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Quicky Slippy, Clover Rose, and Kiri enter a labyrinth to take back the Rebels' Changewing eggs from the Warden. The Warden notices their arrival and begins chasing them. Though they run fast, all are captured.

Full TextEdit

Part 1Edit

Toshioka Kiri: I am continuing my journey through this labyrinth.  I worry that there may be dangers lurking here, but I may yet be able to find some clues as to the infants’ whereabouts.

*trips and falls on face*

Be warned, briar patches are painful, and I’m starting to think these vines are alive.  *shudders*  For any brave rebels who follow in my footsteps, I leave tiny piles of blackberry tea.  Hopefully it’s inconspicuous enough that potential enemies do not find me…

Clover Rose: I must be either foolish or brave. I’m going into the labyrinth after kiritheblue. Perhaps two searching for the eggs will be more efficient than one.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: This isn’t going to end well, isn’t it?

Toshioka Kiri: Gods-speed!  Follow the trail of blackberry tea…

Clover Rose: Ah, many thanks. I do believe I understand what trail I should be following now. Yes, I see the piles now. Perhaps if I hurry, I shall catch up to you soon, so that we are not alone in this labyrinth. 

Toshioka Kiri: I see - I see fires ahead!  Pieces of eggshell!  And - I hear… scuttleclaws!  The sounds of the baby dragons!  They are ahead!

I fear for what is around them, for the air feels tense and filled with dread and malice.  I will go no further.  Wehavedragonsonberk, come quickly!  While the possessed Warden is occupied, this is our chance, we can take the babies back to safety -

Wait -

What is -



Toshioka Kiri: * screaming *


Toshioka Kiri: Labyrinth center - is alive - possessed maybe?  Don’t know - spirits - can’t get to babies - not safe - fall back fall back fall back -

Akkey: CURSES. You are too far to assist, we won’t make it on time! wehavedragonsonberk, you are our only hope!

Clover Rose: Right! On my way as quickly as possible!

Toshioka Kiri: It’s so dark now … didn’t she mention it being dark? Maybe I’m close. I certainly hope so.

I can’t even see the trail! What if I’m not even going the right way anymore?

Clover Rose: *trips over feet and faceplants into a pile of tea*

I found the trail! Albeit not in the intended fashion. Right … rose briar clearing. You’ll probably find me crawling, since that’s the only way I can actually see the trail at the moment.

*crawls along the labyrinth, following the tea trail*

Toshioka Kiri: I have gone deeper in. Something seems strange… tis the same thorny vine filled dungeon as before, yet the further I go, the more sinister the air feels…


I smell… sulfur and charcoal? The scent of something burning… and… fish? The scent of fish! And… is that an eggshell?!

Clover Rose: Eggshells?! Oh dear. That must mean … some of the eggs have hatched! Dragon eggs explode when they hatch don’t they? That would explain the smells.

It’s a good thing I brought my dagger. I am practically racing along the labyrinth to catch up to you. I urge you to stay where you are until I have. You should not face what is up ahead alone. But I feel you will not listen to me. I shall take care, and suggest you do the same.

Toshioka Kiri: We must assume some of them hatched.  And yes, tis a good thing you brought your dagger.  I have only a utility knife and knuckles, for I am a warrior of unarmed combat… I’m beginning to worry…

Give me just some time to scout!  I will remain cautious and not engage whatever lies ahead!

Part 2 Edit

Hemlock: Some word vomit on the Changewing situation here, most of it probably useless: Changewings are extremely protective of their eggs, yes? And will stop at nothing to rescue them if they’re threatened? Now these are baby Changewings, of course, but word vomit. Anyway, apparently, their armor is relatively weak, and their greatest assets are their camouflage and speed. They also launch acid. Do we have any acid-proof ropes, because I might have the faintest idea of a plan for capturing/turning them.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: It is absolute fact, as you said, Changewings are extraordinarily protective of their eggs and will work together in packs to retrieve their eggs when threatened. Interestingly enough, my knowledge gaps about how long the bond lasts between Changewing parents and their offspring after the eggs hatch. Does anyone know? How protective are Changewings of their hatchlings? This could be vital information to tap into, for if the Tyrant-Warden is harming infants and the parents learn about it… well, we could manage to procure our own force of Changewings, who will all rush to save their babies. This could perhaps tap into your plan of trapping them?

Acid-proof ropes? Odin, how would you go about that? The acid is incredibly tough. Do we have an inventor amongst us who could clever create such a contraption? If there is someone who can create such a miracle, then they have my permission to build you traps. Those could be highly useful not only in offense but in defense in future battles.

Commander Starfire: The answer to your question depends on what type of acid the Changewings spit.  Essentially any polypropylene products or any container that is really hydrophobic would solve your problem.  Acid cannot eat through those plastics because there is no silicon oxide in the polypropylene that the highly reactive molecules can attack.  But be warned, steer clear of Flourocarbons, (TEF & TEP) they will burn faster.

Commander Starfire: The answer to Chief Archiver's question depends on what type of acid the Changewings spit. Essentially any polypropylene products or any container that is really hydrophobic would solve your problem. Acid cannot eat through those plastics because there is no silicon oxide in the polypropylene that the highly reactive molecules can attack. But be warned, steer clear of Flourocarbons, (TEF & TEP) they will burn faster.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: I guess a witch would know chemicals before the dawn of modern chemistry.

Commander Starfire: Aye, yes, as a witch I use these chemicals in my potions everyday. And proper storage is a very important part of my job. They however are not common to the people. I should guess that such things would seem unknown to those not practiced in the art of chemistry.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: How did you manage to bring your storage along with you, given we all fled from the Grounded Dungeon?

Oh, no mind, no mind - if you have some potions and can use them well, that is what is important!

Commander Starfire: Well by storage, I do not mean cabinets and the like, it is a term used in the scientific community for the proper handling and containment for chemicals. For instance, I am not going to store chemicals that react with nitrogen in the air in an open container, rather I would put in in a sealed container and only open it in a negative airflow environment. That would be proper "storage" of the chemical. :) Hope that makes sense.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Understood, and very intelligent! I was just wondering how you were in possession of them at all being as people tend not to own much when they’re thrown in prison, but no worries!

Hemlock: Uh I'm still sort of concentrating on the Changewing problem because most everyone else is focusing on exorcising Tree, so...I have a rough outline of a plan, in case you're willing to hear it?

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Yes! Let’s hear it.

Part 3 Edit

Toshioka Kiri: Rebels of the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion!  Just an update that wehavedragonsonberk and I are currently camped near the center of a labyrinth!  We found the baby dragons last night, they are being guarded by the very center of the labyrinth, which is some sort of plant spirit monster thing.

On our part…

*carefully holds out hand of dragonnip tea to the baby typhoomerang*

Here there… it’s nummy tea!  Dragonnip too!  We’re not going to hurt you.  Let’s be friends, okay?

Clover Rose: *gets back on feet and holds out some of the dragonnip to the baby* 

Good typhoomerang baby. That’s it … 

*watches as the baby comes up and sniffs at our hands that are holding the dragonnip*

Do the babies even like dragonnip the way the adults do?

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Babies should react to dragon nip in the same manner as adults… however, I imagine they would be far, far more sensitive to it. Be careful!

Quicky Slippy: *walks into labyrinth to deliver fast food to kiri and wehavedragonsonberk*

This seems a bit confusing. I’ll leave a breadcrumb trail from all of this subway I have. It’s not like there’s anything that can eat bread down here besides us rebels.

Toshioka Kiri: Worry not! There was a trail of blackberry tea that should lead right towards our current location at the rose briar clearing.  We’re here with the baby typhoomerang right now!

Please bring more fast food though! I dropped my large bag of Burger King when I was attacked last night by the Monster of the Center of the Labyrinth. 

Quicky Slippy: Thanks for the trail and words of warning about the confusing nature of the labyrinth! I have brought some more Burger King, though it may be cold. It’s not exactly a short trip. 

Does something smell like dragonnip and tea? 

Clover Rose: That would be us. You must be close! That’s excellent.  Did you bring any fish, out of curiosity? It would be helpful for feeding the baby dragon.

Quicky Slippy: I might have a tuna fish sub here somewhere, if that would help. I think I might see you. You have a hatchling and scorched books, right?

Clover Rose: Only scorched?! They’re utterly destroyed!

*blinks, then calms down*

Erm, yeah. That would be us. I hope that the baby doesn’t attack you for the sub.

Quicky Slippy: *pulls out tuna subs and proceeds to remove the tuna*

I hope this little one likes it. It’s not exactly a full raw fish. I also have Burger King if you two are hungry, though it’s a bit cold.

Clover Rose: Well, this baby has just hatched, I’m not sure how easy it would be for it to eat a full raw fish. I know very little on dragon biology.

*eyes light up at the mention of human food* 

Yes please! I don’t know about kiritheblue but I’m STARVING. I have had nothing but tea since entering the labyrinth. 

Quicky Slippy: *hands over the large backpack that contains the burger king* 

Take whatever you would like. There’s more than enough there 

Clover Rose: *grabs 3 burgers and some french fries, then sits down on the spot and starts eating* 

Don’t mind me. I’ll just quietly pay attention to what’s happening. 

Toshioka Kiri: I do not mind cold Burger King! 

*takes some and chows down*

Also, I suppose the tuna will do for now.  We should name this typhoomerang… 

Clover Rose: I don’t know if anyone else will be able to find us in time, kiritheblue. We might have to try to take on that … thing by ourselves.  

Sadly, we don’t really have much in the way of weapons or other useful tools, unless you think we might be able to create weapons from things around us? There are definitely a lot of thorns around in this briar patch.

Toshioka Kiri: Hmm…

The problem being that that… center is all around.  I am unsure as to a weakness.  We may be able to create some rudimentary weapons with the thorns and the foliage around us. 

I may sound crazy, but I would like to test a few things.  Such as throwing fire into it?  Burning specific aromatic teas?  Throwing tea at it?  What other supplies do you have on you?

Clover Rose: I don’t have much. Maybe a bit of fruit, and some books. Everything I brought with me is in my bag. 

Wait a second … 

*quickly turns towards bag, which seems to be smoking, and rocking back and forth slightly*

I  … I don’t know what’s going on right now!

Toshioka Kiri: Um… uh… is that…!!

Oh gods, empty the bag and get away!!

(and find a fish?)

Clover Rose: I have no fish! And why would I need a fish?

*grabs corner of bag and tips it upside down so everything falls out*

Okay, there’s my books, the fruit, dragon egg … WAIT. Dragon egg?!?!?!How did that get there?

Kiritheblue I swear I have no idea how that got there.

Toshioka Kiri: We can speculate, but regardless of how it got there, we now have a dragon egg… that’s going to explode at any moment…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear… we should get ready. 

Hmm - wait, do baby dragons breathe fire already?  And they supposedly listen to no one…

Clover Rose: Are you suggesting we use the baby dragon for violence? I know you’re desperate for ideas but my morals just won’t allow that one. I don’t think I could stand doing that to an innocent baby.

Either way we’d better hide.

*scrambles for cover*

Toshioka Kiri: No, not for violence, but even as some kind of asset - maybe communicating to the other babies or something -

I should hide.

*also scrambles for cover*


Clover Rose: *after a few moments of hiding, peeks out from hiding spot glances towards the baby dragon* 

Well, it’s certainly hatched. I’m not very read up on dragon types, what kind of dragon is it?

And it exploded all over my books, which aren’t really books anymore so much as burning paper.

Toshioka Kiri: I think… it might be… a Typhoomerang?!?!

Oh dear.  These dragons are crafty even from a young age, eat a lot - eels included - and their mothers are very, very protective.  Now I’m actually a bit worried…

Clover Rose: Eeep! Any resident dragon trainers who could join us in the labyrinth?

I know next to nothing about dragon training … although, do you have any dragonnip kiritheblue? I don’t, at least not anymore.

*looks at smoking remains of bag, books, and some food*

Toshioka Kiri: Um… I summon… the ever-experimental dragonnip tea!!

*bundle of dried dragonnip in a tea tin appears*

… I’m actually afraid to try this as an actual tea, but this’ll do for now!

*opens the canister and throws unbrewed dried dragonnip tea at the typhoomerang*

Clover Rose: Wait wait wait what are you doing?! 

Don’t just throw it at the baby, we should offer the dragonnip to it, and hope that it might see us as friendly. Although I suppose you throwing it may equate to that, but we shall see.

If you make it into an actual tea, I don’t think it would be for human consumption … unless we gave it to the Tyrant Warden to distract the Tyrant and try to get the Warden out safely. The Warden is part cat, so if dragonnip has similar effects to catnip, it might just work.

Toshioka Kiri: *carefully makes trail of dragonnip tea.  Keeps some in hand and also gives a handful to wehavedragonsonberk*

I… I hope this works then… nice baby Typhoomerang…

I don’t suppose my tea procuring abilities extend to catnip tea…??

Clover Rose: You just managed to get dragonnip. Catnip shouldn’t be any more difficult. 

*slowly walks next to kiratheblue, warily watching the typhoomerang*

Is it following us or just walking around randomly? I can’t tell at the moment… 

*trips backwards with a loud squeal, then claps hand over mouth*

The Warden: B̡̤̰̖ͥ̉ͦ͟E̶ͫ̀̃͢͏̭̦̼͕͙̪̣̩W̷̹͖̭̼̩͔͇̣̆̆̑͞A̧̛̠͙͙̳̗̮͚̙̫ͯͤͥ̿ͭ̃͒ͥ̇́R̊̏̄͜͟͏͉͖E̷̢̤̪̭̿̂̃ͮ ̸̢̺͔̳̤̘̹̮̮̓͆ͪ̔̅ͩ̃͞T̙̻̖̱͇͕̰̀̇̀͢H̡̘̦̳͕̖̗̼̆̑̄E̡̧̹̱̯̲̼͉͋̆̓̏̇̊̓ ̴̞̍ͭLͥ̾̑ͩͥ̄̑̉͏̩̲͡Ả͓͉̙̻̔̈́ͦ̿B̭͈͚̪͎̬ͥ̓͗̈́ͣ͐ͧ͌ͦ͜Yͩ̃̓͏̵͏͖̲R͉̳̜̭̗͖̳ͭ̂͗Ī̶̡͙̥̺̯͇̖̄̀͊͒̃N̴̼̓̈́́̏̓ͨ̂͐͐Tͯ̓͏͉H̖̜̆̀͊͂ͥ̌ͨ̚̚͟

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: GET OUT!

Clover Rose: FFFFF——I’m not gonna swear. I won’t do it.

kiritheblue???? How do you propose we lure our new baby dragon out of the labyrinth as quickly as possible?

Toshioka Kiri: We need… I think, if we can distract the labyrinth center long enough, then use all of our Burger King and dragonnip (and maybe our baby typhoomerang) to lure the babies to safety, that may do the trick.  We don’t necessarily have to destroy whatever fiend it is. 

I can do the distracting, I suppose… I have more experience with it than either you or quickslippy, and I did escape relatively unscathed last night.  I can only hope that it’s not very good at multitasking!

Or we can keep the typhoomerang happy with dragonnip, pick it up, and run for our lives?  I don’t want to give up this opportunity to help the others though!

The Warden: Ç̭͙̭̜̙̘͕͓ͪͯ̑͆̀ͭͅH̵̙̜̍͠A͈̪̭̝̹̗̺̫̫ͬͤN̵̵̛̻̟̼͎͓̼̂̔̇̄͌ͬ̋G̵͓̞͎̈́̍̉͒̕͝Ȩ̺̪̖̩̄̆Ŵ͕̥ͪ͛ͥͨỊ͓̟̣̯̠̞̙̌ͮ̿̐͌̎̐̕N̩͔̠͆̋̊͘͜͢G͎͈̯͚̯̘̰̥͐͂̌ͩ͂͒S͉͉̬̓̋͗̒̓̚ ̢̨̥̗̙̜̫̖̒͌̀̒̚L̢̨͈̙̉̍͡O͔ͪ̅ͤ̀̎͑ͥV͇̮̥̌ͤ̈͡E̯͖̺͕͚̞̯ͩͭ͊̓̋ͭ̐͢͠ ̶̺͔̦̗̲̝̪̹̝ͯͩͪ̓̑̌͐T̴̢̩̬͎̈́̎ͯͥ͆ͤḀ̡ͪ̓̽̿̍͒̚K̶̨͚̦̣̭͙̟ͬ̋̎̈ͯ̚E̶͆͛͂̀҉̭̠͡Ȯ͊̀̏̓͡͝͏̲̘͓U͎͈̼͔̭̬̽̒ͮ̔́͠T̼͛ͭ̍̍ͯ͆̀́͘͜

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: Ditch the Burger King and make a RUN for it already! You’re making us all nervous! Run, find shelter ANYWHERE even if it’s not the ice fortress (might not be a good idea to lead the Changewings back to us anyway), and BE SAFE.


We have to get to the edges of the labyrinth, before we get attacked! We can try to rescue the eggs when whatever is about to happen has blown over.

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: That’s right! Your own lives are a priority. You do no good to yourselves, the Rebellion, or the eggs if you die!

Toshioka Kiri: Very well then… we at least have the trail in case.

*takes a deep breath*

*holds out dragonnip*

Hi!  I’m naming you Zuko for the time being!  Let’s be friends!

*picks up the baby typhoomerang*


Clover Rose: To throw them off the trail, we should go a different direction! So long as we don’t branch off in any other directions, we should know how to get back here, and back to the trail!

*runs over to a different branch off and stands near it, waiting for everyone else to follow*

Quicky Slippy: Oh no…

*scatters various fast foods in various paths and joins Clover*

Toshioka Kiri: Going!  We must stick together!!

*holding on closely to Zuko and pets him gently while running*

Toshioka Kiri: >.< okay


Do changewings react to dragonnip too?

Clover Rose: No idea, but we don’t have time to check.

*sprints off down the pathway*

Come on everyone!!!

The Warden: Y͕̻̬͑O͆͌̔͂̚U͓̼͔̹̗̫̦̯̞̺̤̅̈́͊̔͌ͯ̓̈ͅ
͓̺̖ͬ̚ͅY̤̯ͩO̘̟̙̟̹̪̹͊͂̍ͩỤ̪̫͈̮̲̰̌̾ ͖͍̘̯̣ͬ͛̿ͨ́̈S̻̣͇͈̘̑͛̈́ͭḤ͈͙̙̯̮ͪ͌ͦA͚̣̯̼̐̀L̻ͯͧ͋ͧ͂̓L͍̲̟̳̈́̽͂̚ ͎̟̜̟͔̊ͥ͂P͇̗̣̙̣ͫͣͯ̂ͩA͙͇̹͈ͨͭͩ̄Y̮̥̳̻̦̰͒ͧͨͪ̽̔̅

Clover Rose: *continues running with everyone else*

Keep going, then we w͕̟͈̣͍͚̣ͮ̇̾ͨ͌̀͘͢o̡͎̯̹̜͎̲͍̦͒ͨͣ͗ͮ̕͞ͅn͌ͭ̓͏̺͓̦̲̦̳͔̠͜ͅ'̗̥̄t̴̘̱͖͕̬͎̼͓̔ͭ̔ͦ̏͌̂̕ be able to get out!

Grey Bergman: OH, I DONT THINK SO!


The Warden: Y͉̯̟͇͌ͮ̆ͮ̆̈̈́Ȍ̔ͧ̆̄ͧU͂͋̌͆̾̌ ͎̟̣̭̪̻̹̈́̃FͫO̤̥̞̓̔ͤͬ͑ͯ̿Ô̯̣͉̪̌̐ͥ͑͂̚L̰̟̦̗̜̩̿̓̌ͮͥS̲̙̙ͅ


Toshioka Kiri: Oh no -nonononono - this was happening earlier at the labyrinth center too - WHATEVER HAS THE WARDEN IS IN HERE TOO!!!

Fire - fire - tea!  Take your damn tea!!  TAKE THE TEA!!!

*throws scalded boiling hot tea at the vines while trying to protect Zuko*

Clover Rose: *just stands there watching before laughing manically*

Y̷̪̲͉̼̻͍̳̘͒̈́̊̑̇̅̌͝E̵̢̧̨̺̭̟̞̐̏̎̂̑̎́̅ͅS̴̛̳̭̳̭̯̘͇̣̃̀͒̋̇͋̑.̷̨͉̩̟̪̬͓̖̈͆̒̽̂̊̚̚ ̶̡͕̩̭̳͖͈͕͛͑́̓̃͌̾͠Ÿ̴̨̧͎̺͖͉̟̜́̈́̋̐̅̇̆̂E̴̠̣̣̟̠͇̱̭̊̀̎̌̾͗͘̚S̶̘̹̘͎̩̣͚̘͋̃͛͌̓̓̂̾.̴̨̢̛̠̗̭̘̺̮̇̎̏̉̅̕͝ ̷̨̩͇̬̦̱̜͍̑́̿̈́́̒͒͝Ÿ̵̧̖̭̳̰̦͉̠́̔̋͗̎͆̐͒O̴̜̙̤͔͇͍͈̝̒̏͐̽͛̍́͗U̵̺̹̱͓͓̞͔̇̀́̅̀̅̍̚͜ ̶̡̛̛̲̟̣̫̱̟̙̂̃̑̄͘͠A̴͚̼͈̖̜̗͍͚͛͛̀̎̋́͌̾L̷͈̞͍͈̥̼̮̲̃̎̒̉́̈́̀̚Ļ̴̲̰̜̪̲̳̜̄͒̑͌͂́͌̆ ̸͓̟͎̫̗̱̤̝̈́̂͐̾͗͒̐F̴̪̙͔̫̺̼͙̞͑͋̀̋̈̎̈̕È̶̩͙̞͔̱͓͚̋̀̌́̐͠͝ͅḶ̴̞̬̟͔̺̟̞̌̒̋͑͒̆̍͠L̷̦̥̲͇͎̼̝͉̾͂̏͑̋̔̿̓ ̸͙̬̗̰̖̞̮̻͒̔̉̐̎̈̕͝F̵̨̞̞̗͓̝͖̲̈́͊̈́̀̍̀̓̇Ơ̵̡̥̝͈͍̩̹̦͗͗̂̃̊̃̊R̶̜̼̟̖̪̹̜̖͂̓̑͌͊̈́͆͐ ̶̨͎̬̜̯͈̤̪̇͊̔́͋́͆͠T̴̝̮͔̮̰̗̜͛̈́̒̉̍͘͝͠ͅH̸̨̻̗͇̳̫̮͇͛̆͌̀̓̄̀̕Ę̵͚̠̲̼̘̝͕̽̈́̉̽͌̏͘͝ ̷̛̦̳̱̝̦̱̖̒̽̒̀̓̉̓͜T̸͖͙̭̻̗͈͐̓̓̑̈́̚͘͜͝ͅR̸̺͖̗̼̭̻͔̥͊̅́͒̈́͒͘͠A̸̢̦̬̪̬̤̜͋̈̽͌́̈̍̚ͅP̸͓̜̥͍̖̞̗͓͂́̈́͆̽̌̍̽

Toshioka Kiri: *tears up*



Toshioka Kiri: (ooc) No, no controlling, but I think the Warden is the spirit of the labyrinth and control its foliage/walls/vines at will T.T aaaaaah

The Warden: Ṭͥ̑ͤͯH̟́ͣR͕E̮̮̭ͅĒ̠͈̤̘̯ ̬ͣHͤͭͣ͂A̗͎̣͔̒ͭ̄̃V̞͖͚̖̝̞̅̽͑̅̓ͅEͦͣ̓̑ ̰̣͍̻̗̎F̲̓́Ả̱̺̮͓̜͔̟L̪̥̱͇̱̮̮ͮͭ̓ͫ̎̊L̰͈̟E̙̳̗̪̲̩N̘͈͆

I NOW HOLD IN MY POSSESSION THREE OF YOUR REBELS:wehavedragonsonberk, kiritheblue, and quickyslippy




Vox Arnason: You WILL be stopped, Warden. If it takes everything I have to stop you and get my friend Tree back from your control, I will end you.

Akira Skye: Okay… Maybe I can… Hmm… Yes… I think that should work!