Her heart was pounding. Seasick felt like she was in a daze as she returned to her seat.

I can’t believe I did that. Why did I do that?

She looked up at Stonegit and made eye contact.

Oh please. I’m not the only one who doesn’t trust you. 
I doubt anyone really feels safe here anymore.

She watched Stonegit leave the room, and stared down at her feet.

Well.. I hope there are others who share my concerns.

The silence that followed Stonegit’s exit was overwhelming. Seasick rushed out the hall and started running to her room. On second thought, she should go visit Furious. She let him fly free above the camp after the rebellion and was probably close by.

What could Furious possibly say to make me feel better? He hates humans.

Within minutes she was outside, and it didn’t take long for her to see Furious flying in the night sky. Calling out to him, Furious landed and let her up on his back and took to the skies.

The cold air on her face was refreshing. She hadn’t realized just how angry Stonegit made her. Furious seemed to notice this.

You seem upset.” He said to her in Dragonese.

"We had a meeting about who should be the leader of the army. They chose Stonegit."She replied in an annoyed tone.

"The murderous bodyguard? Oh you humans are unbelievably stupid."  Furious growled.

"I voiced my concerns to him, but I don’t think he realizes just how bad this situation is. We don’t know if there are enemies hidden within the camp or if the demons and Valkyries are gone forever. We don’t know anything, yet he thinks that we should give everyone a second chance."

"Stubborn, just like the King. Well, former King." Furious let out what was apparently the dragon equivalent of a laugh.

"Too stubborn. And I know he won’t back down either. Not even when things get really bad." Seasick sighed.

"What do you plan on doing about it?" he asked.

"I…don’t know." Seasick sat quietly for a moment. “I said I would stay and watch how he handles things… If I got up and left, it’d make me a coward.”

"So you want to stay? Continue living among all these possessed fools?? Furious roared. He never liked the camp or the humans in it.

"I suppose so. I will stay until things look like they’re going bad. Then we flee."

Seasick looked over her shoulder and down at the shrinking camp. She said a silent prayer to whatever Gods that would listen,and hoped that things wouldn’t go bad.

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