Tezzeret is water aligned magic user suffering from a murderous alternate personality, an ally to King Haddock's Rebellion, and the adopted parent of Melira with her adopted mother, Clover Rose.

Appearance Edit

Tezzeret Verdile is a 17 year old sorcerer from High Central. He is a full human with a darker complexion, green/brown eyes, and medium brown hair. Up until his exile he had no discriminating features, but it was found upon his return that he had severed his own left hand in a misguided attempt to remove a glyph that was keeping him away from Perch Hall. He has a muscular build packed into a stocky 5'0" frame. Before being captured in the dungeon he had assembled a rudimentary set of armor scavenged during his travels. Since joining the rebellion he has opted for a lighter clothing set, with a darker hooded vest as his go to apparel. He has recently had a staff crafted for him to channel his water abilities.

Personality Edit

Sane Edit

Tezz is a quiet soul, who, until joining the Rebellion, would keep to himself and travel the Northlands in solitude. His loyalty to those he loves keeps him tethered to Perch Hall, as opposed to his nomadic tendencies. He has developed an almost reckless sense of honor in protecting his friends and family, in repentance for the sins of his other personality.

Feral Edit

When Tezzeret loses control over his feral half, he becomes a sadistic and cannibalistic killer. Stalking, hunting, and butchering innocents to quench his insatiable blood lust. He has only recently begun to exert control of his feral side, in an effort to protect the people of the Rebellion.

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