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Orskaf is a tall, boney, old man. He has squinted eyes with long, thin, limp hair and mustache.

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Orskaf is a miserable old man. Throughout is life he was stoic and cranky, but he would get a small rise of emotion, and a fiendish pleasure out of causing harm to others. When he got old, he became self absorbed and entitled and developed a great dislike for children. He is xenophobic, sexist, and racist.

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Orskaf is a hard worker in his youth and has solid skills in leadership, even though his personality suggest otherwise.

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Tal Donz - One of the only people who ever liked Orskaf, Tal loved his father more than anything else. However, Orskaf did not reciprocate these feelings, but raised Tal to believe he was deserving off all of his love and respect. Because of this, Tal was willing to take over Orskaf's chieftain duties at an early age.

Stonegit - Orskaf regarded Stonegit as an isolation brat, despite Stonegit being very polite as a child. However, Orskaf soon came to view Stonegit as a threat to his position, and then later a source of cruel entertainment that satisfied his desire for situational control.

Blunt Donz - Even though Blunt was his grandchild. The boy served as nothing less than a whipping boy to Orskaf.

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Orskaf named his son Tal because Tal was a strong, none frightening name. He did this in hopes that trolls would not be scared of him because of his name, and kidnap him as a child.

Orskaf is pan-sexual.

Orskaf is a sexual and physical predator.

Orskaf is Shovel the dragons old owner.

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