"You Did What?!" is a Season 4 event written March 22, 2015.

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Stonegit walked alongside Blunt, people were still being treated even as the rebellion slowly started making its way back towards their old prison. He watched asbattleofthegroundeddungeon hovered over his family and he ducked his head. After all this time, they were going to be right back were they started. “Hey Blunt,” he said.


“Thanks for breakfast…I know I was in a rush, and a bit rude, but it meant a lot, I was starved.”

Blunt rubbed the back of his head. “Oh…yeah, no problem man, it was nothing.” Blunt side stepped slightly as Shovel accidentally bumped into him in his attempt to get to Stonegit.

Stonegit smiled sadly as he rubbed the dragons nose, and then frowned. He leaned over, examining his back. “His saddle’s not on right…”

Blunt squinted and then snapped his fingers. “Oh yeah, me and Shovel went out on a mission to save everyone in the pit, it went rather well.”

Stonegit slowly turned his head to meet his eyes. “You…did what?”

“Relax,” Blunt said. “Because he was blind he had no trouble going down into the pit and finding everyone.”

“In the pit!? You flew him into the pit! Blunt you maniac do you know how old this dragon is!?” Stonegit half yelled. “He can’t handle something like that, and besides, you kidnapped my dragon!”

“Borrowed,” Blunt corrected confidently. “Borrowed without permission.”

“This isn’t funny,” Stonegit said, shaking his head. “He’s old, and blind, and who knows what was in that pit, what if those people you were traveling with weren’t so friendly? What if something happened to him?!”

“Gee wiz take a chill pill,” Blunt said. “Shovel and I are best buds…aside from you of course,”

“Geeeeez!” Stonegit said exasperatedly, throwing his hands in the air. 

Blunt huffed once and shoved his hands in his pockets, continuing to tromp along beside him. He licked his lips. “Hey…maybe once we get settled I can…” he cleared his throat, trying to say this without sounded like he was coming on to hard. “Help you relax, you know, get you some water, bandages, loosen your uh, shoulder and stuff, you know,” he said, suddenly becoming rather sheepish sounding as he scuffed his foot once.

Stonegit closed his eyes. “Thanks but…there are bigger fish to fry at the moment don’t you think?”

Blunt bit his lip. “Yeeeeeeah, no, no that’s fair…” he sighed. “That’s fair.”

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