Vox is a human scout, currently serving under the Rebellion as the late King Haddock's Chief Strategist and Lead Scout.

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Vox is a natural human, with no extraordinary traits or aesthetic features. He stands at 6' 1" and weighs 145 lbs. His stature causes instability at times, but having trained as a scout under King Haddock, his center of balance and dexterity on his feet have improved tenfold in the past few years. His darker eyes and non-reflective hair allows for more concealment when scouting. His hair swings up from under his hood to maintain clear vision.

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Vox has an incredibly passive demeanor, as well as an optimistic nature. This trait was put to the test during his time in Purgatory, as well as his in his time spent in Hel. Vox prefers to "speak with fewer words that hold more meaning". His sociability became reserved during his time in the Dungeon, having lost all contact with his family and friends from his homeland. Being one of the few full humans in the Rebellion, he bonded quickly to Haddock, who would eventually become his King and commanding official.

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Vox possesses no mystic abilities. A master of long-range weaponry, his skills with a bow are nearly unrivaled. He also holds an impressive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and strategy.

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Vox has been confirmed as originating from High Central before the Rebellion occurred. Not much is known about his family, aside from his father being a mason for the Council.

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Season 1 Edit

Vox was one of the original Rebellion members, standing alongside Haddock in the initial escape from the Warden's tyranny. He formulated the plan to break Treepelt free from the Warden's possession by personally breaking through to her mentally. After a failed attempt, the Rebellion regrouped, and were able to capture the Warden.

During the interrogation of the Warden, Vox requested that King Haddock allow him to speak to Tree through her imprisoner. After being granted permission, Vox spent approximately eleven hours alongside Tree in an attempt to overcome the Warden's grasp. Success was temporary, as Vox was able to speak to Tree consciously for a moment. When Haddock unshackled her, they embraced, celebrating the end of their long struggle. It was at this point that he was struck through the heart by Tree, once again under the possession of the Warden. He died of complications due to his injury, surrounded by Haddock, Tree and other Rebellion members.

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Treepelt Edit


Vox comforting Tree shortly after his rescue from Hel (Art © TreepeltA113)

Vox has been in a committed relationship with Treepelt from the beginning of the Dungeon days. Through their hardships and emotional turmoil, they've been able to reconcile their differences and continue their journey together. The exile of Vox to Hel was the biggest test of their love for one another, which ultimately ended up staying strong. There are few people in the world that Vox loves as much as Treepelt, and it is well known by fellow Rebellion members. They have affectionately adopted the nickname "Lostpelt" for the pair.

Haddock Edit

Vox served directly under Haddock during the Rebellion of the Grounded Dungeon. As the King's Chief Strategist and Lead Scout, he commanded over the scouting missions and worked with the King on potential strategies to liberate the prisoners of the dungeon. He was close to the King, with both of them being human, and had many heart to heart moments with him. Being that the King maintained a stern demeanor, Vox was one of the few who could break through to him.

After the death of Haddock, Vox became much more wayward. The King played the role of a mentor and leader when Vox had none, and with Tree being the only thing keeping him connected to the Rebellion, he felt distanced from the fight and unable to move on from the events.

Akkey Edit

Vox and Akkey served in the Rebellion together since it's inception, and utilized each other's skills to assist the King in taking down the Warden. After Vox's death, Akkey was brought to a body of water that was promised to have something she would want. After further inspection, she saw Vox in Purgatory, but was unable to retrieve him. During a confrontation with Pitch and the Warden at the Water, Akkey and Stonegit sacrificed their memories and soul, respectively, to bring back Vox from Hel. It would take Akkey a bit of time to recover from the incident.

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