"The Final Dream" is a March 20, 2015 event in Season 4.

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Toshioka Kiri: “Hey sleepyhead!  You gonna’ nap here all day?”

She opened her eyes to the face of a flame-haired girl, framed by the light of the setting sun.  The girl smiled kindly and laughed, dancing as she twirled away.

Then as she spun down the grassy slope, her entire figure suddenly collapsed into a paint smear.

She jumped up in alarm.  “Wait - ”

But I saved her - 

More people laughed.  Others cried.  She was aware of tall ominous beings gazing at her, watching, judging, ready to release this weight onto her, because the despair of so many was ready and the rebirth was soon…

Visions of faces.  Her parents, giving her the parcel of treats.  The village.  The feast, as everyone threw food and danced merrily together.  Clover and Melira in the Great Hall.  Tezz and Starlord, walking with her on their way to the next witch hunt.  Grey, Warren, Seasick, Tree, Vox, Fiendal, all of them, their faces weaving between mirrors, Stonegit, King Haddock, the mirrors had shattered, and she reached forward, struggling to grasp any of them.

A dragon.  Dagger.  But then that figure too collapsed into black paint, falling from the sky into nothing on the melting ground.

Shards of glass mixed with watercolors, boiling leaves in seas of green.  They engulfed her, leaving her freezing beneath the surface, unable to breathe, struggling as the light of the sky grew dim.  

Yet the sound of human voices grew louder, joining together in chorus.


A silhouette of a white cat floated before her, taunting.

I win.

“You win…” she choked, falling, drowning, bubbles streaming from her nose and mouth as nothing but pitch entered her lungs.

Her body jerked with agony.  A voice screamed out.  A pulse grew.

I am…

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