"Simpler Times" is a series of Season 3 one-shots which take place after "Kiri's Contingency Plan" and before "Another Witch, Another Grief Seed". These one-shots were written December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015.

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Toshioka Kiri: Kiri isn’t quite sure why she’s doing this.  Maybe she just needs a reminder of things back to when life was simpler, when the Rebellion was newer and all anyone had to worry of was Pitch and the Warden.  Things are different now of course, but there were quite a few wonderful moments.

She finishes conjuring another pitcher of bubble tea and checks the glasses once more.  She sets her hand on her hips and gazes over the entire table.

Bubble tea of over twenty different flavors, some milk tea, others mixed into smoothies, all sweet and delightful.

"I’ll spike the drinks and other things while throwing pies at Kiri," she sings as she arranges the pitchers a bit.  She frowns briefly.  She always wondered why somehow her own name ended up in the song.

It suddenly reminds her.


Kiri quickly grabs a piece of parchment and charcoal and scribbles a brief note.

Bubble tea procured for your enjoyment!  It is safe to drink and nonalcoholic.  I take no responsibility for what happens to the tea after leaving it here and I have certainly not spiked it.  If it does end up spiked, please throw pies at the perpetrator.  Cheers! - Kiri

She then places the parchment in front of the entire arrangement, pours herself a glass, and goes on her merry way.

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The daily witch hunt is done, both rider and dragon are whole and hale, and Kiri isn’t entirely sure what to do now.

Dagger snoozes in the corner of their room, tired from the long day.  Kiri on the other hand has set up candles, made herself some jasmine tea, and now sits at her table with several stacks of parchment and a quill. 

Just in case the white cats don’t keep their word then.

She dips the quill into the inkwell and begins to write, smiling all the while.

White Cats and Witches - A Comprehensive Guide

She begins to outline the book, coming up with ways of organization and how best to approach different topics.  Even if the white cats do keep their word, she believes it best to retain a record of their deeds and doings.  The suffering of their victims will not go forgotten.

I guess now I have something to do.

She smiles, sips some of her tea, and begins writing the first chapter.

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