"The White Cat Waits" was written on March 15, 2015 for Season 4.

Summary Edit

Full Text Edit

White Cat: It sat on a tree branch, watching the camp.

Perfect human souls.  Manipulated by the gods, readying for the coming Ragnarok; Walpurgisnacht would come soon.

It was excited to see how much energy she produced during the transformation.

She had changed rather drastically during her time as a contracted person, what with the despair of others bleeding into her own soul.  The white cat was well aware that the girl’s original plan was to let herself turn into a witch… it was much better that she had been captured and tortured instead.  More despair and corruption to her soul to strengthen the witch she would become.  She would certainly produce more energy as a result.

Now, the white cat only had to wait and observe.  No matter that there might be huge amounts of destruction and lost lives in the process.  If the girl produced as much energy as they were predicting, then they would have no more need to create contracts on this realm of Midgard.  The witch would be humanity’s problem then.

She was not a witch yet, however.  

The white cat looked up and eagerly waited for the storm.

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