Appearance Edit

Melira is rather small, considering her young age, although she is tall for her age - she already comes to about half her parents' height. She still has chubby cheeks, although the left side of her face, especially around her eye, is marred. She will never see out of her left eye again, not after the day her village was attacked by a witch.

She has bright red hair, and her good eye is a vibrant green. She is also very pale, with freckles splashed across her nose.

Personality Edit

Melira is a very friendly child, and has taken a liking to nearly everyone she's met. She is very energetic and practically inhales her food whenever it is placed in front of her.

She also loves snow and hugs. Melira doesn't speak very often, having only spoken a few times that anyone knows of. It seems that she doesn't get angry, or that she's very good at hiding it.

History Edit

Role in the Rebellion Edit

Season 2 Edit

Melira was found during the village expedition, as the only survivor. Even though she lived, her face was marred, and her left eye was completely ruined. Clover and Tezz decided to take the little girl in, and she became very important to them rather quickly.

Season 3 Edit

Will work on at some later date.

Relationships Edit

Tezzeret Edit

Tezzeret took the role of adoptive father of Melira. He has always been supportive of her learning to be the best she can be since they met. He convinced Clover to let her have lean to use a sword, and he tries to find time to play with her whenever he's at camp.

Clover Rose Edit

Clover cares about Melira very much, and the feeling is mutual. Melira often feels the same emotions that Clover feels if they are near each other - except anger. While Clover gets angry fairly easily these days, Melira has yet to get angry, as far as either of her parents can tell.

Treepelt Edit

Melira took quite a liking to Tree when she saw her frequently, as Tree was helping Clover take care of her shoulder wound. She likes the half-breed, and enjoys spending time with her, especially in the snow.

Starlord Edit

Melira likes Starlord quite a bit, seeing as she will be learning swordplay from her. The little girl also finds Kierra's pink hair fascinating.