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"Preparing the Next Witch Hunt" is a Season 3, December 8 2014 thread in which Tezz, Clover, Starlord, and Kiri prepare to leave the fortress for another witch hunt.

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Tezzeret Verdile: "Restless, that’s all I’ve been the past few days…" Tezz was pacing his room in front of Clover, who was reading a book to Melira on the bed. "There’s still a threat out there, killing innocents, and we still haven’t left yet."

Clover Rose: Clover glances up from the book as she finishes a page. “You know, Tezz, I’ve been wondering if I could come with you this time. I want to learn more about the things destroyed Melria’s old village. And maimed her.”

She gestures briefly to the little girl, and her ruined left eye.

Tezzeret Verdile: "I… well… as long as we could keep you both safe…" Tezz put his hand on his chin. The thought stopped his pacing.

*thud thud thud*

Toshioka Kiri: Kiri nudges open the door and pokes her head in.  “Rise and shine, time to go!” she says cheerfully.  “Or shall I leave you two alone for your farewells?”

Clover Rose: "Actually, I’m coming with this time. And Melira’s coming with. I don’t want her here when whatever Stonegit’s planning happens." Clover glances at the little girl, who’s fallen asleep against her arm.

Kierra Starlord: Starlord walks down the hallway, and notices Kiri at Tezz and Clover’s room.  ”Oh hey! Are we preparing for the witch hunt?” She asks, jogging over to the door.

Toshioka Kiri: "That we are!" Kiri replies with a grin.  "We had lots of fun last time, didn’t we?  More witches kill, more innocents to save, all that jazz.  So I guess this makes our party four plus a child, right?"

Kierra Starlord: "Oh so Melira is tagging along? Sounds good! I’ll meet you guys at the gate in two minutes!" She said, smiling, and walking off.

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