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Jokul Frosti (Jackson Overland, Jack Frost) has short, spiky silver-white hair and crystal blue eyes. He is tall and thin.

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Jokul Frosti is capable of controlling the cold weather, manipulating ice, frost, and snow to his will in powerful magic.

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Jokul Frosti is King Haddock's Major General, a powerful and trusted member of the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion. He arrives during the Battle of the Changewings to stand boldly against the Warden with his ice magic, and is one of the key fighting members who drives back the Warden and her recently-hatched and trained Changewing army.

However, Jokul Frosti betrays the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion first by releasing the mysterious prisoner from the dungeons, and then by outright attacking King Haddock himself. Jokul shoots ice at the king and manages to stab Haddock in the right leg, severely wounding the king and allowing him to escape.

Jokul Frosti returns when the king is in his chambers, alone but for his bodyguard Stonegit Elmiss. Frosti attempts to assassinate Haddock a second time while the king is asleep. He places his hand on the king's chest and begins to freeze Haddock's heart before either the king or his bodyguard can respond. Haddock, even as he succumbs to the cold in his chest, with one desperate effort throws his sword at Jokul and manages to pierce his would-be assassin in the chest. The sword blade plunges through Jokul's chest and kills the traitor.

However, while Jokul himself dies in this instant, he returns as a new person in camp some days later, calling himself Jackson Frost.

Blue and frost

art by the-blue-adept

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Jokul Frosti is based heavily on Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.