"Two Years Later..." is an Extended Universe oneshot written on September 18, 2016.

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(January 21, 1047–second anniversary of the Rebellion)

Two years…24 months…730 days… 

It seemed like such a short amount of time, yet it felt like such a long time since the day that started it all…the day King Haddock and the other prisoners broke away from High Central’s cruelty…and since the day she almost broke the prisoners out herself…if it hadn’t been for her father catching her in the act. Lots had changed since that day. 

Treepelt and Vox had gotten married after all the trauma they had been through together in the past. King Haddock and Mera had two new additions to their family…the twins. Asha had a daughter of her own now…two-year-old Siri. She had been promoted to King Haddock’s second-in-command. Lady Grey Bergman of the United Revolutionaries still had such a nice ring to it. The pact between the humans and the dragons had been remade because of her sacrifice for her loyal Night Fury, Shadow. 

Yes, lots had happened…lots had changed over the two years they had been together as a rebellion…a family. The Lady looked around at her comrades and friends as she laid against Shadow, who was munching on her barrel of fish, as she smiled. They were still trapped under the Dungeon after Hel forced them to pull out of Ragnorak, but they had certainly made the best of it. They made it their home. 

Yes, she missed Haligan Island…being at home with her parents. Sometimes, she closed her eyes and found herself sitting with her parents by the fire in the house, but she also loved being here…with Shadow, Warren, Greg, Asha, Nala, King Haddock, Stonegit, Skye, Hrinthe, Akkey, Tree, Vox, Bree, and every single face she had come to know over the past two years. It had been such a great adventure, and it will continue to be a great adventure as they waited for Hel to bring them word that Ragnorak was over. 

“I love you guys,” the Lady finally said aloud. “Always have, always will.”

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