September 24, 2014 thread. Happens concurrently with the start of "Don't Touch the Water."

Part 1 Edit

Nate: *walks in* Your highness...I have some important issues to address...

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Please, by all means, do. I know I have been away and must attend to matters immediately. Address these issues now.

Nate: I have come across a mysterious assassin aiming for your honor! Claims they crave revenge on you for reasons you know well about! Might I suggest raising an armada against this traitor?

Part 2 Edit

Nate: Word on the street is that the king is being stalked by a mysterious assassin. Best you watch out before he gets to you too!

Warren: M-me? Why would they go after me

Thank you for the warning. I’ll keep an ear out, Some of us should stay with King at all times, I think. Safety in numbers–it’s getting dangerous.

Nate: Because the assassin jumped me! He foretold a crisis against the king! He never specified what.

Warren: Are you hurt? This is terrible news, if his claims are true… but if he draws attention to it, it could simply be a red herring or a diversion. We should consult the chiefs and strategists.

Nate: I’m fine, I’m more concerned about the king, and you guys. Just be on the lookout, don’t let your guard down.

Warren: *smiles* Always.

Nate: *smiling* good girl. *jumps off on a tree branch and leaves*

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