"Reception of the Century" is a Season 5 thread written on May 5, 2015.

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Seasick: After the wedding ceremony, the reception quickly began. All the guests moved the chairs to one side of the room, to make a dance floor, and tables with refreshments and the wedding cake were set up.

Everything was going quite smoothly, and Seasick went around the hall and chatted happily with many of the guests. It wouldn’t be long before the first dance would begin, as well as many drunken antics that were sure to happen as well…

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Haddock nodded to Seasick as she passed, looking to be in a decent mood - perhaps even a happy mood, though of course he was attempting to look serious anyway. “A wonderful day, is it not?” he remarked to her.

Seasick: “Yes, a very wonderful day!” Seasick answered him.

“I’m glad everything went smoothly for them. They deserve it, after all they’ve been through.” Seasick said.

“Ah it looks like the drinks are getting served! Better go get a glass!!” Seasick laughed, and quickly made her way towards the table.

Grey Bergman: Lady Grey walked with Asha, Warren, and Greg to join their comrades in the reception to celebrate Tree and Vox’s marriage.

“That was a beautiful wedding, wasn’t it?” Grey asked her unofficial adoptive siblings. 

Asha Stenberg: Asha nodded and smiled. It was a beautiful wedding. 

Warren: Warren reached over and nudged Asha’s shoulder, glad to have her there. “We all deserve it. They certainly do.” She looked over at Tree and Vox, grinning a little. 

Asha Stenberg: Asha smiled at Warren and then at Tree and Vox. It was about time they had some happiness around here.  

They just needed Warren and Greg to get married next, however long that took, and everything would be wonderful. 

But one couple’s utter happiness was good enough for now. It was a great feeling just to be around so much love.

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