"Pitch's Jailbreak" is a Season 2 thread which occurs on Day 15 (November 15, 2014).

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Pitch Black uses his Nix powers to break out of his jail cell in the Battle Grounded Dungeon prison.

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Pitch Black: Pitch focused hard on the small icicle to that had begun to drip on the floor. He sent small warm thoughts toward the icicle. Hel. Think Hel. The small icicle turned a dark shade. OKAY! Not Hel. Think uh… Warm… Warm sunshine? Warm tea? Warm stew? 

Stew… Iona made the best stew… But  you’ll never see her again… or Akkey…

Pitch growled, dropping his hands to clenched fists. The icicle dropped into many pieces as it hit the ground. Pitch stepped into a brisk walk around his small cell. (Well as fast as he could, if lover-guard didn’t sick his dragon on me, he would probably be out of here now.) If he knew more about being a Nix maybe he would know how to melt a stupid icicle! He turned towards the broken icicle on the ground and focused hard to melt it. His anger boiled through his blood as he realized that it wasn’t melting.

"By all the gods in Valhalla! I just want to get to my daughter!" Pitch crumpled to the ground, rubbing his eyes as he felt himself tear up. But quickly stopped rubbing his still sore one. Stupid bodyguards.

Pitch lifted his head and looked around his cell. He couldn’t really leave the non-magical way, he was in the middle of town. Plus Stonegit had left a few extra guards at the end of the hall. These guys looked better than the ones the King had put on Treepelt’s cell. Then on top of that he felt like a Scauldron, the chef had limited his water and someone sat and watched him as he had each meal. So his Nix powers were his only way out!

Pitch stood again after a few minutes and looked sadly at another icicle. He focused on making the icicle cry with him. It began to drip with water. and quickly but the icicle never seemed to get smaller. Pitch smiled largely. But shook his head and focused again. 

There was a good sized puddle when he stopped. He looked deeply into the cold water. Touching the water, he thought of the lake. He stirred his hand around before standing up and stepped into the water. 

Pitch was out. He was free. And he needed help. But who would help him?

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