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The dragon cradling the grief seed was alone for some time, lost to her own sorrow.  The sun cast red shadows over the ruins of the fortress, reflecting in all the water still flooding in; it only added in the sense of gravity to everything that had happened.  

I am sorry.

A pair of ghostly hands lowered themselves towards the grief seed.  Dagger started and watched as the grief seed began to turn white, being stripped of its corruption to free the soul within.  The dragon stared, shocked, because only one person had ever done this…

Remember what I said?  If my wish came true as it should have… than I should have nothing to fear.

The grief seed with nadder spikes, topped with the tea leaf emblem, finished turning white, bleached and purified.  

Dagger lifted her head up to the spirit, who smiled sadly back to her.

See? Kiri whispered, holding out her hands.  

Dagger gave out a cry and lunged towards the spirit, who did her best to hug her snout.  Neither could feel each other, but it was enough.

I’m sorry… for everything, the spirit whispered again.  For me… for this,  she motioned to the destruction around her.  And all I can do is be glad that Hel stopped me.  And atone for the rest of time.

You’re free to do whatever you want now, Dagger.  You’re not bound to me, you’re not in service to any god… so it’s all up to you now.

Dagger pulled back briefly and looked sternly at the spirit.

I choose to carry on your legacy on this plane of Midgard.

The spirit looked surprised for a moment.  Then grateful.

Thank you.  Then…

Much passed between the two.  Unspoken words, thoughts, details, information.  Dagger could barely process any of it, but it all came.  And she was happy that she could know everything.  The truth of it all.

Kiri’s spirit looked up briefly towards the setting sun.  I… should go,  she paused sadly.  I have a lot to atone for… and a talk with Lillith waiting, she giggled uneasily.  But Dagger… I’m still here, even if as this now.  Don’t forget me.  

Like I can, the dragon snorted.  Then she softened.  Take care, Kiri, hatchling of my heart.  I love you.

Kiri smiled.

I love you too Dagger.  Take care.

And with a small twirl, the spirit lifted into the air, disappearing into a wisp of light.

Dagger picked up the bleached white grief seed with a claw, gazing into the sunset after her.

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