Kendra Arnason is a deaf cat half-breed and the youngest daughter of Vox and Treepelt Arnason.

Appearance Edit

Kendra is much shorter than her brother, and looks more human, too. She has long, light brown hair that she keeps braided down her back and big brown eyes. She has a small cat nose and round ears on the sides of her head, which further disillusions the fact that she cannot hear. She has a very short, fluffy tail which is usually hidden underneath her cloak. She has no claws to speak of, but her teeth are sharpened like a cats'.

Personality Edit

Kendra has a very bright, cheerful, and sometimes sassy personality, and she can hardly ever be beaten down. She gets a little exasperated over her brother's overprotectiveness and very stoutly fends for herself whenever she can. She especially loves children, but she gets along with anyone that she meets. It is difficult sometimes to communicate with strangers, but Liam is usually around to translate, and Nala to help her understand, but she is occasionally frustrated with her barriers. Nevertheless, she always stays happy and positive and often settles frequent conflicts between Nala and Liam.

Abilities Edit

Her father taught her how to use a bow, almost to his level of mastery. She has extremely good eyesight and has a tendency to sense, connect with and speak to supernatural beings such as demons better than others. She has not yet been possessed by any demon long enough to develop any magical abilities.

History Edit

Kendra was born four years after Liam

Role in the Rebellion Edit

EU Edit

Relationships Edit

Treepelt Edit

Vox Edit

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