Sven Felman is the oldest child of Brandt and Grey Felman and the oldest brother of Dagny and Kari Felman. He is the Heir and Future Chief of Haligan Island and the next Lord of the United Revolutionaries.

Appearance Edit

Sven is a male Viking, who shares his parents' brown hair and his mother's brown eyes.

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Family Edit

Sven is the oldest son of Brandt and Grey and the oldest brother of Dagny and Kari. His maternal grandparents are Sven, his namesake, and Ingrid Bergman, and his paternal grandparents are Brenda and Hoark Felman. He is also the adoptive nephew of Greg, Warren, and Asha and the great-nephew of Einar Bergman. His cousins are Siri, Lila, Jari and Kettil. He also refers to his mother's Rebellion comrades as "Aunts" and "Uncles." After briefly dating Seasick's daughter Saeros, he eventually marries Phelma Ferguson and becomes the father of two boys, Eric and Gustav Felman. Sven is the uncle of Freja Havelocksdottir, Olga Havelocksdottir (Dagny's daughter), and Gunnar Balder (Kari's only son).

Role in the Rebellion Edit

EU Edit

Sven did not appear in the main storyline of Battle of the Grounded Dungeon. Instead, he appeared eight years later when he was born to Brandt and Chief Grey on March 24, 1053 on Haligan Island, and as the Chief's first born son, he was destined from the beginning to succeed Grey as the Chief of the Haligan Tribe.

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