Svie∂ is a semi active character in the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon. Her past is a mystery to her. She first helped the wounded King Haddock after he had a leg wound in season 1. She is responsible for healing Stonegit after he returned from Hel.

Her closest friend in the Wilderwest is Fiendal. A former medic in Haddock's army from generations past, she somehow came about mysteriously when the first Rebellion began. She has mysterious powers to heal with touch.


Svied has brown eyes, and brown hair that's usually never styled despite her job as a healer. On rare occasions like weddings and funerals she wears her hair in a braided bun or long braid in back. She's not the type to want to wear complicated outfits and usually sticks to a plain, neutral colored dirdl like dress. 


Usually pretty introverted, she can come across as being shy. She can be serious at times. She's very loyal and usually a great listener. She's also a leader. Sometimes her introversion comes across as shy to people that don't know her well.


Svie∂ was born the eldest of two sisters, many decades before the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon would ever begin. Her and her family lived near a village close to the border of the Wilderwest and Wildereast countries.

When the civil war broke out between the the two nations, WilderEast soldiers raided the village close by and surrounding homes. Svie∂ and Kira escaped in and eventually found themselves at High Central where Svie∂ would study medicine and eventually serve in the army of Gareth Rangar Haddock the First as a medic. She died at the age of 25 during one of the harshest battles in the civil war.


Kira Edit

Kira is Svied's younger sister. She's very protective of her, sometimes to the point of overprotective. They are very close.

Role in the Rebellion

Svie∂ mysteriously returns from the dead as the Rebellion begins. She has magical healing powers, but has brutal flashbacks to her final battle and feels very out of place in the world.

Season 1

She helped Grey heal King Haddock after he had been wounded by Jokul Frost. She had no knowledge of her healing powers yet. This first appearance also included singing "Into a Fantasy" with Grey, in which the KIng hated.

She also became friends with Fiendal.

Season 2

Svie∂ healed Stonegit of his bleeding wounds after he came back from Hel. She discovered her magical abilities. They went to the Great Hall where the banquet was being held. While in the Great Hall, she realized that she was indeed in the "future."

Season 3

Svie∂ healed Akkey of internal wounds as Hel attacked.

Svied's depression has gotten pretty bad and she doesn't feel like interacting much.