Pookas are a race of tall, rabbit or kangaroo-like humanoids living in a vast underground oasis and network of tunnels beneath the surface of the earth. The most notable Pookas in the RP are Warren (a Pooka/human hybrid) and Ronan, her adoptive brother.

Habitat Edit

Pookas spend most of their lives in one or more underground valley-like warrens connected with a series of tunnels. Warrens are generally lush and mossy, covered in trees, flowers, and tribal stone carvings. Despite being accessed strictly through tunnels, warrens have both fresh water and sunlight, though indirect and fairly diffused. The rivers carry some fish, which are used for food. It is likely that the fish are not native to the warrens, but were brought from the surface eons ago and have changed over time into species that cannot be found aboveground.

Background, Culture and Abilities Edit

Pookas are a very old race, thought to precede humankind.

Culture Edit