[Part 1]

[Grey]: (Takes place in 1069-a few months after Dagny and Havelock start dating)

Dagny Felman gripped onto her mother’s waist tightly as they flew over the ocean below them on the Night Fury. The Chief could only look behind her and smiled at her middle daughter and smiled remembering how she used to grip onto her skirt when she was younger. 

“You know there’s nothing to be afraid of,” the Chief finally said. “It’s still your Aunt Seasick and Uncle Ellidi.”

“Yeah, but now they might be my future in-laws!” Dagny replied causing both Grey and Shadow to look at each other. 

“Uhh…honey,” Grey said while beginning to plot ways to kill Havelock, “I thought you and Havelock were just beginning to court…”

Dagny rolled her eyes. “Mom, relax,” she said. “I was just exaggerating. It’s just weird. I mean we might get married one day.”

“Honey, just focus on courting your suitor and spending time with the family for now,” Grey said. “There’s no need to rush, okay?”

Dagny sighed. “Okay.”

“Good, because we’re already here,” Grey said. 

The two women landed the Night Fury in front of the household. “I’ll be back to pick you up in a week’s time,” she said.

“Okay, thanks a lot, Mom,” she said. “Love you!”

“Love you too, honey,” Grey said smiling at her daughter.

[Seasick]: Havelock was pacing back and forth around the living room, nervous for Dagny’s arrival. This would be her first official visit as Havelock’s girlfriend, and she would be constantly surrounded by his family.

“Son, you need to sit down before I tie you to a chair.” Seasick said from from the kitchen. “I don’t know why you’re so nervous.”

“This is Dagny’s first visit as my girlfriend!” Havelock replied. “I don’t want to mess up or embarrass her!”

“Well, it’s too late for that!” Havelock’s younger sister Særós teased. “You look like a mess!”

“I can’t speak for the rest of us, but I won’t embarrass you.” Another sister, Hafdís said. “Of course, we will probably pull her aside and interrogate her about her intentions…”

“Hafdís dear, that’s my job.” Seasick chimed in. “Well, pull yourself together Havelove, it looks like she’s here.”

Taking a deep breath and trying not to blush, Havelock opened the door and went to greet Dagny.

[G]: Dagny jumped and turned around when she heard the front door open, and sure enough, there was Havelock. She couldn’t help but blush at the sight of her first boyfriend. 

“Havelock!” Grey suddenly said. “Hello, sweetheart!”

“Hi, Havelock,” Dagny said still blushing.

[S]: Havelock turned a bright red at the sight of Dagny. “U-um h-hi Dagny a-and Chief Grey…” He managed to spit out. Hafdis and Saeros giggled behind him, causing Seasick to roll her eyes. 

“Hey Grey, fancy a cup of tea before you head back home?” Seasick called out Grey, gesturing her to come inside.

“Aren’t you going to let Dagny inside, Havie?” Saeros said in a teasing voice. 

“Ah oh y-es, come inside, Dagny…” Havelock gestured to the living room.

[G]: “Of course, we would love to come inside,” Grey said as she hopped off Shadow and stood next to her daughter. She wasn’t intending on staying, but how could the Chief possibly say no to one of her best friends. “Won’t we, Dagny?”

“Uhhh…y-yes…yes, we would love to come inside!” Dagny suddenly said nervously. “Let’s go!” With that the Chief and her daughter stepped inside the house with their hosts behind them. 

[S]: While Grey and Seasick sat in the kitchen and chatted away, Havelock and Dagny went into te living room and sat in several of the chair that were around the room. Hafdis and Saeros stood together in the corner of the room, watch the the couple with grins on their faces. 

“I hope the flight wasn’t too long… do you want something to eat or drink?” Havelock asked Dagny, his blush slowly fading.

[G]: “Umm…n-no, no thank you, Havelock,” Dagny said shaking her head. She didn’t want to impose yet. She had just gotten there. It wouldn’t be right. “The flight was fine though. Shadow’s pretty fast for a Night Fury.”

[S]: “Right… Night Furies fly fast, hehe…” Havelock said awkwardly. In the corner, Searos and Hafdis could barely hold in their laughter. In the awkward silence, Saeros quickly crossed the room and sat down across from Dagny, striking up a new conversation.

“So, Dagny, what was it about Havelock that caught your eye?” The girl asked, raising an eyebrow. “Every girl on this island agrees that he isn’t much to look at, yet you see something more.”

[G]: "Uhh…” Dagny said staring at Havelock’s younger sister with widened brown eyes. “W-well, Saeros, I…I guess…I…” She wasn’t exactly comfortable talking about Havelock with his sister and him in the same room as her. It was easier when it was her and her mother and sister, but that was different. 

[S]: “Shouldn’t you two be watching over the little ones?” Havelock said, glaring at his sisters.

“Father is out with them, as is Uncle Furious.” Hafdis replied calmly from the corner of the room. “Saeros and I agreed that we should welcome Dagny, since we’re around the same age.”

“Yup, I think it’s important to build close friendships with the significant others of our siblings!!” Saeros said, flashing a smile at Dagny. “It’s best to get all the awkwardness out of the way!!”

[G]: “It’s okay, Havelock,” Dagny quickly said before her boyfriend could say anything. She turned to his sisters. “Well, Saeros, if you really want to know, it wasn’t his looks that drew me to him.” She paused. “Okay, maybe his looks played a small role in this, but it…it just happened really. We started spending more time together, and eventually, I came to love his company and…his kindness…sense of humor, and I just…started having feelings for him.”

[S]: “Gee, are you sure you aren’t confusing him with someone else?” Saeros smirked, leaning back into her chair. “The only think remotely funny about Havie is how red his face gets whenever he’s embarrassed, which is all the time–”

“And how ridiculous his slang gets when he gets excited over something.” Hafdis chimed in. Havelock groaned and buried his face in his hands.

[G]: Dagny smiled and ran a hand through Havelock’s hair. “No, I’m not,” she said. “It’s my Havie alright.”

[S]: “Am I really that embarrassin’?” Havelock asked, looking up at Dagny. 

“There are worse traits to have.” Hafdis said. “It’s not like you’re running off causing problems like Eydis always is…”

“He’ll be a loyal and loving husband, I’m sure!” Saeros quickly added. “Tell us, when is the wedding??”

[G]: “Uhhhh…..excuse me?” Dagny asked completely caught off guard.

[S]: “She’s jokin’!” Havelock replied quickly. “She’s just jokin’, that’s just what she does…”

“Oh please, Havie, don’t act like that topic hasn’t crossed your mind.” Saeros said in a low voice. “It’s definitely crossed mom and dad’s. I’ve heard them talk about it. I bet that’s what mom and Chief Grey are talking about right now in the kitchen.”

[G]: “Oh come on! That’s ridiculous!” Dagny said waving her hand. “My mom was just telling me that we shouldn’t rush through this. She wouldn’t just…oh my gods…MOM!!!”

“Honey, they’re just messing with you!” Grey shouted from the next room. 

[S]: Havelock jumped to his feet quickly, his face turning bright red. “Let’s go outside Dagny… away from…my evil sisters…” 

“Evil? Isn’t that a bt harsh Havie?” Saeros teased. “We’re just looking out for you, that’s all~”

[G]: Dagny had no chance to speak as Havelock grabbed her by the arm out of the living room and out the front door. 

“Uh, thanks, Havie,” Dagny said blushing. “Sorry for freaking out back there. I really do like your sisters!”

[S]: “Yeah, and I think they like you too… they’re just bein’ weirdly protective of me…” Havelock replied. “You’ll probably be sharin’ a room with them this week, so you’ll get to know them a bit more…”

[G]: Dagny widened her eyes and blushed…mostly because she should’ve known that she wouldn’t be sharing a room with Havelock…for lots…and lots of reasons. “Well, as long as I don’t have to share a room with Sven and Kari for a week, that’s good enough for me,” she finally said. 

[Part 2]

[S]: “Yeah, I suppose it’s nice to get away from your family every once and a while.” Havelock said. Suddenly, the front door opened and Hafdis and Saeros walked out giggled.

“Before you complain about us spying on you, mom gave us instructions to watch over you two.” Saeros announced.

[G]: “What?” Dagny asked. “Why? We’re not doing anything.”

[S]: Saeros shrugged and laughed as Havelock rolled his eyes. “I guess she’s just being overly cautious.”

“Well, look at it this way, Dagny,” Hafdis began. “This way, we’ll get to know you a bit better.”

[G]: Dagny thought about it and shrugged. “I…guess it couldn’t hurt,” she said shrugging. She leaned over and whispered to Havelock, “Maybe we can have some alone time later.”

[S]: Havelock turned red once again at Dagny’s comment causing Saeros to raise her eyebrow in interest. 

“I hope you two aren’t planning anything…” She teased.

“Well, Havie, you really haven’t introduced Dagny to us.” Hafdis said, walking to a grassy hillside and sitting down. “We haven’t seen her in a few years, right? People change quite a lot in such a short time…”

[G]: Dagny raised her eyebrows when she realized that Havelock’s older sister was actually right. She smiled and turned to her boyfriend hugging him. 

“Oh, Havie, that’s right!” she said excitedly. “You haven’t introduced us yet! It has been a while since I’ve seen them!”

[S]: “Oh, well uh, what d’you want to talk about?” Havelock asked in confusion. “Dagny is the middle daughter of Chief Grey, and has an older brother and–”

“Oh that’s right! Sven was his name right?” Saeros interrupted, suddenly becoming really interested. “How is he? Is he handsome?”

[G]: Dagny stared at Saeros with widened brown eyes. Did she really just…? Was she crushing on Sven? Her butt-brain of an older brother? This was…interesting… What could she possibly say to that?

“W-Well…uhh…I-I guess…” Dagny said, “but I don’t really know how to answer that… Why do you ask?”

[S]: “Well… I guess you could say that most of the boys on this island aren’t really appealing.” Saeros said simply. “Perhaps if I looked elsewhere, say, your island, I’d have much better luck!”

“Saeros you’re only 15..” Havelock said. 

“Only for a few more months!” She replied. “Besides, Dagny’s my age yet she’s in a relationship with you. Why can’t I go out and look for love too?”

[G]: “So you decide to just up and flirt with my brother?” Dagny asked raising an eyebrow. “Why don’t you try being his friend first? Get to know him before you start courting? It worked for me and Havelock!”

[S]: That’s my plan! I just need you two to introduce me!” Saeros replied. “Maybe we can set up another visit to your island, and then Sven and I can play catch up!”

“What if he looks handsome but is really a piece of s–”

“I’ve hung out with Sven a lot, he’s pretty cool.” Havelock cut Hafdis off quickly. “You two are the same age, so I guess it’s possible that you two could get along well..”

[G]: “It’s worth a shot,” Dagny said shrugging. “I bet you would like him…even though he’s a butt-head, but he’s sweet when you get to know him.” 

[S]: “Trust me, I have 4 brothers, I know how to deal with butt-heads.” Saeros laughed. “Not to mention all the other boys on the island… such pigs.”

“I suppose Sven is also looking for a relationship?” Hafdis asked Dagny. “He must be quite popular with the ladies, being next in line to become chief.”

[G]: “Well…” Dagny said thinking for a moment, “girls from other tribes tend to fawn over him…with the whole being the Heir and all that. He never really said if he was looking for anyone. He actually kind of hates that girls only seem to like him for his title.”

[S]: “Sort of like how all the boys on this island want to get with me just because I’m apparently the most beautiful child in the family.” Saeros said. “It’d be nice if there was someone out there who was in love with me for who I am inside, not what I look like…”

“Well, you could send Sven a letter, and request to meet up with him,” Hafdis suggested. “Best to start a friendship and then work your way up!”

[G]: “Yeah,” Dagny said. “Havelock and I did that when you guys came to that playdate we had when we were kids! We wrote to each other all the time! I’m sure Sven would love having a pen pal!” Then the daughter of the Chief had an idea. “If you want Saeros, I can personally deliver your letter to him myself.”

[S]: “Oh, r-really, you’d do that for me?” Saeros asked, blushing a bit. “That’d be really nice of you.”

“I can’t believe you are actually planning on doing this…” Hafdis said, rolling her eyes. “I think you should wait a year or two and then meet to decide if you truly want to become friends…”

[G]: “You don’t have to do anything crazy, like say you want to marry him or anything,” Dagny said shrugging. “Just a simple hello and ask him to hang out sometime the next time you see him.”

[S]: “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll try to write up something quickly before you leave in a week!” Saeros said.

“Should we tell mom and dad about this?” Havelock asked. “I mean, they’d want to know if their daughter was interested in another one of Chief Grey’s sons… especially if he’s next in line to become chief…”

[G]: “Mm..well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to give them a heads-up,” Dagny said after thinking for a minute. “It’ll be interesting to see Sven freak out knowing that our parents knew before him.” 

[Part Three]

[S]: “What if mom and dad don’t like this idea?” Hafdis asked. “I know they were a little unsure about you two together, so they may feel the same about Saeros and Sven.” 

“Well it’s not like they’re gonna start datin’ immediately, sis.” Havelock said. “And they might have a better chance at gettin’ approval since they’re the same age.”

[G]: “Yeah,” Dagny said laughing at the memory of when she and Havelock finally told her parents and Havelock’s parents that they wanted to start dating. “My dad looked like he wanted to hunt Havelock down when we told them, and there’s only a three year age difference AND he’s older than my brother.” 

[S]: “I remember dad was almost angry with me after that…” Havelock said, thinking back. “He definitely wanted me to wait or find someone else… too late now!”

“You’re both under watchful eyes.” Hafdis said. “One wrong move or misstep and you’re in a world of trouble.”

“But hopefully that won’t happen with me and Sven!” Saeros jumped in. “Sure I’m interested in a relationship, but I doubt I’m going to fall head over heels for him…”

[G]: Dagny shrugged. “You never know,” she said. “I never thought I would fall in love with your brother and look what happened there.”

[S]: “I guess all we can do it wait and see!” Saeros replied.

“While I don’t agree with this idea, I suppose I should wish you two well…” Hafdis said. “I wasn’t fond of the idea of Havelock and Dagny together, but… seeing you two together… perhaps it will work out…”

[G]: “Thank you, Hafdis,” Dagny said as she hugged Havelock tightly and rested her head on his shoulder. “I hope it will, too.” She then gave Havelock a kiss on the cheek. 

[S]: Havelock turned a bright red and avoided eye contact with his sisters. Hafdis rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Well, now that you’re here, what d’you want to do?” Saeros asked Dagny.

[G]: “Hmm…” Dagny asked thinking for a moment. “Well, I haven’t been here in a while. Maybe we can go flying around and get a nice view of the island, if that’s okay.”

[S]: “Well, I can tell you that not much has changed.” Saeros laughed.

“Skydancer could use a good long flight.” Havelock said. “I suppose you two are coming along to spy on us?”

“Mother’s orders.” Hafdis smirked. “Saeros and I will trail you two on Flameheart.”

[G]: “Well, maybe that was an order from YOUR mom,” Dagny said smirking. “Let’s see what MY mom says.” She went to the front door and opened it. “Ohhh, Mother!”

“Dagny, they’re watching you whether you like it or not!” Grey shouted from the kitchen. 

“DARN IT!” Dagny said. She sighed. “Alright, let’s go.”

[S]: “We’ll give you lots of space.” Hafdis said, mounting Flameheart. “We just want to make sure nothing wild happens, that’s all.” 

“Nothing wild is going to happen.” Havelock said in annoyance. Skydancer landed in front of him and bent down to allow Dagny to get on. “Why can’t you just take our word for it?”

[G]: “It’s not them, Havie,” Dagny said as she climbed on SkyDancer. “It’s our dear loving mothers who don’t trust us.”

[S]: “Well if they’re so worried, then why are they allowin’ us out of their sights? They should be the ones trailin’ us, not my sisters.” Havelock replied.

“You’d honestly want mom to follow you two around?” Saeros asked. “You know she probably wouldn’t allow you two to fly together. You know… seeing how close you two are sitting together on SkyDancer…”

“Cool it, Saeros.” Hafdis jumped in. “We’ll give you two a full minute head start. That way, we’ll give you some distance, sound good?”

[G]: “It sounds better than having you breathing down our necks,” Dagny said as she looked at Havelock. “What do you think?”

[S]: “Let’s go before they come up with some excuse to remain close to us!” Havelock said. Without another word, SkyDancer leapt into the sky and the two sisters were left behind.

[G]: “WHEEEEEE!!!!!” Dagny shouted as she threw her arms up as SkyDancer took off. “I’M THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!”

[S]: “Well, you’re the queen of my world, that’s for sure!” Havelock laughed as he held onto Dagny to make sure she didn’t fall.

From below Hafdis and Saeros watched and took to the skies after the couple.

[G]: Dagny blushed as she leaned back on Havelock. He was taller than her, which allowed her to nuzzle against his chest and to rest her head on his heart. She reached up and gave him a kiss on the lips clearly not caring that her boyfriend’s sisters were right behind them. They were alone on SkyDancer. That was all she needed right now. 

“And you’re the king of my world,” she finally said after breaking the kiss. 

[S]: “Ugh, someone get my a barf bag!” Saeros said to Hafdis as they trailed the couple on Flameheart. 

“If you and Sven get together, I’m sure you’ll be do the same things…” Hafdis replied.

Havelock looked down at his island, wondering where they could go. “You have any place you want to go, Dags?” He asked, smiling down at her.

[G]: “Hmm,” Dagny said as she overlooked the island below them. “How about that river you showed me when we were kids? It’s been a while.”

[S]: “Sure, that’s a pretty nice area.” Havelock replied. With a light pull, Skydancer descended towards the river. Hafdis and Saeros circled above them, deciding not to trail the couple.

[G]: As soon as they landed, Dagny jumped off SkyDancer and ran to the river. It was wider than the one on Haligan Island just as she remembered it. 

“It’s more beautiful than I remember!” she said as she twirled around on the grass letting the sun warm her body. 

[S]: Havelock smiled as he watched Dagny. He was glad she was happy being on his island and being with him “It reminds me of you” He said to her. 

[G]: Dagny stopped and blushed at Havelock’s comment. “You know, this was where I realized I was falling in love with you,” she said playing with her shirt. 

[Part Four

[S]: Havelock turned red at Dagny’s comment. “R-really? Wow I had no idea… I guess this makes this place extra specially now, huh?.” 

[G]: “Guess so,” she said wrapping her arms around his neck hugging him close smiling at him. “Do you know how happy you make me?” 

[S]: “Hmm, well, I assume really happy, since you’ve been smiling non-stop since you got here.” Havelock said, smiling down at her.  

[G]: “Pretty much,” she replied giggling. Her smile finally fell when a thought came to mind as she noticed Havelock’s sisters flying over them on Hafdis’s dragon. “Do you think our families will ever eventually back off and actually trust us?” 

[S]: “I’m sure they will… it’s just… I think it’s because we’re the first of our siblings to actually be in a relationship…well.. I’m not, but you are.” Havelock said. “And I think it’s because you’re only 15 and I’m 18… maybe in a year or two they’ll trust us…” 

[G]: “I hope so,” Dagny said. “Now that I think about it, I think Mom and Dad thought that Sven would be the first to meet somebody. The fact that I was probably threw them for a loop.” 

[S]: “And I bet they didn’t expect you to fall in love with the son of your mother’s best friend.” Haveock laughed. “Maybe they’re still going through shock… they’ll get over it soon enough.” 

[G]: “You really think so?” Dagny asked nervously.  

[S]: “I think so…I mean, mom and dad trust me to look after my younger siblings… so why would they not trust me being alone with you?” Havelock said. “It’s a new experience for them. Their children are growing up and they’re afraid of facing that reality.” 

[G]: “I’ll say,” she said. “Mom still won’t let me and Kari have our own dragons yet.” 

[S]: “Perhaps talkin’ to her about it would do some good?” Havelock suggested. “I mean, she let you date me, so clearly you’re responsible. And it’s not like you don’t know how to handle a dragon…” 

[G]: “True,” Dagny said thinking about it for a moment. “I’ll talk to her about when she takes me home, and why wouldn’t she agree? She was 10 when she found Shadow.” 

[S]: “Well then there ya go! Surely the next time we see each other, you’ll have your own dragon!” Havelock laughed. “That’d be pretty fun, flying together on our own dragons… I mean, not to say I don’t like flying with you on one dragon…” 

[G]: “No, I know, Havie,” Dagny said. “It would be nice. I can kick your butt in dragon races.” 

[S]: “Ha! That’ll be the day!” He teased. “I mean, we could always borrow one of my sibling’s dragons… Eifrid isn’t big on dragons, and so he never uses his… we could borrow it if we want.” 

[G]: “Hmm…a chance to kick my boyfriend’s butt in a dragon race…” Dagny said musing over the idea. “Let’s do it!” 

[S]: “You really want to? Well then, let’s go get you a dragon!” Havelock replied. Taking to the skies once again, the happy couple made their way back to the house where Eifrid’s dragon usually was. 

[G]: Soon enough, the couple flew back to the house on SkyDancer. “So, where’s your brother’s dragon? You’re really sure he won’t mind us borrowing it?” 

[S]: “Eifrid is terrified of dragons. He’s the only one who doesn’t like ‘em.” Havelock explained. “Mom an’ dad had a dragon all picked out for him, but he wanted nothin’ to do with it. So poor YellowSky spends more of his days out in the fields around our house. Uncle Furious hangs out with him a lot, and he says YellowSky doesn’t mind being rejected…” 

[G]: “Oh, the poor thing,” Dagny said as they walked over to the fields. Maybe she could cheer him up for a few days…maybe more. Soon enough, they found a Monstrous Nightmare walking around the fields. “Is this him?” 

[S]: “Yup, this is ol’ YellowSky!” Havelock said. Slowly walking towards the dragon with his hand outstretched, Havelock greeted it. “Hey big guy! My friend here would like to ride you for a race,” The boy said to YellowSky in Dragonese. “You think you’ll be okay with that?” 

[G]: “What did he say?” Dagny asked excitedly.  

[S]: “He said he’d be honored.” Havelock smiled at Dagny. Slowly the monstrous nightmare lowered its head and allowed Dagny to mount him. YellowSky was careful not to move too suddenly to avoid frightening Dagny. 

[G]: The daughter of the Chief climbed on YellowSky slowly but surely. As soon as she was mounted, she froze holding her arms out afraid she would fall.  

“Ohhh my gods,” she said. “Ohhh my gods, I’m actually on a dragon!”

[S]: Havelock stared at her like she had three heads. “Dags, you’ve been on a dragon before… just remember to hold on, and if you want to land, just yell “down!” and YellowSky will find a spot to land. He’s trained.”

[G]: “I know, but I haven’t done it by myself before,” Dagny said blushing. “I mean I-”

“You what?” a voice suddenly said. 

Dagny gasped as she turned around only to see…her mother and Aunt Seasick standing there.

“Mom!” Dagny said. “Uhhh…this isn’t what it looks like!” 

“Really?” Grey asked. “Because it looks like you’re sitting on a dragon.”

[S]: "Just what are you two up to?” Seasick raised her eyebrow. “And where are your sisters, I thought I made myself clear that they weren’t to let you out of sight.”

“We were just gonna have a race. Honest!” Havelock said. “YellowSky is a nice tame dragon, he won’t hurt Dagny!”

[G]: "Dagny, you know how I feel about you having a dragon,” Grey said. “You’re not old enough!”

“Mom, come on, I’m 15 years old!” Dagny pleaded. “You were only 10 when you found Shadow. Why can’t I have my own dragon now?”

“Dags, we’ve talked about this,” Grey said sternly. “You’re not ready to own a dragon.”

[Part Five]

[S]: “Grey, I think she just wants to ride it, not own it,” Seasick said gently. “YellowSky is a very gentle dragon, and if anything were to happen, Skydancer and Furious, and even Shadow would be around to help.”

“Has Dagny really never flown a dragon by herself?” Havelock asked. 

[G]: “No, Havelock, I haven’t,” Dagny said glaring at her mother who glared back at her just as hard. “Why can’t I just fly this dragon by myself? Why can’t I own a dragon? You really think I’m not responsible enough? Sven is starting to train his, and Kari and I still don’t have our own dragons.” 

Grey sighed. “Honey, it’s not that I don’t think that you’re irresponsible. It’s just–well…”

[S]: “So much is changing in such a short time,” Seasick said. “You think Dagny is growing up too fast, is that it, Grey?”

[G]: Grey didn’t say anything clearly uncomfortable with Seasick’s question. She just crossed her arms and looked away from her daughter, her boyfriend, and her best friend. 

“Mom?” Dagny asked nervously. “Mom, what’s up with you?”

[S]: “Grey, we aren’t mind readers…” Seasick said. “We don’t know what’s bugging you unless you tell us. Or if you want, you can talk about it with Dagny alone? Dagny sweetie, why don’t you do as your mother wishes. You’ll get the chance to fly a dragon soon enough…”

Havelock sighed and extended his hand out to Dagny to help her down. “Might as well do as we’re told, don’t want to cut your visit short, right?”

[G]: “But–” Dagny tried to say only to be cut off by her mother. 

“Dagny,” Grey said firmly. “I’d like to speak with you privately.”

The young teen stared at her mother for a few moments before slowly and quietly jumping off the dragon. She and Grey then walked away from Seasick and Havelock to talk privately.

[S]: Havelock sat down on the front steps and sighed. “Doesn Aunt Grey really think I’m irresponsible?” 

“No dear, I think it’s just because you and Dagny dating is still very new to her.” Seasick replied. “You’ll have to forgive us for being a bit overprotective.”

[G]: Grey and Dagny walked to the other side of the house quietly and not bothering to say anything to each other. It was mostly because Dagny was afraid of saying something wrong to anger her mother. She really seemed to be struggling with something. When they were finally alone, Grey finally turned around to face her daughter. 

“Look, Dagny, it’s not that I don’t think you’re irresponsible,” she said. 

“Then what is it? You clearlyhave a problem with me dating Havelock,” Dagny said, “and you specifically said that I can’t have a dragon. So why are you so hard on me?”

“Because…” she sighed, “do you remember when you, your brother, and sister got lost on Pyro?”

Dagny widened her eyes. “You mean when Aunt Nala, Liam, and Kendra found us?” she asked.

[S]: “Does it have to do with your history with that dungeon rebellion? Is that why you two are so overprotective?” Havelock asked.

“Well, yes, that and a few other things…” Seasick replied, thinking back on her rebel days. “I can’t speak for Grey, but I’m overprotective because I’m afraid of losing you. I’m already struggling with Eydis, and I don’t want you to follow in her footsteps.”

[G]: “Yes,” Grey replied to her daughter. “Dagny, you may not understand until you’re a mother yourself, but when you three got lost that day, I was scared to death. I looked everywhere for you three. When I finally found you, I made a promise that I would always protect you.”


“Let me finish, honey, please. I guess it made me realize that your Aunt Seasick was right. One day, you and your sister could easily pick up and leave on a dragon, so…I guess you could say that I figured if you didn’t have a dragon, you couldn’t leave.”

“But Sven has a dragon. Why does he get away with it?”

“Sweetheart, Sven has no reason to leave the island. He’s going to be the next Chief when I step down, but…you and Kari do. At least…you do right now…now that you’re dating Havelock.”

[S]: “You don’t have to worry about me. Or the rest of us,” Havelock replied, suddenly finding himself becoming angry at the thought of Eydis. “Hafdis and I are making sure the younger ones don’t turn out like Eydis. If you can trust me to do that, then you can trust me dating Dagny.”

Seasick smiled down at her son. “I trust you. But I just need to you understand that this change isn’t easy for Grey and I. You’ll have to forgive us for not wanting our children to grow up.”

[G]: “Mom, I just want my own dragon because I like flying and traveling back and forth to see Havelock, maybe going to see new lands and stuff,” Dagny said. “It’s not like I’m going to just pack up and leave you and Dad.”

“Well, you never know,” Grey said shrugging. “It was easy for me to just pick up and join the Rebellion. The world is not Haligan Island, Dagny. There are many dangers out there, and I want all my babies safe from those dangers, especially the ones I’ve seen.”

Dagny sighed. It finally made sense. Her mother was only doing this…just because she wanted to protect her kids. She wanted them all together in one place to keep them close, and she didn’t want to see them grow up. It was all just mother’s instinct. 

“Mom, I appreciate the love and all that,” she said, “but…you have to at least trust me to make my own decisions, right? I mean Grandma and Grandpa did when you joined that Rebellion, didn’t they?”

“I know, but I was 21…a few years older than you when I joined. You’re only 15, and you’re already in your first relationship.”

[S]: “I know you two are being protective of us but… what if that protectiveness gets in the way of our relationship?” Havelock asked. “You two mean well, but it could have really bad consequences. The last thing we want is to end up no longer friends. Everything would be awkward.”

“Well, maybe I’ll pass that thought along to Grey when she’s done speaking with Dagny.” Seasick replied. “I know we can’t control everything you do, but we just want to guide you in the right direction…”

[G]: “Okay, I’ll give you that,” Dagny said crossing her arms, “but Mom, you can’t control what I do forever.”

“I know,” Grey said chuckling, “but I just don’t want anything to happen to you. I love you and your siblings too much. I want to be there for you to guide you and to protect you.”

“Mom, you are there for us,” Dagny replied, “and you always have been there. It’s nice knowing that I have my mother to turn to when I need her, but we both know we can’t rely on you forever.We need to make our own decisions…whether it’s leaving…getting a dragon…or starting a relationship.”

“I know,” the Chief replied, “but that will never stop me from wanting to make sure my babies are safe and happy. This is all new for me and your father. Honestly, we thought Sven would be the first to start a relationship, but the fact that it was you…”

“It threw you for a loop,” said Dagny.”I know.”

[S]: Without warning, Hafdis and Saeros landed in front of the house, giggling to themselves.

“Don’t tell me Aunt Grey and Dagny left already!” Saeros yelled. “Oh Havie, did you mess up bad?”

“Grey is speaking to Dagny privately for a moment,” Seasick said, glaring at her daughters. “If anyone messed up, it’s you two. I gave you strict orders to watch over Havelock and Dagny, yet you were off flying around with your heads literally in the clouds!”

“That’s only half true, Mother.” Hafdis answered. “We did follow them, but then we had to land because Flameheart…and to go poop… and chase a rabbit…”

[G]: “I appreciate your understanding, honey,” the Chief replied. “Hopefully, once you’re a mother, you’ll see things more clearly.”

“I’m sure I will,” Dagny replied. “So…does this mean you’ll back off Havelock and me…and maybe let me have my own dragon…?”

Grey chuckled. “Tell you what?” she said. “You can borrow YellowSky for the week, and then when I take you home, we can sit down with your father and talk about getting you your very own dragon.”

“YAY!” Dagny said clapping and hugging Grey tightly. “Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

The Chief laughed as she hugged her daughter. “You’re welcome,” she said, “but I just need you to promise me something before you do anything else.”

“What?” Dagny asked slightly nervous. 

“That if you ever come across something you can’t handle or if anything happens…you’ll come straight to me or Dad. We love you, Dagny, and we will always be there to guide you and help in any way we can.”

“Of course, I promise. I love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too, Dags.”

Mother and daughter hugged one more time before going back to rejoin Seasick and her children.

[S]: “When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it.” Seasick said crossly. 

Saeros rolled her eyes and sighed.  “Okay, fine. We’ll follow them for real. They won’t leave our sight!”

A huge smile appeared on Havelock’s face as Grey and Dagny returned. Quickly jumping to his feet, he tried to compose himself.

“Ah, um, so is everything okay?” He asked Dagny.

[G]: “Yeah, Havelock,” Dagny said smiling at her mother, “everything is just fine.”

[S]: "So, um, now what do you want to do?” He asked her. “Since dragon racing is out of the question…”

[G]: “Oh no, it’s back on!” Dagny said. “Mom says I can borrow YellowSky for the week!”

“That’s right,” Grey said confidently. “You two go and have fun. You deserve it.”

[S]: “R-really? You’re okay with this too, mom?” Havelock asked Seasick. 

“If Grey is okay with it, then so am I.” She replied. “Just be careful. Your sister’s will be watching you.”

[G]: “Ugh, seriously?” Dagny said turning to Grey for some help. “Mom, what did we just talk about?”

“Honey, I agree with your Aunt Seasick,” Grey said. “It’s only for the time being. You’re still a little young and in the honeymoon phase. It will make us feel better, please?”

Dagny sighed in defeat. She now knew that she would never stop her mother from wanting to protect her. “Okay, fine,” she said.

[S]: “Well then, want to race?” Havelock asked Dagny. At the word, YellowSky lowered himself so that Dagny would mount him.

“If you two are racing each other, I guess Saeros and I will be the referees.” Hadfis said. “I hope you won’t let her win just because she’s your girlfriend and guest…”

[G]: “Oh he better not!” Dagny said as she hopped on YellowSky. “I still remember when Furious let Shadow win that one race they had when we were kids!”

[S]: “Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Shadow gave him an earful!” Havelock laughing as he mounted SkyDancer. “Okay, so on Hafdis’ mark, we’ll fly in a circle around the island and finish here. Sound good to you?”

[G]: “Sure,” Dagny said shrugging, “if you can keep up!”

“Oh boy,” Grey said trying not to laugh. 

[Part 6

[S]: “Just remember that this is a FRIENDLY race, okay you two? I don’t want any tears being shed at the end of it.” Seasick said to the teens. 

“Yeah, yeah, we know ma.” Havelock replied, getting SkyDancer ready for the race. “No hard feeling when I win, Dagny!” 

[G]: “Nope!” Dagny said smirking at her boyfriend. “As long as there’s no hard feelings when I win!” 

[S]: “Oh this is gonna be good!” Saeros laughed. as both YellowSky and Skydancer got into their racing positions, Hafdis got on Flameheart and took to the skies.  

“Okay are you ready??” Hafdis called down to the teens. “On your marks, get set, GOOO!”

[G]: “WHOOOO!!!!” Dagny shouted as she and YellowSky immediately took off into the sky before Havelock even had a chance to blink. 

“GO DAGNY!” Grey shouted cheering for her daughter.

[S]: Skydancer and Havelock quickly gained on Dagny and Yellowsky, closing the gap between them. “I hope you don’t mind being called a loser once I win!” He yelled over to Dagny as he passed her.

[G]: Dagny stared at the boy and the Deadly Nadder for a brief second before shacking herself out of it and smirking at them from behind. 

“Yes, I do mind…because I’m going to be the winner!” she shouted at Havelock. “Let’s go, YellowSky! We can kick their butts!” YellowSky growled in affirmation and surged forward to catch up to their opponents. 

[S]: “Come on SkyDancer! You can beat that old dragon!!” Havelock said to his dragon as they trailed behind Dagny. 

“Hmm it looks like it’s gonna be a tight race.” Seasick said from the house.

[G]: “Looks like it,” Grey said as she crossed her arms listening to Dagny cheer and throw quips at her boyfriend. She chuckled at Dagny taking in how happy she looked flying in the sky on the Monstrous Nightmare. The Chief then remembered her conversation with her daughter just moments ago and how she made Dagny promise to always come to her and Brandt if she ever needed help with something that she couldn’t handle. “Listen, Seasick, there’s something I need to ask you.”

[S]: “Oh? Ask away!” Seasick replied.

Skydancer made a long curved turn as both racers reached the half-way point of the the island. Dagny was still quite ahead of Havelock, much to his embarrassment. 

[G]: “Well, I made Dagny promise me that she would always come to me if she needed help with something that she can’t handle,” the Chief began. “She knows that she can come to me, Brandt, Warren, Greg, and Asha, but…now that she’s dating your son, I was wondering if you could make sure she knows that she can turn to you if she needs help and can’t come to me for some reason.” 

[S]: “Oh of course, Grey!” Seasick said. “Perhaps in the evening I’ll take her aside and mention it to her. That sounds like a good idea, though, she should be able to talk to me about things too.” 

[G]: Grey smiled in relief. “Thank you, I really appreciate it,” she said. “It’s just I know she’s not going to be so attached to me at the hip for long, but I want her to be close to you as well.” 

[S]: “I like to think that I’m relatively easy to talk to,” Seasick replied. “I’m not the scary, angry rebel anymore. Havelock and Hafdis have both said that I am full of wisdom, but I think they were joking. Sarcastic little shits…” 

Up in the sky, the two racers were nearing the finish line, with Havelock still struggling to pass Dagny.

[G]: “Come on YellowSky!” Dagny shouted. “We’re going to win! We’re going to win!”

“Come on, Dagny! You can do it!” Grey shouted. Soon enough, the two dragons crossed the finished line with their two riders.

[S]: “Wow, I can’t believe it! Havelock actually lost!” Saeros cried. She quickly ran over to where Skydancer had landed to rub the salt into the wound.

“No, I did NOT let Dagny win.” Havelock said quickly. “Looks like YellowSky is faster than SkyDancer here.”

[G]: “I really hope you didn’t let me win, Havelock,” Dagny said as she dismounted YellowSky. “Because this is not what I want our relationship to be based off on.”

“Dagny, why don’t you just take his word for it?” Grey said walking over to them. “Relationships are also about trust, you know?”

[S]: “Wait, you think I’m lying? About which dragon is faster?” Havelock laughed. “I definitely would not lie about somethin’ so trivial. You won fair and square Dags, congrats!”

[G]: Dagny stared at him for a few seconds. “I WON! I WON!” she stopped when she saw Yellow Sky and her mother staring at her. “WE WON! WE WON!”

Grey laughed at her daughter cheering. “Congratulations, sweetheart!” she said hugging her daughter.

[S]: “I suppose then, you can call me ‘loser’ now.” Havelock said. 

“Ha, you already were a loser before this race!” Saeros laughed, playfully punching her brother in the arm. “So, how was flying YellowSky, Dagny? No one besides mom has flown him before.”

[G]: “It was great!” Dagny said as she petted YellowSky’s snout. “He’s really fast like Sven’s dragon, which…by the way…Saeros is a Monstrous Nightmare as well.”

Grey raised an eyebrow at Dagny. “Uhh…why would Pyro matter to Saeros?” she asked. 

[S]: “Oh, so you’re familiar with the breed? Well, that’s a relief, huh Havie. You got yourself a girl who actually knows a thing or two about dragons!” Saeros smirked. 

“It’s also quite interesting how Sven just happens to have a monstrous nightmare, which coincidentally happens to be your favourite dragon breed.” Havelock teased back.

[G]: “Really? You like Monstrous Nightmares?” Dagny said excitedly. “Sven LOVES them! He and Pyro get along really well.”

“Someone want to fill the mothers in?” Grey asked. “What’s going on?”

[S]: “Saeros is thinking about sending a letter to Sven, to get to know him better, and perhaps hook up with him.” Hafdis said bluntly.

“S-shut up Hafdis! That was supposed to be a secret!” Saeros yelled angrily, her face turning red with embarrassment.

“Really??” Seasick said raising an eyebrow playfully. “Well, that then leave Kari without a suitor. Shall I get my other three boys ready for a presentation, Grey?” 

[G]: Grey raised both her eyebrows and widened her eyes at her former comrade’s question. She then sighed and put her face to her palm.  

“Dear Hel, it’s never going to end, is it?” the Chief asked. 

Dagny could only laughed at her mother’s panic. “Mom, relax, would ya?” she said. “It’s not like they’re going to get married. They just want to reconnect. That’s all.”

[S]: “Yeah, I just want to meet with him again…maybe have a better chance at love, because all the boys on this island are pigs.”

“Minus your own brothers, of course.” Seasick said. “Maybe you should wait a few years, dear…”

[G]: “Aw, come on, Aunt Seasick!” Dagny pleaded. “Can’t you guys at least let them see each other again? Mom, you know this would be good for Sven! He hasn’t really taken much interest in the girls from the other tribes. You know how he hates that they like him just because he’s the Heir. Please?”

“Dags, it’s not that I don’t want them to meet,” Grey said. “It’s just I don’t want you to force your brother into any kind of relationship. I have no problem with Saeros and Sven meeting again and renewing a friendship, but if a relationship is to happen, it needs to happen naturally like it did for you and Havelock.”

[S]: “I’ll allow you to send him letters, and perhaps meet him if you so desire.” Seasick said. “But I agree with Grey here, I don’t want you and Sven to just suddenly jump into a relationship.”

“I won’t!” Saeros protested. “I just want to get to know him. Who knows, maybe Dagny is right and he really is like all the other pigheaded boys on this island. If he is, I’ll back off. If he is really nice, maybe I’ll consider it…”

[G]: Grey nodded silently deciding to talk to her teenaged daughter about calling her brother names behind his back later. Saeros seemed to be set on just rekindling an old friendship with her eldest son. She was still uneasy about the possibility that Saeros and Sven will jump into something too soon and too fast, but she needed to trust her son and his judgement. He had indeed turned girls down because he knew they only liked him because he was her Heir, so there was hope. 

“Then, by all means,” the Chief said smiling.”I hope you guys can pick up where you left off with no problems.”

[S]: “Ah, well I don’t really remember where we left off… we were pretty young.. so I guess we’ll have to start all over.” Saeros said.

“I hope it works out for you two. And even if it doesn’t I hope at least you two can be friends.” Seasick said, placing her hand on Saeros’ shoulder.

[Part 7]

[G]: “I hope so too,” Grey said. “Dagny and her siblings may have each other and their cousins back on Haligan Island, but it’s nice that they have other kids from different lands to interact with.”

[S]: “I just.. I hope Sven wants to reply to my letter… I hope he doesn’t think it’s weird.” Saeros said. “I mean, it IS pretty sudden and out of no where…”

[G]: Grey chuckled. “Saeros, honey, you have nothing to worry about,” Grey said. “If you want I can give him a heads-up that a letter from the Peaceable Country is coming his way.”

“And I told I’ll hand-deliver it to him myself,” Dagny chimed in.

[S]: “But you said he gets annoyed that the girls on the island want to get wit him simply because he’s the heir. What if he gets that same idea from my letter??” Saeros asked. 

“Well, you’ll just have to mention your reasons in your letter, that’s all..” Havelock said.

[G]: “Yeah, just explain that it’s been a while and you wanted to see how he was doing,” Dagny said shrugging. “He won’t mind, I promise.”

[S]: “I-I Guess so…” Saeros said. “That and you can explain the situation to him as well!”

“Yes, Aunt Grey and Dagny are trustworthy, dear.” Seasick said. “No need to get so nervous and emotional about it.”

[G]: “Of course, we will, honey,” Grey said placing a hand on Saeros’s shoulder. “We won’t leave him in the dark.”

“Yeah, we’ll explain it to him when I leave at the end of the week,” said Dagny.

[S]: “Okay.” Saeros replied. “But enough about me… this week is supposed to be about you two… so…”

“Well, we can’t steal ALL of the attention…” Havelock laughed.

[G]: Dagny laughed as well. “Havie’s right,” she said wrapping an arm around him holding him close. “I don’t want to make it all about us. I’m just here as a guest.”

[S]: “Yeah that’s very true. Oh I almost forgot, I have to reintroduce you to the rest of my family!” Havelock said

“Yes, I suppose it’s been quite a while since you’ve seen everyone. Little Skari is… well, still very little, but bigger than he once was!” Seasick laughed. “You two should go find them. They’re at the docks, as usual.”

[G]: “Oh, it would be great to see them again!” Dagny said excitedly. “I haven’t seen them in so long. I can’t wait to see how the little ones have grown!”

Grey chuckled. “Well, if you’re going to do that, perhaps Shadow and I should make our way back to Haligan Island,” the Chief finally said. 

“Are you sure, Mom?” Dagny said turning to the Chief. “You don’t have to rush out.”

“Honey, it’s all right,” Grey said taking her daughter’s hands into hers. “You’re the guest. I only dropped you off. Besides, I have a whole island to run.”

[S]: “Ah yes that’s true. I hope the island is still in one piece after Brandt was running it!” Seasick joked.

“They’ve all been really excited for your arrival. The younger ones think your a queen!” Havelock said.

[G]: Grey laughed. “Well, Brandt probably won’t,” she said. “Greg most likely.”

Dagny couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh boy, this should be fun,” she said. She was about to leave when she remembered that her mother was about to leave her for a whole and turned back to the Chief. She then went up to her and hugged her tight. “Bye, Mommy.”

Grey chuckled and hugged her daughter in return. “I’ll see you in a week, honey,” she said and kissed her on the top of her head. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” her daughter said before she pulled away. 

[S]: “Have a safe trip home, Aunt Grey!” Havelock said while taking Dagny’s hand in his own. “We’ll see you again in a week!” 

“Yes, do take care Grey, and say hi to everyone for me!” Seasick said.

[G]: “I will. Thank you, Seasick,” she said. “Hopefully, we can all get together real soon.” She then hugged her best friend. “Take good care of my daughter.”

[S]: “I promise I will!” Havelock said, smiling at Dagny. “She’s in good hands.”

[G]: "Good,” Grey said, “well, I see you all in a week.” She then turned to the Night Fury. “Shadow, come along, girl! It’s time to head home!”

Shadow said a quick goodbye to Furious before running to join her best friend. She then crouched down allowing Grey to get on. The Chief mounted her dragon and turned to her daughter and her boyfriend. 

“Have fun, sweetie!” she said. “Remember to listen to your aunt and uncle!”

“I will!” Dagny replied. “Love you!”

“Love you too!” Grey said. “Alright, Shadow! Let’s head home!” With that, the Chief and the Night Fury took off into the skies leaving the Peaceable Country.

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