said quietly. “I know… I know this is sudden, but I felt that I should leave now, while I have a chance. I don’t want to fight anymore, and since there slight peace, I figured it would be a good time to slip away….”

Furious turned to both Grey and Shadow, coming to Seasick’s defense. 

“Although we won’t be around anymore, that doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. We’ll keep in touch. Messenger dragons are quite reliable, you know.” Furious growled softly.

G: “But…but, Seasick, you can’t leave!” Grey said trying her best not to yell. “R-Ragnorak is still going on. You can get hurt or worse out there! You heard what Hel said, and we’re supposed to stay together! Please!”

Shadow crooned sadly as she walked up to Seasick and Furious nuzzling them both trying to convince them to stay. 

S: “I know, but…” Seasick sighed, petting Shadow while trying to find the words. “There isn’t anything left for me to do here. And I miss my family. I’ve been away for so many years.” 

“Once I return Seasick to her family, I’ll make sure she writes you a letter to tell you and the rest of the rebels that she is safe.” Furious chimed in. “I’m sure we won’t have any problem avoiding Ragnarok soldiers either…”

G: Grey let the tears flow down her cheeks as she listened to a Seasick and Furious. She understood her friend’s reasons for leaving, especially her missing her family. The Lady missed her parents like crazy. It was hard to believe that she hadn’t seen them in three months. Still…the fact that she and Seasick wouldn’t see each other again very much after today…it hurt her.

“I understand, Seasick,” she said. “Believe me if I wasn’t the second-in-command, I would probably do the same. Still…I’ll miss you a lot.”

S: “And I’ll miss you a lot too. But don’t worry, I’m not leaving for a few days, so we can spend them together.” Seasick smiled at both Grey and Shadow. 

“But don’t worry. Just because I won’t be around anymore, that doesn’t mean I won’t visit or send letters. If you ever return to your island, I can come visit!!”

G: Grey smiled and nodded. “That sounds great,” she said. “All of it sounds really great.”

S: “Just promise me that you won’t keep all your problems bottled up inside,” Seasick said. “You have great friends that are there for you and that you can depend on. And never forget that you can even write to me about whatever problems you’re facing.”

G: Grey smiled wider. Knowing that Seasick was still willing to keep in touch with her beyond the Rebellion made her feel a little better. She had a friend willing to help, and she was going to take advantage of it.

“I promise,” she said. She pulled Seasick into another hug.

(Part 2)

S: Seasick returned Grey’s hug, happy that she could be of some help to her. She was also glad that she had managed to have one friendship that would survive outside of the Rebellion.

“Hey, maybe when I come to visit, I can teach you Dragonese! Hel, I can teach you a few words before I go!” Seasick laughed.

Furious rolled his eyes and laid down on the grass. “Maybe I should teach Shadow some Norse what say you, Shadow?” He growled at the Night Fury

G: Grey and Shadow smiled at Seasick and Furious and then at each other and then back at the girl and the large Sea Dragon. 

“That would be great!” Grey shouted as she held hands with the sailor. “I would love to learn!”

Shadow got down into a playful position in front of Furious. “Yes please teach me!” she crooned. “I want to learn! Please?!”

S: “Before we teach them anything, we should agree on one thing: no swearing or naughty words!!!” Seasick laughed.

“Fine, but you said nothing about rude gestures. Hey Shadow, try to make your claws do this–” Furious tried to demonstrate before he was cut off by a screeching Seasick.

G: Grey laughed at Seasick’s screech as Shadow covered her ears with her paws to block out the song. Super sensitive hearing was a blessing and a curse for the Night Fury. 

“Okay, rule #1: no rude gestures or comments,” the Lady commanded trying not to laugh. 

Shadow nodded firmly to support her best friend.

S: Both humans and dragons spent the next few hours trying to learn Dragonese and Norse, with some success. Both Grey and Shadow managed to say small important words and phrases, and Seasick and Furious were able to spend their last days together with their friends.

Later in the afternoon, both dragons flew to a more quiet area of the Dungeon for a nap. While trying to fall asleep, Furious struck up a conversation with the Night Fury.

“Well, do you think you and Grey will be okay from here on out?” The Sea Dragon asked her.

G: Shadow looked behind her to an area where she saw Grey walking around the dungeon continuing her rounds. The Night Fury smiled and looked up at Furious. 

“Yeah, I think we will be,” she said looking back up at Furious. “It will still be hard for her, but I think it will be easier at least to get better.”

S: “At least now you both know that you need each other, and have each other to depend on.” Furious stated. “You two have a strong bond, and can take on an hardships that come your way.”

G: “Yeah, we do,” Shadow crooned. “And we will get through this…together.”

S: “It’s interesting how things have changed in such a short time. And while things will continue to change, I’m glad I became your friend.” Furious said. “I suppose Seasick’s home in the Barbaric Archipelago isn’t too far from Grey’s island? Even if it is, it won’t be difficult to fly to it, so I’m sure we’ll visit you two often.”

G: Shadow smiled at Furious. “Oh yeah, Grey’s island is called Haligan Island,” she said. “It’s just off the coast of the continent. You can’t miss it.” She then stood up and nuzzled Furious. “And just so you know, Furious, I’m glad I became your friend too.”

S: Furious shifted uncomfortably as Shadow nuzzled him. He wasn’t used to receiving affection from other dragons. “Y-Yes, friends.” Furious stammered. “Speaking of becoming friends, I don’t believe you’ve ever told the story of how you and Grey met?

G: Shadow took her head away and looked up at Furious. “It’s a long story,” she said, “but we’ve known each other for 11 years. We met one day in the forest while Grey was exploring. I guess she was scared of dragons at such a young age because she tried to back away from me, but she ended up falling into a river. She nearly drowned but I managed to save her. From there, we just…bonded. I was an orphan so she took me in. Ever since then we’ve been best friends.”

S: “I didn’t realize you two knew each other for quite that long. In a way I wish Seasick and I had known each other longer, but I suppose we have the whole future ahead of us.” Furious mused. “What did her parents think of you becoming friends with her? Humans are still pretty wary of dragons, so I assume they were quite cautious of you?”

G: “Well, they weren’t too excited about their young daughter having a dragon, especially a Night Fury, of her own,” Shadow explained as she thought back on that night Grey brought her home to her parents. “They tried to convince her, but she wanted to keep me. Her father wanted to wait to see if they could find my parents. If they did, they would return me to them. If they couldn’t in two weeks, I would be able to stay. When Grey’s father saw that I really was an orphan they took me in.”

S: Furious could not help but smile at Shadow’s story. Although she was an orphan, she was able to find a family thanks to Grey.

“I am glad that there are humans that can co-exist peacefully with dragons. Our history is often filled with violence and bloodshed on both sides, so it’s nice to finally see peace.” Furious said, thinking about his own violent past.

G: “It is,” Shadow said remembering the stories that her parents had told her about the violent battles between humans and dragons in the past before the boy and another Night Fury changed all that. She would never forget the day humans killed her parents. She shook her head trying to rid herself of more sadness and decided to focus on something else. “So, Furious, tell me, what’s your story?”

S: “Like all Sea Dragons, I was raised to be as violent as possible. Humans were the enemy. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I began to think for myself.” Furious told Shadow. “I grew tired of the constant mindless violence, and separated from the group of dragons that I was apart of.”

“I wanted to know why dragons and humans hated each other. I was never given a clear answer, and so I thought that by exploring on my own, I would find the answer.” Furious recalled. “That’s when I met Seasick. She was a lot like me, alone and seeking out danger and violence. However, she was different than all the other humans I encountered. She was curious about dragons, and wanted to co-exist with them rather than eliminate them. That’s why I took a liking to her. The rest is history really…”

“It’ funny how it only takes one person to change your life.” Furious mused.

G: “Yeah, it really is. Now that Grey and I have been together for so long, I can’t imagine my life without her,” Shadow said thoughtfully. “I appreciate you telling me that, Furious.”

S: Furious shifted awkwardly. “I don’t speak about my past often. Nor do I… show emotions towards humans or fellow dragons.” He said. “It’s just the way I was raised.”

Furious was silent for a moment. He thought about how he had grown to like Seasick. Much like Shadow, he couldn’t imagine life without her. “I hate to think about how short the human life is.” Furious sighed. “I know it will happen eventually, but it still hurts to think that one day we’ll be without them.”

G: Shadow crooned sadly as she thought back to that moment at the shrine…when she thought she lost Grey forever. Tears came to her eyes as she realized how huge of a miracle it truly was when the Father brought her back from the dead. If the unthinkable were to ever happen again, it would be…permanent. The Father wouldn’t be around to bring her back to life. She would be gone…forever…

“But…Grey and I promised each other…that we would always be together…” Shadow said sadly. “She would never leave me…would she?”

S: “No, she wouldn’t,” Furious reassured the Night Fury. “But human lives are so short in comparison to dragons, and one day, she will surely pass away of old age.”

Furious moved closer to Shadow, placing his large claw around her in comfort. 

“I am sure you and her will always be together until that day comes.” He said. “And even if she is no longer by your side, you’ll always have her memory, and know that she loved you. Never forget that.”

G: “Don’t worry,” she said nuzzling Furious’s claw letting the tears fall. Even though it was large and hard, it still gave her some comfort, which was exactly what she needed. She didn’t want to think about Grey one day dying and leaving her for good. “I won’t.”

(Part 3)

S: The Sea Dragon and Night Fury laid beside each other in silence for a while. Furious did his best to comfort Shadow, unsure if he was actually making her feel better or not.

Thinking over what they had spoken about, Furious tried to change the subject to something a bit more happier.

“Say Shadow, speaking of the future, what are you looking forward to the most?” He asked her. “I for one, can’t wait to see the ocean again. I’m also excited to see this Barbaric Archipelago area that Seasick frequently speaks of.”

G: Shadow looked up at Furious and then up at the night sky wondering. She thought about the large Sea Dragon’s question for a moment. What did she look forward to the most?

“Hmm,” she crooned. Then she got an answer and smiled. “I think I look forward to returning home to Haligan Island with Grey. It’s been her dream to end High Central’s cruelty, and now that that’s accomplish, we’ll be able to return home soon and go back with Greg, Warren, and Asha. Maybe we’ll be able to track down Night Furies, I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to it.”

S: “Tracking down Night Furies will be hard,” Furious mused. “I’ve heard they are quite a rare group of dragons. However since you are one, I suppose you and the gang shall have some luck. Tell me more about this Haligan Island, it has a nice name so I assume it is a nice place…”

G: “Oh it’s beautiful,” Shadow said excitedly. “Grey’s village is the only village there, so there aren’t a lot of humans. It’s off the coast of the Wilderwest region and has a vast forest and rivers. There’s even a beach there! Grey and I like to explore the forest all the time…well we did until we started flying! Then we explored more of the island and the other islands surrounding it!” 

S: “It sounds nice.” Furious commented. “It sounds peaceful too. That’s something to look forward to, after all this chaos.” 

Thinking for a moment, the Sea Dragon continued, “Seasick says her birth island is full of forests, so she’s excited to go there. I suppose as long as there is lots of space for me to lay about, and no crazy rebels, I shall enjoy the Barbaric Archipelago.”

G: “I bet you will,” Shadow replied. “It sounds like a beautiful place. Where is it, exactly? Has Seasick said?”

S: “She said it was west of the Wilderwest continent. Very, very west.” Furious said. “Out of all the rebels, I believe Seasick traveled the farthest to the dungeon. She mentioned that it was an extremely long travel, almost 2 months by both ship and dragon.”

“As for her birth island, she’s never actually been there, but heard about it from her adoptive parents. So understandably, she’s quite excited to travel to it.” Furious explained.

G: “Adoptive?” Shadow asked tilting her head in curiosity. “Seasick’s adopted?”

S: “Yes, it was a surprise to me too.” Furious said. “Apparently, her birth island had this rule that runts would be cast out to sea. Seasick suffered this fate but a family of fishermen found her and took her in. I thought it was odd that she wanted to return to the very island that rejected her, but I think she wants to prove to them that they made a mistake.”

“Humans can be so stubborn, always trying to force others to see their point of view.” Furious chuckled. 

G: Shadow rolled her eyes. “I know right?” she said. “I mean…think about what High Central has been doing to all the halfbreeds! Was there ever a need for any of that?” 

S: “I’ve only heard bits and pieces of that whole issue, but I do agree, it is unnecessary.” Furious replied. “As long as humans are around, they will always fight and demonize anyone who they think is different. They will never change. Thankfully, us dragons are smarter than that.” 

G: “Really?” Shadow asked. “I’ve never seen dragons deal with politics. I’ve been with Grey and other humans my whole life.” 

S: Furious chuckled as he thought back to his life living with a group of wild dragons. “Sometimes alpha dragons that are fluent in Norse will get involved with human politics. It’s rare but it does happen. It’s more common now, as humans and dragons are trying to unite both worlds. However sometimes it does more harm than good…” 

G: “How so?” Shadow asked curiously. “If dragons are smarter than humans, then they should have an easier time solving problems in politics right?” 

S: “That is true, however,there is the odd dragon that actively seeks out chaos and ends up making matters worse for humans, rather than better.” Furious explained. “Again, I’ve only heard stories from other dragons. I spent most of my life avoiding humans, or observing them from a distance.” 

G: “Well, you don’t seem to do that anymore,” Shadow said. “For the past few months, you’ve been up close and personal with humans and other dragons.” 

S: “And I can thank Seasick for that.” The Sea Dragon replied. “Without her, I’d still be in that forest. I’m still trying to understand humans, and to hate them less. The more I am with Seasick, the more I see things in a new way. A new perspective, you could say.” 

G: Shadow couldn’t help but placed her head on her paws as she listened to Furious with great interest. She was like a little dragon waiting to hear a story from an older dragon, reminding her of the times she listened to the stories her parents would tell her when she was young. 

“You know, Grey and I might have a great friendship, but it sounds like you and Seasick have a great friendship too.”

S: Furious chuckled at this comment from the Night Fury. “I suppose we do. We both respect and trust each other. We support one another. She loves me and I am growing to love her too.”

“However, I shall forever be in awe that you and Grey have been friends for so long. How did you manage to keep your friendship so strong? And avoid conflict?” The Sea Dragon asked Shadow curiously. 

G: “Well, it’s not that we avoided conflict,” Shadow said turning around and lying on her back so that she was looking at Furious upside down. “We’ve had fights, and we like to tease each other. We just remember that we’re sisters, and we love each other!” 

(Part 4

S: “Is that really enough to keep your friendship strong?” Furious asked her. “As a young dragon, I saw many fights break out between dragons related by blood. Most ended violently, and no amount of sibling connection could solve or fix it.” 

Furious slowly rested his head down on his own claws, thinking about his past. “I had siblings, however, they were all extremely violent and many didn’t survive past a few years. I never had a real family. What is it like?”

G: Shadow stopped and turned around to get a better look at Furious. While she had no doubt that she and Grey had a friendship that would last a lifetime, she realized that she didn’t grow up the way other dragons did. Dragons might have been magnificent creatures, but they were also wild animals, who subjected to violence most of the time.

“To be honest, I think I was lucky when I stumbled upon Grey that day,” Shadow said truthfully. “Other humans probably would’ve killed me, especially the ones who killed my mom and dad. But Grey and her parents didn’t. And I saw that not all humans are killers. The Bergmans treated me well, and I’m always going to be grateful to Grey and her parents. Besides, Grey and I have been together for 11 years. We must be doing something right.”

S: “Indeed, you must.” Furious replied. “I’m sorry about your parents. I am sure that they would be proud of how you have grown over the years. You could have tried to seek out revenge against humans, yet you have chosen to live with them and protect them.”

G: Shadow’s smile faded as she put her head down in shame. “Well…that’s not…entirely true, Furious,” she said.

S: “Oh?” Furious said, turning his head to look at Shadow. “You… Sought revenge? I suppose it would be justified, and its not like you blindly killed innocent humans…unless that what you did…”

G: “Well, no, not exactly,” Shadow said nervously trying not to make eye contact with Furious. “A few years after Grey found me, we were exploring the island when I caught a familiar scent. We went to explore, and that’s when I saw a campsite. It was the humans who killed my parents.”

S: “Ah… that couldn’t have been easy for you” Furious said. “What did you do?”

G: Shadow sighed still not looking up at Furious. “I attacked them,” she said. “It’s a good thing Grey was off my back when I did because she could’ve been hurt. The whole time Grey was yelling at me, ‘Stop, Shadow! Stop!’ I wouldn’t listen. I just kept fighting those humans.” Tears came to the Night Fury’s eyes.

S: Furious slowly wrapped his claw around Shadow to comfort her. “It was an act of vengeance. You only did it to avenge your parents. It would have been different if you had  attacked innocent humans. Even though it did not bring them back, you avenged your parents…” Furious tried to explain.

G: “I know,” she said, “but what really gets is that…Grey saw the whole thing. She was only 13 in human years and saw her best friend take lives. To be honest…I think that’s why she doesn’t like to kill.” Now that she looked back on that day, it was starting to make sense that Grey’s views on killing would stem from seeing what happened when her best friend succumbed to vengeance.

S: “Taking a life of someone is not an easy thing to do, for anyone. Even if you hadn’t killed those humans, I’m sure Grey still wouldn’t be able to kill anyone. It’s just not who she is.” Furious explained. 

“Your violence towards those humans may have played a small part in why Grey doesn’t kill, but overall, I think it’s because she is a good person. Unless there is a clear justifiable reason to kill, Grey won’t do it.That’s just who she is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything you did.”

G: Shadow nuzzled against Furious’s claw taking in the comfort of her friend listening to Furious’s words. He did have a point. Grey’s views on killing were a part of her personality…what her parents had taught her over the years. One incident in the woods wouldn’t completely change how she would view things in the future. “I guess,” she said quietly.

S: “You are still a young dragon, you have a lot to learn, and a lot of mistakes to make. It is all the normal part of growing up.” Furious said. 

He paused for a moment, thinking about what he just said. “Now I sound like an old geezer. Giving life advice… if this is what I’ll be doing on Peaceable Country, then maybe I shouldn’t go.”

G: “I would really like it if you stayed,” Shadow said, “but you know Seasick needs you just as you need her. Besides, I bet you two would miss each other a lot, and you could tell her stories of the golden years.” She then laughed at her joke.

S: “Ah yes, the golden years…” Furious smiled down at the Night Fury. “Seeing as Seasick and Grey became close friends, as did you and I, I am sure we will visit regularly. Especially due to everything we’ve all been through, the support will be nice.”

G: “Oh yes, of course, Grey and I would love if you came to visit!” Shadow said getting into a playful position.

S: “Are there other dragons on this island of yours?” Furious asked, watching the young dragon in curiosity.“Seasick told me that the island she grew up on had no dragons, but neighboring islands and cliffs did. I wonder if it was the same for your island?”

G: Shadow stopped and thought about it for a moment. She thought back on the 11 years she’s lived on Haligan Island. “Hmm, well, there were a few,” she said. “Grey’s dad has a dragon, but he wasn’t around to play with. And Grey and I sometimes found other dragons on the island, but not a lot.”

S: “Hmm I wonder if it is because of the history between dragons and humans. I’m sure with more people like Seasick and Grey, humans and dragons will slowly become more united.” Furious said.

Furious stared at the young Night Fury for a moment. They had a long conversation about various topics, most of them serious. They needed a little pick-me-up after everything they experienced…

Without warning, Furious’s claw shot out at Shadow, and he lightly and playfully flipped her on her side, attempting to engage in some roughhousing .

G: Shadow yelped as Furious flipped her over, and just as she looked up, Furious jumped to tackle her. However with her great reflexes, the Night Fury managed dodge his attack and jumped onto his back. 

“I got you, Sea Dragon beast!” Shadow roared as she playfully chewed on his horn. 

S: It had been several years, if not decades, since Furious play fought another dragon, and so he was a little hesitant to engage with Shadow. However, the Night Fury retaliated in a playful manor, much to Furious’ relief. 

As the young Night Fury chewed on his horn, Furious tried to playfully knock her off by rocking back and forth.. “You’re at an advantage, young one, as I can;t reach you!!” The Sea Dragon roared.

G: Shadow laughed as best as she could while trying to hold on to the horn with her teeth as Furious tried to knock her off. However, with her strong jaws she was able to hold on for a little while longer. 

“Of course, I am!” Shadow said unintentionally letting go of the horn. “I am a Night Fury! The strongest and smartest dragon out there! I shall NOT be defeated!”

(Part 5)

S: “Not smart enough!” Furious roared, leaning over to the right, sending Shadow tumbling to the floor. As Shadow tried to flip back upright, Furious held his large claw over her, gently pinning her in place.

“Yes, you truly are a smart and powerful dragon… one who can’t be defeated.” Furious said sarcastically, looking down at the Night Fury.

G: Shadow glared at Furious’s sarcastic comment as he pinned her down. “You’re mean,” she said. 

S: “Really? I thought I was being rather nice to you.” Furious responded, looking rather puzzled at her comment. “Most dragons I knew would’ve shed blood by now. All you have are a few small bruises.” 

Slowly, he lifted up his claw and let Shadow get right side up.

G: Shadow chuckled as Furious let her stand up. “Relax, big guy,” she said. “I was kidding. Grey and I tease each other all the time. I know you were being nice.”

S: “Oh. Yes, that is something Seasick told me I needed to work on, being able to tell when people are joking with you…” The Sea Dragon said. “That, and I’ve never really play fought with another dragon before. It was usually a real fight that ended badly for the other guy.”

G: “Hmm…” Shadow said as she climbed on top of Furious so that she was resting on his head. “Well, I’m not hurt. So, I’d say that’s an improvement on your part.”

S: “I’d never hurt you intentionally anyways.” Furious growled. “I’d only hurt you if you truly deserved it.”

G: “I know,” Shadow replied. “You’re a nice dragon from what I’ve seen.” Shadow was silent for a few moments before she spoke up again. “Furious, I know we won’t always be together and that you’ll come visit Haligan Island with Seasick, but can I ask you something?”

S: “Of course, ask away young one.” Furious replied. 

G: “We’ll…always be friends…right?” she asked. “I mean I know I’ll have Barry Manilow, Warren’s new Timberjack, and Moonbeam on Haligan Island with me, but I won’t see you every day.”

S: “Of course!” Furious boomed. “Just because we won’t see each other everyday, that doesn’t mean we should stop being friends.”

Furious stopped himself for a moment and became very quite. A thought crossed him mind, and he became very sad.

“Seasick and Grey are humans, and humans have such sort lives in comparison to dragons. When they pass away, which ever first, one of us should go and stay with the other. Agreed?”

G: Shadow thought about it for a moment. “So…if Grey were to pass on, I would come to live with you and Seasick,” she asked, “and if Seasick passes, you would come and stay with me?”

S: “Yes, does that sound reasonable to you? I suppose they’d both have families by then, so that may play a factor in our decision.” Furious said. “But yes, I think we’d be less lonely if we saw each other more often after they were gone.”

G: Shadow thought for a moment. Hopefully, Grey wouldn’t pass onto the next world for a long time, but a lot could happen until then. She could have a family at that point as would Seasick. Surely their riders’ families would need them for support, but if she and Furious could find some way to see each other more often, they would be less lonely like he said.

“I think that’s a great idea!” she said.

S: “Well, hopefully we won’t have to worry about that for many years.” Furious said. “and of course, it’s entirely possible that one of us could die before Seasick or Grey…”

G: Shadow froze and looked down at Furious. He was right. That was also a possibility. She could die before Grey reached her time. “That’s true,” she said.

S: “But not to worry, little one,” Furious said, shifting into a sleeping position. “Seasick said her rebellion days are over, so it looks like I won’t be getting into many, if any, fights anymore. And I am sure Grey is also done with mindless violence, so you need not worry about dying before her. Although I suppose either of us could catch a cold and die, but that rarely happens to dragons.”

G: “True,” Shadow said yawning as she shifted to make herself comfortable on Furious’ head. “Hopefully, now that High Central is gone, and as soon as Ragnorak is over, we can have a more peaceful future together.”

S: “We can only hope.” Furious replied in a sleepy voice. “But for now, let us enjoy a peaceful nap.”

Without another word, both Furious and Shadow feel asleep and had a much needed long, peaceful nap.

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