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As it turns out, the magnesium fire of a nadder works excellently against witches.

Kiri watches in odd serenity as the labyrinth around them shatters, leaving naught but a grief seed floating down to her feet.  She picks it up and examines it, wondering how safe it is to keep two of them with her at a time.

Dagger croons and nuzzles her snout into Kiri’s chest.  The girl smiles and hugs back, her heart still pounding from the exertion of fighting the witch.  She’s covered in sweat and she has a couple new cuts where she didn’t dodge in time, but she feels more alive than she has in quite some time.

She’s suddenly grateful to be alive.

The reality of everything crashes around her, and she sobs into Dagger’s snout.

It’s okay.  Let’s go home.

Let’s go home.

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