Virgo is a half-dragon member of the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, an excelled swordfighter and trainer of recruits in King Haddock's forces.

Appearance Edit

Virgo has a pair of wings due to her dragon heritage.

Personality Edit

Although King Haddock immediately appoints her to the position after escaping the Grounded Dungeon and setting up a camp for the rebels, Virgo does not feel confident in her ability to lead in training recruits how to fight with the sword. Haddock, in fact, essentially gives her no choice on the matter training everyone in the rebellion.

Abilities Edit

Fencing Virgo is an expert swordswoman and defaults to sword as her weapon of choice in a battle. However, she also knows how to use a bow and can shoot one if needed.


Breathing Underwater Virgo is capable of breathing underwater due to her dragon genetics.