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"Orders at the Witch Camp" is a oneshot from Season 4, February 22, 2015, in which Kiri gives orders, apologizes to a man she attacked, and prepares for her trip home.

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"Wait, you’re sure Captain?" the man gaped.  "Now?"

Kiri nodded as she finalized the notes.  She handed him the stack.  “Distribute these amongst the camp.  I want the Blue, Titan, and Eikon regiments to stand guard over at the main fortress to guard the King should something happen.  Yes I know that’s like half of our forces.  They’ll be bringing a large supply of tea, since it’s about time I sent some over, if that’s okay.  Also, this book…”

She picked up the final manuscript of her book, ‘White Cats and Witches’,  It had taken her several hours and missed sleep to find all the pages, reassemble everything, and replace any sections that had been destroyed or bloodstained.  The last chapter and final note had been incredibly easy to finish, much to her surprise.

"I want this transcribed, printed, and distributed," she spoke, eying the  man carefully.  "This knowledge must be shared."  Just in case.

The man bowed.  “Ma’am.”

Kiri glanced over to see what other orders she needed to give.  Then she looked back at the man.  “And… I need to give you a formal apology for what happened a couple days ago.  I’m sorry… it won’t happen again.  You can see that I’m taking measures to ensure that it won’t.”

The man cringed, rubbing his throat.  His eyes darted to Kiri’s right forearm, which she had wrapped with bandages.  Technically pointless, as she had healed the damage once her mind returned to herself, but it kept others from becoming suspicious.

"Apology accepted, Captain," he replied.  "You’ve been under a lot of stress, we can all tell.  That’s why you’re heading home now?"

Kiri nodded.  “Yeah.  Since I have to anyway, reporting back from my Walkabout… a short vacation… I’ll only be gone a few days.”  She sighed.  “It’ll be nice to go home.”

"Home is where the heart is, eh?" the man chuckled. 

"Or the hearth," Kiri pointed, smiling.

Her vision briefly blurred.  A ringing sound echoed in her ears as sharp figures of trees and mirrors danced before her.

No.  Not now.

She shook her head.  “Oh, am I tired,” she faked a yawn.  “So many things to do before leaving.  Do those things for me, will you Matthias?”

The man nodded, then bowed once more.  “Yes Ma’am.  And if I don’t see you before you leave, have a safe flight and return quickly.”

Kiri smiled, though something in her chest shredded at itself.   "Thanks.  Let’s hope for a peaceful few days."

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