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"The Agent of Helheim Does Her Job a Little Differently" is a season four thread that occurs on February 21, 2015. 

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Akkey flicked her wrist upwards then to the side. The massive portal underneath the current village disappeared, along with the frantic screams and cries of its residents. She said she wouldn’t lie, she’d give them a choice… but that was something she could no longer afford. It was a bad taste in her mouth, she didn’t bother to even enter their town. It took too much time, they wouldn’t listen anyway. This was the fourth village within the hour, and she’s discovered that opening the portal was getting simpler that more she practiced. But the experience wasn’t any more pleasant.

"Come on, Maru." she turned away, burying her face in the Deadly Nadder’s neck, trying to block it all out, "We have more souls to fish for."

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