Scorch is the leader of the band of rebels that broke off from Haddock's rebellion early in his kingship and has acted as an independent body ever since then. He was formerly one of Treepelt's mentors and close friend, even a father-figure to her, before her memories were erased by Central.

Appearance Edit

Scorch is an almost completely pure dragon half-breed, one of the few that still remain. He takes the shape of a humanoid wingless dragon, tending to stand in a hunch or a crouch rather than at his full height. He is covered with scales ranging from coppery orange to amber to golden yellow on his underbelly, but he still prefers to wear simple clothing to define himself as a half-breed and not just a sentient dragon. His eyes are a dark forest green and he has a feathered crest at the top of his head and another, longer flourish at the end of his powerful tail. His digitigrade feet end in short, sharp claws, as do his hands, which look more like dragon paws than anything. Despite appearing so differently, it is apparent that Scorch is old, with lined eyes and a wise, arrogant slowness to his actions.

Personality Edit

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