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Shaxurohm appears to be quite slender, with long, nimble fingers. It is relatively rare to see him at his full height, as he is usually sitting and working on one of his many tapestries.

He often has a smile on his face, but it certainly isn't a warm one. It's more of a "I know more than you" sort of smile. This effect is amplified whenever he stands at his full height around a mortal - as he can look down at them.

His eyes are a dark red, in stark contrast with his pure white hair. His skin is also rather pale, making his eyes stand out even more.

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Shaxurohm seems to be fairly neutral most of the time, generally only showing mild amusement, and nothing else. He often acts superior to others - unless it's a higher up demon. He enjoys chaos, and often revels in the ability to cause it.

He gets angry extremely rarely, but when he does it starts explosive. He will yell, he will scream, he will destroy things - never his tapestries, though. But, push him past that, and he becomes ice cold, and that's when he becomes the most violent. He hasn't been pushed to that point in almost 2,000 years, so it's unlikely that anyone will push him to that point again.

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Many of Shaxurohm's abilities vary depending on what would be able to cause the most chaos at the time. Thus, when King Haddock was supposed to be dead, Shaxurohm had quite powerful healing magic, and was able to bring the King back from the brink of death.

He also has the ability to summon his tapestries from thin air, often to display them to those who wouldn't want to see them. He frequently brings his work around with him, partially so he can show an air of indifference for whoever is around him.

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Shaxurohm has two sisters, Skaimoru and Sydiotraa. They are all related to the Warden's family.

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