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Maniac in the Dining Hall is a Season 3, December 6 2014 thread during which Kiri wonders about who that maniac in the dining hall is, while knitting and ensuring that a couple of her traps work.

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Of course she’s heard about the maniac in the dining hall.

Kiri remains in her quarters with Dagger, enjoying some tea while she continues to knit.  Her stitches are even now, and she’s managed to successfully make a pair of socks.  She’s quite pleased with herself. From the sounds of it, this strange person might be a Seaguard.  The Viking Ninjas of her home village have had dealings with them before - a strange, tiny yet proud people that raid and plunder the islands of the Wilder East and Wilder South.  The Hidden Sky Village has a tentative truce with them, if only because their fighting prowess is worthy of the Seaguards’ respect.

What’s a Seaguard doing all the way here in the Wilder West though?  I thought they were terrified of land.  Maybe this one is a maniac.

The thin catgut string next to her, slightly loose in its rigging and nearly invisible, suddenly draws taut.  Kiri smiles, wondering who it is trying to sneak outside her door.  No matter, she has nothing to hide right now.  She’s just biding her time until her team is prepared for the next witch hunt.

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